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Your clan washed ashore in a calm bay (K8) while a powerful storm raged all around. By luck, you had found an area protected from the constant wind and rain that seems to cover the western regions of Sanctuary.

The granite hills and mountains of your immediate surroundings offer tough soil for farming, but are home to horses and long-horned antelopes feeding on the wild oats growing between the rocks. Local predators include eagles and silver leopards, and your people are fond of wearing their feathers and pelts.

Your people harvest carrots and potatoes from the earth, along with a curious native root vegetable that brings about powerful hallucinations, confusion and out-of-body sensations. Its effects may last for days, after which it wears off rapidly. Those who have accidentally consumed this root seem unsettled afterward and to tend to warn others against it.

After three years on Sanctuary, your clan is composed of about 300 able-bodied survivors and nearly all of them have been trained to ride a horse. They live in a few scattered villages in stone houses built to withstand the occasional storm, and they have a certain pride in the gifts of this land and they expect great things of Hortensio and Sharnet.

And you are not alone here; your people have seen smoke from cooking fires to the south, about two days' walk from here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here are some basic notes I have gathered about your clan.

Time on Sanctuary: 3 years
Location: ~K8 (rocky hills, mountains, root vegetables, oats, horses, antelopes, eagles, leopards)
Important Characters:
Hortensio, leader [AGE?]
Sharnet, second in command, brother of Hortensio [AGE?]
Wealth and Resources:
Horses, horse riders
Able-Bodied Members: 300

For this turn, please follow these steps:

1. Fill in all of the information in [BRACKETS] and let me know the character ages you chose.

2. Describe what would you like your clan to achieve in the coming years. (One or two paragraphs is fine. Do not introduce any new important characters yet; use the ones you have already created.)

3. If you like, you may begin assigning tasks to the able-bodied members of your clan. They're your people. Tell them what to do. For example, you might assign 50 of your people to food-gathering as their primary occupation, and another 50 to guarding your borders, and so on.

4. Send your reply to me by email.

Posting Deadline: 0600 PST 31 March 2012
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Tue 25 Mar 2014
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Re: Turns
Do you want to name your clan or any of the areas you have explored? Do you want to create a banner/symbol for yourself, or establish colors for a clan banner? There is no need to do this right away, but I wanted to let you know that this is possible whenever you are ready.
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Tue 25 Mar 2014
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Re: Turns

Time in Sanctuary
5 years

Hortensio (m), leader, age 35
Sharnet (m), second in command, brother of Hortensio, age 31
Jade (f), advisor to Hortensio, scout, age 42

Alliance: Simonites ~L7

Clan village ~K8 (rocky hills, mountains, root vegetables, oats, horses, antelopes, eagles, leopards, quartz)
Quartz quarry ~K8
Granite quarry ~K8

Wealth and Resources
Horses (worth 2 measures)
Quartz stone (worth 1 measure)
Granite (worth 1 measure)

Able-Bodied Members: 250
150 military force (bows, spears, maces)
50 riders/scouts
25 riders/border guards (bows, 15 on south border, 10 to the east)
25 archers/hunters
40 spearmen/border guards
10 Leopard Killers, elite warriors (hand-to-hand, bows, spears)
15 hunters/gatherers
15 exploring for elements
25 house-builders/village improvement and safety
5 advisors/overseers
40 quarry workers