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Welcome to Shintakara: The City of Temples, below is a brief overview of the game. If you'd like to join this game please read through the summary, expectations and rules of conduct.

Summary: Shintakara: The City of Temples is a FATE Core, modern fantasy game that takes place in the fictional Japanese city of Shintakara. Players take the role of members of their High School’s Paranormal Activities Club and investigate the various weird stories, myths and legends of the city.

Introduction: Shintakara is known as the City of Temples because of the numerous shrines and temples located in and around the city. They dot the surrounding hills and mountains. They can be found nestled in hidden places on the small islands just off the coast and hidden among the rocky cliffs that overlook the ocean. They are found along the various forest paths of the vast natural preserve known as Konohara Park. They can even be found in the heart of downtown nestled between the Gap and McDonald’s.

The people of Shintakara are proud of their city, which over the centuries has grown from a small town to a thriving metropolis of well over three million people, including the various suburbs that surround the city proper. They are also proud of their heritage and many families, especially those who act as caretakers for one of Shintakara’s many shrines or temples take great pride in their ancient lineages. Most can recite the various legends, heroes, relics and deeds associated with their particular family and temple in great length and detail purely from memory.

While the people of Shintakara are proud of their legends, there are very few who still truly believe in them. They celebrate the various festivals and honor the rituals of the past, while maintaining the temples for the honor and prestige of the family, but few truly believe in the spirits they offer thanks to. They proudly tell tales and show off the sword that their ancestor used to slay demons, but hardly any of them really believe that demons ever existed, let alone still exist to this day. In this day and age, they have other concerns without worrying about the demons that might sleep beneath the city. However, the myths are real and those sleeping demons are about to awaken.

Premise: You are a member of your High School's Paranormal Activities Club, whose purpose is to research weird stories, myths and local legends trying to find evidence that ghosts and spirits really existed. Some of the kids in the club are true believers, some just like exploring the city, learning odd bits of history and hearing old lore. Still others are just in the club to hang out with their friends. The club meets weekly after school for discussions, goes on field trips, performs fund raisers to pay for those trips and a couple members even put on a podcast and archive the club’s experiences on its website.

Player Expectations:

Posting Rate: Once per day, Monday through Friday is the ideal, but at least three times a week is sufficient. Absences will happily be excused as long as notification is given.
Posting Quality: At least a paragraph of proofread, third-person text per post. One-liners are greatly discouraged.
System Knowledge: Knowledge of the Fate Core system is encouraged, but not required. I'm happy to educate if you like the premise.
Characters: All submitted characters are expected to attend the same High School, be human residents of Shintakara and members of the Paranormal Activities Club. In addition all characters are expected to be proactive and sociable. Roleplaying is an interactive, social experience and that not only means interacting with your fellow players, but being willing to do so.

Requests to Join

If the above both interests you and you feel you can meet the expectations then please provide me with the following information when you Request to Join:

1) What's your average posting rate?

2) What's your experience with gaming in general?

3) Why do you want to join this game? What about it appeals to you?

4) What kind of character do you want to play? You shouldn't take more then three sentences to answer this as I'm not looking for a complete concept or character, just a brief sketch that tells me what sort of character you'd have the most fun portraying. The actual character creation process will be handled collaboratively with the other players, but I think it's good to come into such things with at least one idea to bring to the table.

5) In fiction, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. Keeping in mind your above answer if you had to create a foil for the character you've just described what kind of character would that be? Would they be an ally or an antagonist? Again, I'm just looking for a loose character sketch, no more then three sentences or so.

6) I'd like a short in-character writing sample, a paragraph or so. Please pick one of the locations mentioned in the Shintakara: The City of Temples thread and write a short encounter where something strange happens to a character there. How strange is entirely up to you.

Players will be accepted based upon the quality of their Requests to Join. I'll try to reply to all requests to join within 24 hours with at least a brief message informing you that I've received your request and I'm in the process of evaluating it. Hopefully that will soon be followed by some questions and a more formal response soon after.

Ideally I'm looking for at least three to five players, but depending on how many quality applications I receive I may accept more or at the least allow people to spectate in case of drop outs.

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Rules of Conduct
The following are the rules and guidelines for the game. By joining this game you are agreeing to follow and abide by these rules. If you violate any of the rules you will be given fair warning. If you persist in being difficult you will be removed from the game immediately.

The Golden Rule

This is a game. We're all here to have fun, together. Respect the social contract and don't kill the fun.


Try to make your IC posts as clear and well written as possible. Use Styled Text to highlight all speech and enclose it in quotations "Like so." leaving actions unadorned. Try to be consistent in the color you use. Any color is fine except for Orange. Orange text is reserved specifically for OOC comments in IC posts and should be used sparingly.

Thought speech, such as telepathy should be colored the same way, italicized and be enclosed in ~Like so.~ for directed speech or just italicized for undirected thoughts. Like so.

If possible, try to confine all OOC comments to either the OOC Thread or PMs.

If at all possible, avoid one-liners whenever possible. The more you write, the more there is for other players and myself to react to. It also makes things much more interesting to read.

Posting Expectations

Monday through Friday, I'll typically make at least one story post a day and expect roughly the same kind of commitment from my players. If you don't believe you can manage at least three posts a week, this probably is not the game for you.

If you are not going to be able to post for an extended period of time, please let me know ahead of time. If you fail to post for a week without prior notification, you will be put on notice and likely be NPC'd. If you remain absent for a week without responding to the notice you will be removed from the game. Communication is key here! I'm pretty lenient and know that real life comes before games. As a result I'm happy to excuse absences I just want to know what's going on so I can plan accordingly. Likewise, I'll be sure to let you know ahead of time if I'm not going to be able to make regular posts.

Dice Rolls

Typically, I only call for a dice roll if the result of the dice roll would create an interesting scenario regardless of whether the action succeeds or fails. So please do not roll any dice unless I specifically ask for a dice roll. Just state the action you want to take and if I think it is necessary I'll have you roll the dice, otherwise I'll just tell you the result of your action in my next post.

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