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Rules/ Info
 Yes and here is it Everyone, Rules. It must be done.

 ~Rules For Players.~

1. NO God Modding.

2. No one liners please.

3. Play Nice with one another please.

4. Post as often as you can and if you gonna be long for a long time, Please let the Gm Know. Thanks

5. Please Respect what other players are doing. (So if your Weakness is fire and they just hit you with a fire ball or something, Please act as so.)

6. You can't kill off other player, Unless it's part of the story and the person is leaving or it has be talked over with the player first.

7. Please don't leave other players behind in posts. But also please don't keep people waiting too long.

8. Any Info on the character sheet can not be used to harm anther character or player. Unless you are told in character or the hunter knows these weakness of your characters race by reading and so on.

(Other rules Will be added as needed.)

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Vampre Law
 -Vampire Laws-

The Vampire Elders Put laws In place, To keep the other vampires and new born ones in there place. Plus They wish to stay in the shadows and hidden from the humans. They have there reasons for making the Laws. And they Enforce them.

1. Never tell the humans about Us.
2. Keep a low Profile.
3. Don't kill needlessly
4. All New Born Vampires must be taken to be seen before the elders.
5. Never ever Turn a Kid or someone too young, They can't not Control them self's

 -The short of it. Stay hidden in the shadows, and don't turn anyone.-

-Coven Law-

Fear and Respect Your Elder and Your Sire. Listen To Your Elder and House Leader.