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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
"My skin is pale?  And here I thought I had a tan compared to Ida,"  Arnwulf says, oblivious to the sword chi that cuts through the cool night air.  He starts to jog forward.

If sword chi could cut... could truly cut... it would be like walking through a field of razors.  It's impossible not to locate the source.  There's a figure on the nearby rooftops, following them step by step.

The face that locks eyes with Wude is young.  He'd put her just below twenty years of age.  She's lanky, a riot of messy black hair, skin a healthy color reflecting the moonlight, an elegant thin blade just a foot longer than normal and edged with red cinnabar.
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Wude nods ever so slightly to the rooftop stalker, but does not stop, nor does he make any sign to Arnwulf of her presence. If she wishes to do more than flaunt her chi and trot along rooftops, it'll fall to her to take the initiative. Perhaps if the young barbarian weren't with him, he'd take a more direct approach, but as it stands it seems ... ungentlemanly to abandon an injured youth who doesn't speak the language in the middle of a deserted street.

So he continues on toward Iron Husband's shop, letting the unsubtle sword chi give him a sense of whether his stalker continues her second-story stroll.
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
After a few minutes of moving at a light pace, she moves ahead at a much faster one.  It's about as fast as any cultivated xia.  Hm.  So much for that.

Or so he thinks.  She's not exuding as much chi when they arrive at Iron Husband's forge.  She stands in the street in front of the shop, her sword still naked and drawn.  It looks faintly obscene.

"... Who's this?"  Arnwulf asks, his eyes not leaving the figure.  His boyish enthusiam's been replaced with hard paranoia.  He knows this could be serious.

"I had hoped you would leave most of the mongrels,"  The girl says to Wude in perfect Chinese, clasping one hand in the other- still holding her sword- and giving him a perfunctory bow.  "I was told a Sword Eccentric would be here.  This makes me... so happy.  So very happy."

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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
"Arnwulf," Wude says quietly but firmly, "please move away, and under no circumstances interfere with anything that may happen. If you would be a disciple, you must first obey." Under other circumstances, Wude might laugh at himself; the voice of a sifu fits him like a father's shoes fit his young son.

"Indeed, I have the honor of being counted among the Heaven Sword Alliance." Stepping forward, leaving the young barbarian behind, Wude executes an equally perfunctory bow and salute. His simple but well-made sword remains in its sheath at his side. "I am called Xin Wude; I am glad to hear that my presence brings you joy. And your name, miss?"
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
"I was once one of the Heaven Sword Alliance.  I left, and now have no sect nor teacher." Her lopsided smile once could have been beautiful, but here, in the moonlight, it looks wrong.

"My name is Sword Sinner.  My blade is Cinnabar Dust." She says, holding it up in her palms to regard it.  She nicks her palm against the edge and giggles a little as blood wells up.  "Look!  It cries for you already.  It likes you, Xin Wude.  My palms are its eyes, and its eyes tear up red with joy and sorrow."
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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
"It cries, to be sure." Wude's outward demeanor doesn't change, but he steels his spirit for the trouble this 'Sword Sinner' brings. If she speaks truly about her past, then she promises to be a dangerous opponent indeed. "But who can say for whom it sheds those tears? Perhaps it cries for another, one who"--he takes half a beat, cocks his head to the side and looks at her with an assayer's eye--"cloaks herself in the mantle of outrageousness, that she might hide. From what, I wonder?" Wude's own sword chi is steady and well-contained, but swords aren't the only things that can bite.

If she's gonna parlay, imma get my Courtier on. Looking to Discover something like Overwhelming Rage, an Anger Passion that (if it lands n'such) would inflict an action penalty whenever she doesn't act directly to vent her spleen.
7, 7, 6, 6, 4, 3 & 2; wash the 0's & float the 6's.
27 + 15 (Awareness w/Discovery spec) = 42

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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Resistance is 27 + 10 = 37.  She almost got an AB here but I decided not to count it because this is very, very narratively appropriate.  Wude succeeds, by a slim margin:  a trivial Wood Passion Action Penalty, -0 when not acting angry.

