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Character Sheet/ Request to join
 Thanks for looking into my game.

All yeah gotta do is fill out character sheet and asked to join.

Race: (so vampire, werewolf or human, Other if you give me a good story behind it)
Class: (middle, Lower, or high)
Rank: (If they have any rank in where they are, like high born or elder vampire, or alpha wolf)
Relationship Status:
Orientation: (Straight or bi or other)
Mate: (if they are mated or not yet)
Job: (what they do for a living)
Living: (were they live)



Looks: (what your character looks like of cores)





Other: (If I missed any, feel free to add more. This is just the basic)

 Also let me know if you want your character to take part in the story line and what part. Good guy, Bad guy, Main character Side Character and so on.

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Sun 30 Mar 2014
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Re: Characters
 Characters for Story Idea.

  *Sita- Elder Vampire- Played by me. -Female
  +Drake- Elder Vampire -Male
  *Bella- Born Vampire-Pure Blood- Female.
  +Miya- Hybrid vampire and werewolf.- Female
  *Lura- Werewolf Alpha- Female
  *Mark- Werewolf Alpha- Head of the pack- Male
  +John- Vampire- Male
  *Dean- A human hunter. -Male- Taken
  *Jade- Human- Female

   -More coming soon-

   ~and just ask if you wanna know anything behind the characters.~

  A * next to the name means it's taken and someone is playing that one.
  A + next to there name means there open, Anyone that wants to play them can. Ya just gotta ask.

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