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Background story
Icewind Dale has long been a place of survival. Only a handful of towns defy the power of the merciless weather conditions in this remote area. Here, far to the north, its inhabitants become witnesses of a vision accompanied by magical phenomena.

In one of Ten Town's smallest settlements, councilwoman Freya Grynstead is in need of heroes when some of the town's inhabitants are reported missing. Have they fled the disturbing visions? Have they been abducted by some nameless terror from the swamps? Is dark magic at work?

While searching for the missing people, our heroes make an unexpected discovery, which takes them back far into the past of the Savage Frontier's history where they are confronted with a long forgotten menace.

taken and abridged from "Die Quelle des Nagrach", Ulisses Spiele 2015, Waldems

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