She counters with a Curse discovery!  This is a Wood Curse, Chipped Blade.  It's an Action Penalty, and it'll trigger any time his blade might chip or shatter... making Disrupts or Blocks much more difficult.

9, 6, 6, 6, 6, 3 & 3.
... okay... holy hell.
*Floats 3-3
*Discover Wood Curse 46 + 10 = 56

"From arrogant know-it-alls like you!"  She snarls, "You and all of the Heavenly Swords!" She points at him with Cinnabar Dust, "No matter where I go, I find you scuttling about like mindless lizards or roaches.  Too busy fellating your weapons to realize you're cutting open your mouths!  May the spirit of your sword fail you, like your society has failed so many others.  May your blade chip and shatter!"

Arnwulf has backed up slowly.  Now he backs up much farther.  He knows damn well something bad is happening here.

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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 4 & 3
Uhh, paging Cai Lu? No Wu Wei, no relevant ABs, no chance. That's a Minor Curse off the bat.

A chill runs down Wude's spine; he senses, however ineptly, a weight behind her words that's altogether different than the sort he can put behind his own. "Such rage! If you were truly once one of our number, then surely you remember: 'Forge not your steel in untamed fires'," he responds, keeping a calm and measured voice as he quotes the Parables of the Sword Spirit, a classic among the Sword Eccentrics, and one she'd undoubtedly know quite well, "'for even the sharpest edge shall be made brittle thereby'?"

"This sword may shatter, sister," he says, holding his simple but well-made sword, "but it is clear your spirit is forged of pig iron."

I'll try to inflame that Passion to a Minor: 10, 9, 8, 5, 5, 2 & 1
Pffft. 25 + 15 (Inspire w/Challenge specialty) = 40, 45 if I can get a Toolset bonus for the Righteousness tool.

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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Obviously, this condition automatically disappears when your blade shatters.

Resist Inflammation:
9, 8, 7, 7, 4, 4 & 2
Resist 27 + Confidence 10 + AB 10 = 47, resists no matter what.

Round 1 Initiative:
9, 9, 8, 8, 4, 3 & 1
*Hide Stance 29 + Tactics 10 + AB 10 = 49
*Analyze Fears 28 + Tactics 10 + AB 10 = 48
*Initiative 14 + Speed 15 + DIF 5 = 34, doubles as CG to nearest rooftop.
*Sword-Mindset for 5 Chi
*Starting as Unarmed/Sword
*Dragon in Flight for free

Their current zone is Street.  Iron Husband's forge is currently locked, so that's a base Shaping Wave of 30 to break the hinges or pick the lock or what-have-you.  There are five buildings nearby, each have a different Rooftop that counts as a different zone.  The five are considered to be adjacent to each other for the purposes of Covering Ground; rooftop to rooftop is 20, ground to rooftop is 30.

"Hah!  Your damned Parables," She snarls, "You know nothing about my soul.  If you did, you would be the Sword Saint, and not even he may judge me!"

This is wrong.  Wude is sure he'd have gotten her to at least balk a little, but that chill going down his spine intensifies.  His mind pounds, his joints feel like they're creaking.  His stomach roils.  If he didn't know better, he'd think he'd just come down with a sickness.

Sword Sinner comes at him fast.  Her sword is held in her offhand, her other hand already in the characteristic shape of the Sword-Heart Skill.

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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
As quickly as she comes at him, Wude moves more quickly still. But his movement is placid, almost natural; he seemingly floats backward, away from the Sword Sinner, like a leaf caught in the wind. He draws his sword with a resounding ring; it flashes out, not at her, but at where she will be if she's to carry herself up to the rooftop, curtailing her movement lest she find that his sword has chipped on her rib cage.

His expression as he escapes her is calm, even bemused--a mien that's sure to incite her unbalanced temper. As he's borne up into the air and on to the roof, leaving her behind, he calls out: "And still you cloak yourself in outrageousness! Do you think your soul is hidden, sister? Do you think the sickness therein is not patent, as clear for all to see as the moon in the night sky?"

When he comes to stand atop the roof, his off hand is held up about shoulder height, and he seems to cradle the rising crescent moon in it.

