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Thu 4 Feb 2016
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New Characters!!
Hello my sweet lemon pies,

We haven't been progressing in a while. This is partially because of my absence <.< and probably because you can't really connect to your characters. And since we have reached a good point in our story, I guess it's time.

I want you to create your own characters.
I expect a small bio, personality traits and physical description.
If it is long it is ok, but don't make it too small, 200+ words sounds good?
On the other hand, if you write a full sized book about her life, I will read it, so don't contain yourselves.

For now, don't worry about the character sheets, we will fill this shit out later. It would be good for you though, if you read the character creation part from "World of Darkness-Core Rulebook" and "Vampire the Requiem - Core Rulebook".

Remember that you are creating a human character, her story after the Embrace is the same as the character you have been playing from the beginning.


Age: 20-30
Concept: Describe your character with a small phrase(1-4 words)

Aspirations: Things that your character wants to accomplish in her life. Something that drives her.(make 1-3 points)

Bio: Some things about your character's life so far

Personality: Describe your character's general behavior. How does she reacts to stress, happiness, unexpected events, changes, etc. How does she interact with other people and generally her worldview and ideology.(it doesn't have to be long, cover only the points you think are the most important)

Physical Description: skin color, hair color, height, weight, clothes, general style and whatever you think is important to mention

One restriction I am afraid I will have to put, is that your characters can own almost what your previous characters had. For example, Paris' character will have a lot of money, Antigone's will have a car and a gun, etc.
Small changes will be accepted, for example, different type of car, a different hand gun, or an other house at different place.
Also, exchanges between characters will be accepted, if somebody else wants to have a car and handgun, for example.

And one more thing, this one is about your vampire Embrace. Your vampire characters can not be from a different clan. This is only because a vampire's clan is inherited from his sire.
Exchanges are also accepted, but remember that each character has a unique path in the story. So, you might need to learn some additional information or "forget" something that you have learned.

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Fri 7 Oct 2016
at 21:52
New Characters!!

First of all download the character sheet:

Before you start panicking, this is the 4-sheet version, but all the important parts are concentrated on the first page.
And those are the ones I am going to focus on in this guide. The rest is not mandatory, you will probably only use them to keep some notes later in the game.

You will also need the books "World of Darkness - Core Rulebook" and "Vampire the Requiem - Core Rulebook".
From now on, I will refer to those books with the abbreviations WoD and VtR.
You can download WoD here:
You can download VtR here:

From Top to Bottom and Left to Right the fields you need to complete are:

Name: Your character's name.
Player: Your name.
Chronicle: "Dance de la Mort"
Virtue: [info: WoD p.100] You have to choose one from 7 Virtues (Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Temperance)
Vice: [info: WoD p.100] You have to choose one from 7 Vices (Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath)
Concept: 1-4 word description of your character (ex. Dirty Cop, Genius Hobo, Perverted Doctor, etc.)
Clan: [info: VtR p.104] You have to choose one from 5 Vampire Clans
Bloodline: Not applicable in our chronicle.
Covenant: Not applicable in our chronicle.

ATTRIBUTES [info: WoD p.42] (Your character's inherent capabilities are represented with Attributes, which are the foundation of all the acts that he performs.)
There are 3 types of attributes(Mental, Physical and Social) and you have to choose which one is your character's primary, secondary and weaker group of attributes.
In that order, you get 5/4/3 dots to distribute to the three attributes of each group.
Every attribute has one dot by default. The dots you get to allocate, are in addition to the those default dots. (This is because everybody has the inherent capability to act, think and behave. Except in some extreme cases, like being raised by animals, or having severely underdeveloped muscles. I advise you not to make such a character, since it would be gamebraking :/)
The fifth dot of any attribute costs 2 dots.

SKILLS [info: WoD p.54] (A character's Skills reflect the education and training he's acquired over the course of his life and are a reflection of his origins and interests.)
Choose your primary, secondary and tertiary group, the same way you did with attributes. The order doesn't have to be the same. And allocate 11/7/4 dots to the groups.
Specialties: [info: WoD p.54] You can add three specialties to any skill you want. More than one specialty can be assigned to one skill.

[info: VtR p.104] (The unholy gifts that Vampires possess. They are inherited from the vampire's dark father or mother.)
Disciplines are unique for every clan. You can find them in the clan description.

MERITS [info. WoD p.108] (Special  capabilities  or  knacks  that  add  individuality  to  your character.)
Read through all of the Merits and choose which ones your character possesses. You have 7 dots to spend, every merit requires a different number of dots.

FLAWS (Any characteristics of your character that could impose penalties or create difficulties on your gameplay (ex. having ADHD, being shortsighted or having scars on your face.))
I am not going to stop you if you want to play a Flaw, but I will not reward you with extra EXP.

CLAN WEAKNESS [info: VtR p.104] (Every Vampire inherits a unique curse, in addition to the standard weaknesses of a Vampire, depending on his clan.)
You can find them in the clan description.

Stamina + Size


Resolve + Composure

Fledgling Vampires (like you) have a Blood Potency of 1.

Depends on Blood Potency. For BP 1 you get 10 Vitae.

Starting Humanity is 7.

Human adults have size 5, unless they are dwarves or have purchased the Merit Giand.

Strength + Dexterity + 5

Lowest of Dexterity or Wits

Depends on what you are wearing. For normal clothes it's Bashing Armor 0 and Lethal Armor 0. Really heavy clothes might give you +1 Bashing Armor, for anything else ask me.

Wits + Dexterity


This is great and all, but I expect you to send your bios first, as I told you in the previous post.
Any questions will be welcome in the OOC Thread or a PM.

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