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Sat 5 Apr 2014
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The Rules
Some of the house rules I want to implement:

1. Full hp at first level and roll 4d6 for attributes dropping the lowest die after each level thereafter. Starting level for new characters in part II is Level 4.
2. A critical hit table is used for a natural 20, no fumbles on natural 1 so far ( - )
3. Spell memorizing for spell casters will be 2 hours of rest plus 1 turn/level/spell.
4. Dexterity adjustments can also reduce the to hit malus when using two weapons (in addition to ambidextrous and two-weapon-fighting style)
5. Additional languages for high intelligence can be used for weapon and non-weapon-proficiencies.
6. Combat starts with initiative rolled on a d10 (no modifiers, except for situational conditions as told in the story)
7. Although this is not going to be some xp gathering adventure, characters will be awarded with the typical xp for slaying monsters and the special traits of their classes (e.g. mages casting spells, thieves hiding in shadows etc.). I will, however, not award xp for gold pieces found.
8. There will be no racial level limitations.

More to come if need arises

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