Well, this is probably going to end poorly, but we'll see how well I can hold out. Spending 1 chiv Joss for the round; 5 chi on Sword Mindset; also using Dragon in Flight free; flow out a 6.
Init: 9, 8, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3 & 1
Focus on Breath: 18 + 15 (Confidence w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 38, respire 1 additional chi.
Hide Style: 36 + 10 (Tactics) + 5 (AB) = 51, no Fears for her.
Initiative: 19 + 10 (Speed) + 5 (DiF) + 5 (AB) = 39, also heading up to the rooftop of the nearest building.

Attack: 10, 10, 5, 4, 2, 2, 1 & 1
1 chi for a Quick Work Attack. I'm going to break her CG wave; by my understanding of the house rule, I ought to do so with a combat stat? In which case I'm using Strike, and have tried to describe it accordingly. If I'm wrong, substitute Tactics, and it should still come off (likewise if Strike isn't appropriate, any non-Damage/Toughness stat of mine will do).

Quick Work: 22 + 15 (Inspire w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 42; can I get a Laughs At for playing off the condition I already discovered?
Break her CG wave: 20 + 20 (Strike) + 5 (AB) = 45; I'd not say no to Interesting Times
Disorient Confidence: 21 + 10 (Confidence) + 5 (AB) = 36

0 Ripples; 8/14 chi

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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Strike is always A-OK in my book for breaking CG.

Sword Sinner Round 1 defense:
9, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2 & 1
*Defend vs Quick Work:  a flowed 33 + Confidence 10 + AB 10 = 53 vs 48 (actually, you get a Fears for using her conditions against her!, but still not enough)
*Defend vs Disorient:  Confidence with Confidence, 22 + Confidence 10 + AB 10 = 42

Her attack roll doesn't matter here, so I won't roll it.  Interesting Times granted!  Take a ChivJoss.

Wude's up for first init.

"No!  My soul is not hidden:  it simply cannot be judged by you!  You are like a dog trying to read a scroll!"  She says, stumbling away just before Wude can cut her.  She doesn't end up on the rooftop but she ends up only a few feet further down the street.

Deprived of a way to attack Wude, her vision settles... elsewhere.  She snaps her eyes up at the wide-eyed Arnulf.

"Fine.  Let me show you just how much your society has failed."  She raises her hands and sword at Arnulf, "Idiot eccentric, so focused on your own self-righteousness that you have neglected your charge.  Did you think I would just sit here and scream insults at you?"

Arnulf screams as she lops his right arm off at the elbow.

"I think he'll lose his other arm next!"
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Wude winces, briefly. Though the burst of rage is almost overwhelming, no good would come from showing it now. "I have underestimated your malignancy," he says, concluding with an epithet more suited to the slums of Jiangkiang than the mouth of a Sword Eccentric. "It is not a mistake I will make again."

"Now you've proven you can maim children; let us see if possess more skill than that!" He leaps from his perch on the roof back down to the street, his trusty, humble sword held at the ready.

R1: 0 Ripples; spent 6 chi, respired 5 for 13/14 total; River 6/-; spent & regained 1 cJoss. (I'm actually not sure what my Joss totals are; I don't recall spending any so far, so I think I have 8 total [3 starting + 5 from Deed]. I'm also not 100% sure what my starting spread was, but I usually take 2c + 1m.)

Dropping 2 cJoss this round; shit, as they say, just got real. 1 chi to extend Sword Mindset; using DiF again; still using Sword/Unarmed.
Init: 9, 8, 6, 6, 4, 3, 3, 2 & 1
Initiative: 19 + 10 (Speed) + 5 (DiF) + 5 (AB) = 39, counts as CG wave back down to the street.
Focus on Breath: 18 + 15 (Confidence w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 38, recover 1 additional chi.
Analyze Fears: 26 + 15 (Tactics w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 46
Shaping Wave: 23 + 15 (Inspire w/'Challenges' spec) + 5 (AB) = 43; I'd like this to serve as a temporary inflame on her Trivial Passion. If that's not kosher, then I'll hide my style at 38 (23 + 10 + 5).

