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The Keeper of Lore
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Sat 31 May 2014
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Forms of address in Calcutta/India
Sahib-used by Indians for British men (who look respectable). Memsahib is the female counterpart.
Babu- for Bengali official or senior people.

Dada- stands for elder brother but can be used even on strangers who look slightly older than you. Didi's the female counterpart. Bhai for folks your age, meaning brother.

Moshai is more or less equivalent to babu.

Huzoor, is a sign of respect and obedience to someone in a commanding position.

Dhonyobaad- Thank you. Shukriya in Hindi works too.

Bah, Wah!- Both exclamations like Wow!

Badhai ho- Congratulations

Kripiya- Please in Hindi. 'Doya korey,' in Bengali.

Tui,Tumi,Apni- All mean 'you'. But the first is for people considerably younger or not respectable, such as children or servants, or personally between close friends. Tumi for equal age or familiar people, impersonal. Apni for elderly, respected or strangers.

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Robert Harris
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Wed 4 Jun 2014
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Re: Forms of address in Calcutta/India
Although I'm not sure about how appropriate it would be for our characters and setting, I have used "Namaste" on occasion as a greeting (with palms together), myself.
Manindra Sen
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Wed 4 Jun 2014
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Re: Forms of address in Calcutta/India
That's absolutely correct.