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Sat 5 Apr 2014
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If you want to join this game, just tell me what kind of character you'd like to play (Race, class & very short description). After you have been  added to the game, prepare a character from the official AD&D 2e rule books. Starting level for new characters is Level 4. Any class or race is welcome but should loosely fit into an icewind dale setting, a rough kind of permafrost region of the Forgotten Realms. You could also choose any character kit from any of the Complete Handbooks or other sources (except for any player's options book. I hereby ban them in this group *g*) but please tell me the references so that I know what you are talking about.

The story takes place in the Forgotten Realms but no real background knowledge is required. The game is based on a German module from another game system which I have adapted for AD&D 2e use.
Be willing to enjoy a plot-driven adventure in the style of the 80s classics where logic is sometimes sacrificed for entertainment :)

Another thing you should keep in mind is that I am not a native speaker of the English language. So if something sounds odd to you, feel free to tell me. I might mean things different from what I actually write :)

Regarding game speed, I roughly suggest 2 posts per week. If, however, a reponse is required and a player won't post for some time, we will move on with the story assuming a neutral action of the respective player in accordance with the general group's action.

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