Post-Init R2: 0 Ripples; spent 1 chi for 12/14 total; River 6/-; 2 cJoss spent

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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Your Joss reset at the beginning of each scene, so you're starting with 8.  This means you should have a minimum of 5 ChivJoss, but let's go with 7 ChivJoss/1 MalJoss, leaving you with 4 Chiv/1 Mal at the end of this round.

Sword Sinner Initiative, Round 2:
9, 9, 7, 7, 4, 4 & 3
*Continues Sword-Mindset for 1 Chi
*Initiative 13 + Speed 15 + AB 10 + DIF 5 = 43, doubles as CG to spot Wude just came from!
*Hide Style 24 + Tactics 10 + AB 10 = 44 vs 46; while this would normally succeed, her style applies a penalty to Wude's analyze roll, reducing it to 36!  Wude understands nothing.
*Focus on Breath with 27 + Wu Wei 10 + Spec 5 = 42, 2 Chi at end of round
*Analyze Qualities 29 + Tactics 10 + AB 10 = 49, Analyzed
*Floods 3, Changes Stance
*She is using Sword/Massive via Sword-Heaven.

Sword Sinner Attack, Round 2:
10, 10, 10, 3, 2, 1 & 1
*1 Chi for Priest's Quick Work:  30 + Learning 10 + Spec 5 + AB 10 + Sword Sinner Laughs 5 (Aligned With Chi Condition) + Wude Fears 5 (Aligned With Chi Condition) = 65
*3 Chi for Secondary Strike:  21 + Strike 20 + AB 10 + IKF 5 + Wude Automatically Fears 5 = 61, Better Dodged:  Massive makes this Block -10

Sword Sinner's stance changes perceptibly, but Wude can't grasp the meaning of it too late.  Her anger is visible, but it's tamped down from an uncontrollable bonfire to the superhot focused fire of a furnace.  She reacts just as he leaps down, leaping past him and slashing at his stomach with her sword- heavier, stronger than it should be, coated with the blood of two people.  As she passes, she whispers at him, signing a sigil with her free hand and flicking her blood at him.

"You fight with your Sword-Heart Skill?  Your blade and your heart and hand are one.  Tell me, which will chip and shatter first?  Your blade or your hand?"

And once she passes she lands on the roof that Wude had just occupied, turning so that she stands framed by a blood-red moon.

"Heaven and Hell won't care which one breaks first!"

Mechanically, Sword Sinner reacts and attacks the moment Wude Covers Ground to her location.  By rules this means her CG ends whenever she wants it to, which is before Wude can react.  I'll allow you a chance at an attack roll for a MalJoss, with the further caveat that she'll get an automatic Fears bonus for her defense, and she might get a similar chance later.

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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Defense: 10, 8, 5, 4, 4, 2, 2, 1 & 1
22 + 5 (AB) = 27, 38 for 2 ripples and a roll
24 + 10 (Footwork) + 5 (AB) = 39, 22 for 2 more ripples and an immediate roll. Flood the other 6 to Reply w/Victory in Surrender, at least.

First RR (Curse) vs Chi Aura: 19 - 11 = 8, Trivial Curse
Second RR (SS) vs SS: 35 (25 + 10) - 23 (18 + 5) = 12, Trivial Injury

Since I can't, in fact, spend any more Joss this round, it's on to R3 Init.
End of R2: 4 Ripples; Trivial Curse (8), Trivial Injury (12); 3 chi spent, 5 chi respired, 14/14 total; River -/-; 2 cJoss spent, 4c/1m total (not 5? I did take the IT.)

Wude arrives on the street, and immediately stumbles to the ground in the face of the Sword Sinner's assault; he manages to land a glancing blow as she departs, but is otherwise deprived of an opportunity to attack.

"Arnwulf," he shouts in the barbarian's coarse tongue, "run to the doctor's if you can!" He spits out rough directions to Old Doc Cat's; it's not much help, but that--and making sure to draw the Sword Sinner's attention to himself--may be all he can offer..

Raising himself to full stature again, he turns to face the Sword Sinner. "Very well, devil. You'd shatter my sword? Come, here it is."

Initiative: 7, 7, 7, 6, 3, 2 & 2
2 chi for Sword Mindset; River a pair of the 7's.
Initiative: 17 + 10 (Speed) + 5 (AB) = 32
Focus on Breath: 16 + 15 (Confidence w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 36, respire 1 additional
Shaping Wave: 22 + 15 (Inspire + spec) + 5 (AB) = 42; along the same lines as last time, with extra emphasis on her targeting him over Arnwulf.

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Sat 19 Jul 2014
at 21:03
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Trivial Wound:  Cut left leg, action penalty
Trivial Metal Curse:  Psychic Onslaught, manifests as screaming fear, glossolalia,  and general gibbering madness from the mere presence of her unholy blade style.

Round 3 initiative:
10, 10, 7, 6, 4, 2 & 1
*2 Chi to continue Sword-Mindset
*Going Unarmed/Sword
*Initiative 17 + Speed 20 + AB 10 + IKF 5 = 52
*Focus on Breath with 16 + Wu Wei 10 + Spec 5 = 31 for 1 Chi at end of round
*Float 0-0, Flood 0 to switch stances.

Round 3 attack:
8, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 2
*1 Chi for Quick Work:  22 + Wu Wei 10 + Spec 5 + AB 10 + Laughs 5 (Very Aligned with her chi condition) + Fears 5 (Playing off of his new Metal Curse) = 57

"See?  Heaven can't help you now.  Your sword can't help you," She snarls, her eyes fixed on Wude.  The fleeing, stumbling Arnwulf doesn't even earn a second glace from her.  "Do you still think the one that cut the fingers from the Sword Saint is unskilled?  You untalented piece of shit!"

Now that is news to Wude.  He hasn't heard of the Sword Saint losing any fingers.

She steps from the rooftops to just in front of Wude in one long stride, her sword raised above her head and thrumming with heavy sword chi.  Now it drips with three men's blood.  "Take a knee and bow to my supremacy and you may just live!"

She swings her sword at him, but deliberately short.  The spray of blood forms an unholy word midair that Wude mercifully can't completely grasp as it travels for him.

"There once was a young girl,"  She spits at him, "Who caught the Sword Saint's eye."
Xin Wude
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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
10, 9, 7, 3, 1, 1 & 1
31 + 5 (AB) = 36, 2 more ripples (6 total) and a roll. 2 chi on Chi Aura.

RR vs Chi Aura: 36 (fuuuuu...) vs 16 = 20, good for a minor. I need to act with it to have any chance of doing anything, so I'm going to wait to see what it is before attacking.

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Sat 19 Jul 2014
at 23:19
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Inflames Chipped Blade to Major.
Xin Wude
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Mon 21 Jul 2014
at 15:21
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
The ideogram impresses itself on Wude's already dizzy mind; it sears the surface, and sinks deep into the recesses. Broken and jagged syllables contort his tongue as he tries to turn the anti-sense into language; the incipient glossolalia would drown out the Sword Sinner's words, if it weren't for the strange tether they've sunk into his soul.

In the midst of that spiritual chaos, the Sword Eccentric struggles to find his center, a solid patch of land from which he can respond. He finds it in the bright, sharp clarity of his Sword Chi. It wells up within him, moving his hand neither with nor despite his conscious intention, guiding his sword-arm in a flurry of attacks, cutting strikes falling upon the Sword Sinner with the ubiquity of raindrops in a storm.

That the attack will be familiar to one who knows the secrets of the Sword Eccentrics is beside the point; likewise the Sword Sinner's seemingly superior skill. It is only the purity of the sword-art that matters.

Attack: 10, 9, 9, 7, 6, 3 & 1
Not much reason to hold back. Flow the 7s. 3 chi on Blade of Infinity Strokes; using Snake in Grass free w/SM, and 2 chi to apply it to the SS also (+5 Strike, inflict ripple on miss of 5 or less when acting in accord etc.); 4 chi on Iron Bows Before the Tiger x2 to apply to both strikes (+5 Damage, ignore armor when acting in accord etc.). Both are Better Dodged.
Primary: 37 + 15 (Strike) + 10 (Weapon) + 5 (IKF) + 5 (AB) = 72
Secondary: 29 + 15 (Strike) + 10 (Weapon) + 5 (IKF) + 5 (AB) = 64

End of R3: 6 Ripples; Psychic Onslaught (Trivial Curse, 8/1/1day), Cut Leg (Trivial Injury, 12/1/1day), Chipped Blade (Major Curse, ??/??/??*); 11 chi spent, 5 chi respired, 8/14 total; River -/-; 5c/1m Joss

*I've never had non-combat SA conditions interact with QW attacks before, so I'm not sure how you want the recovery/duration/interval to work there.

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Mon 21 Jul 2014
at 16:55
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
As discussed, this now becomes Duration 1, Interval 1 Day as per normal QW.

9, 9, 8, 7, 4, 3 & 2
*4 Chi for Ten-Fold Steel Guard
*Defense vs Primary Strike 29 + Block 10 + Weapon 10 + AB 10 + IKF 15 + AutoFears 5 - Better Dodged 5 = 74 vs 67 (72 - 5 from EKF), Blocks
*Defense vs Secondary Strike 18 + Block 10 + Weapon 10 + AB 10 + IKF 15 + AutoFears 5 - Better Dodged 5 = 63 vs 59 (64 - 5 from EKF), Blocks

Initiative, Round 4:
10, 9, 6, 4, 3, 3 & 3
*Flood 0:  Switch Stance
*3 Chi to continue Sword Mindset
*DIF for free
*Initiative 33 + Speed 15 + AB 10 + IKF 5 = 63, doubles to Cover Ground on nearby rooftop... but in interests of full disclosure, she has no desire to run.  This is only in case Wude tries to escape and she can't Break his CG.
*FoB with 16 for 1 Chi

If Wude had a worst fear for this fight, it would be that the Sword Sinner knows the Ten-Fold Steel Guard.  This fear is true.  She uses the edge of her hand to counteract Wude's, her internal Kung Fu extremely difficult to catch and the Steel Guard an almost impenetrable counter.  She snarls at him, driving him back.

"One day the Sword Saint met her for peaches by the river," She howls at him, raising her head to the sky, "And the peaches were sweet, but he cared not for her or for the fruit she'd picked for him.  He wanted to see if he was like another girl he knew, his first disciple.  So he gave her a SWORD!"

She backs away, huffing and puffing, and then she's still.  Her inner, horrible fire tamps back to that white-hot core again.  She bends her knees slightly, ready to jump if Wude does.  Her voice, once howling, is quiet and intense.

"And on the first pass she cut off three of his fingers.  He could not stand the sight of his own blood.  His sword quivered in his hand, afraid.  But his disciples couldn't be allowed to see it.  So he did the only thing he could do."
Xin Wude
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Mon 21 Jul 2014
at 19:58
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
"Enough of--" Wude wants to tell this wicked creature where she can stuff her stories, to tell her that whatever injuries she might inflict on him he would revisit on her tenfold, to express some measure of defiance, howsoever ineffective it might ultimately prove. But the words catch in his throat, and a barely vocalized jumble of syllables is all that he can produce.

The humbled Sword Eccentric half-falls, half-sits himself on the dirty street, a portrait of a man defeated ... but also not unlike a student begrudgingly submitting to a teacher's instruction.

'Discretion is the better part of valor' is a very un-wuxia line, but it applies all the same. The only thing that'd come from more fighting is more and bigger conditions. So I'll take my EoC, and let Sword Sinner have her triumphant speechifying :)

6 Ripples: 26 (10, 10, 7, 6, 6 & 5)
2 Chi Aura: 18 (10 & 8)

8 is good for another Trivial (barring some significant bonus).

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Mon 21 Jul 2014
at 20:48
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Shivering Soul, a condition that ultimately won't matter.  Up to you how you want to play it, but it's Trivial with a low Recovery.

"He stabbed her, Xin Wude.  He pierced her heart, beheaded her, and threw her in the river before she even realized what happened." The heretic hisses at Wude.

Huh.  The moment he kneels, some of the fear leaves him.  His stance of submission lessens the terror of her.

"But she never went away.  And she keeps coming back, every so often, here for revenge.  And here I am.  Your sword parables grow from tainted soil."

She gestures with her hand.  His sword breaks in two, halfway up the blade.

"I suppose I should let you go, to let the Heaven Sword Alliance know that I'm coming.  To let the fear build up... such a useful tool for me.  But my employers are clear.  Nobody from this city, especially you, will live through the night."

"I don't think so, bitch."  Old Doctor Cat stands at the end of an alleyway, having obviously just run over.  The pale bloody Arnwulf hanging on her shoulder.  His arm has been expertly bandaged, though the blood is seeping through.  "You've made a big mistake."

"You don't have a lick of cultivation between you."

"I don't need to.  You should feel the air, unholy woman."

At the mention of it Wude can feel a heavy pulling Earth pressure, dragging him north of the city.  It's subtle at this distance but it must be immense north of the wall.  The tides and currents of chi suggests it wars with a sickening corrupt influence.

"It doesn't matter.  My sword will cut-"

"Do it."  The doctor tells her with a smile, "Go ahead. My chi is sealed, and if I know my old teachers there'll be a way to unseal it.  Go ahead.  You young stupid brat- so convinced that your sword and mere destiny is enough.  Try it.  Attack me and unseal the chi that seduced a hero of an age."

Sword Sinner narrows her eyes, unsteady.  "You're getting me angry on purpose... so that I can attack you!  Haughty Phoenix!"

Old Doctor Cat just smiles.  There's no power behind her, but there are echoes of power that even someone as unhinged as the Sword Sinner can sense.  There's a thunderclap and then she's gone.

Old Doctor Cat moves over to Wude's side.  "Are you alright?  Any cuts, wounds?"

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Xin Wude
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Wed 23 Jul 2014
at 15:47
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Wude looks down to his leg, then up to Old Doc Cat. "Nothing serious." There's a haunted, ragged look in his eyes. "Nothing that you can treat, anyway."

A thousand questions should be spilling from the Sword Eccentrics lips: what is that Earth-tinged power? what does the doctor know of the Sword Sinner? what is this power that has been sealed? But none of those questions pass his lips. They barely attain clarity in his mind. One thing and one thing only can break through the welter of confusion and distress the Sword Sinner has inflicted on him.

"What of Arnwulf? Will he live?" Wude's voice is insistent and desperate. "It was my arrogance that imperiled him. My vanity. Whatever has befallen him, it's I who bears the guilt." Old Doc Cat isn't the one to whom he needs to beg forgiveness, but given his state, she'll have to do.
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Wed 23 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
The doctor helps the shaky, pale Arnwulf sit down.  She then kneels by Wude's leg, looking at the scratch.  She pours some powder from a sealed packet of paper onto the wound, then quickly and expertly bandages it.  "He's lost a lot of blood."  She remarks in a businesslike tone, "I can't reattach the arm, that much is for sure.  I'm not good enough for that.  I am good enough to make sure he'll live.  I've seen people live through worse."

"Sorry I disobeyed,"  Arnwulf mumbles as he lies down, "But she demanded I lead her back."

"It looks like they've flooded the city with assassins."  Old Doctor Cat tells Wude, tying off the bandage. "We need to check on the mayor.  I think the Delegates are fighting in the Barbarian camp."

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Xin Wude
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Wed 23 Jul 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
Wude rises to his feet. He looks at Anwulf with indulgence and regret; the Sword Eccentric needn't say that the youth's apologies are unnecessary.

In his hand is his shattered sword; he brings his arm back as if readying to toss the ruined weapon aside, but stops, thinking the better of it. He slides what's left of the blade into its sheath.

"Then let us check on the mayor."
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Wed 23 Jul 2014
at 16:22
Re: Arc 1, Session 2, Scene 2:  Wude and the Sword Sinner
"I'll need to take care of Arnwulf further, or at least get him to rest somewhere."  The doctor tells Wude, "You go ahead to the Mayor's house.  I'll catch up."

Scene end; next Scene is the Mayor's with everyone else.