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Mon 12 May 2014
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The Glowing Plaza
The Glowing Plaza is Todmorden's main attraction. As one can guess from its name, many magical flames light up the area with all sorts of colors, displaying many of the fine shops and Inns that only Todmorden can provide.
Liandra Baobab
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Mon 19 May 2014
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Re: The Glowing Plaza
Scurrying along the edge of the Glowing Plaza, a small Root Pixie no bigger than 6 inches tall, dressed in a rat skin for a cloak ran from store to store. Looking for anything of interest. In a single agile leap Liandra jumped to the edge of a windowsill, removing her rat skull hood to peer inside unobstructed. She spat on the glass and wiped it clean with her forearm. Her pure black orbs for eyes scanned the interior of the building. "Nuthin'" She pushed away from the glass and ran along the windowsill. Climbing the edge of window wither her sharp claw like nails. If anyone took a quick glance they would have thought it was just another rat. Liandra climbed as high as she could, perching herself on the the building's hanging sign. She moved as far out as the wooden beam, and sat on the edge.

Quietly Liandra watched the glowing balls of flames. As one drifted close Liandra moved out of its way. She didn't know if the fire was only an illusion, but better not temp it. Curiosity and the cat thing, or whatever saying the 'biggums' liked to use.

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Evarri Verleden
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Mon 19 May 2014
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Re: The Glowing Plaza
[From: Nydelisien Army Courtyard]

Lights of cerulean, emerald and ambers gently bobbed through the plaza like a thousand ships upon a stormy sea. The variety of colours and sizes were just overwhelming, it was an attraction which Evarri would seemingly never become tired of. Every so often a light veered by and the auburn haired girl couldnít resist but follow its path beside her, it made for slow progression but personally she didnít mind. The lights alongside the smell of spice and baked goods would definitely make you more likely to put a copper upon each shops doorstep; figuratively speaking, of course.

Spending coin however didnít appear to be on Evarriís agenda this afternoon, instead she took to sitting at one of the stone benches would held itself against the bakeryís side. The pungent smell wept through the cracks and crevices in the walls only to fill her nostrils with the aroma of freshly baked bread. It had wet her appetite and her tongue, though she still sought to not spend a dime this evening instead she just watched the lights pass by ignoring the chatter and chants of propaganda from each store owner.
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Tue 20 May 2014
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Re: The Glowing Plaza
The Plaza was as beautiful as always, glowing with colorful lights and bustling with the sounds of laughter and idle chatter. However, one thing stood out, a series of large tents had been set up in a large open part of the plaza, they seemed very....mundane. Not a usual sight here where colors literally flew around in the air. A small crowd had gathered near the front of the largest tent, curious as to what they were there for. Then a tall man in a rich purple cloak stepped out from the crowd and in front of the tent. He pressed a hand to the side of his smiling mouth, and as he spoke his voice echoed through the area.

"Greetings proud citizens of Nydelisien! What a fine day it is, no?"

The crowd got a bit bigger as the man spoke.

"Now. I'm sure you're wondering, 'By golly, what in the heck are all these tents?' Or as you nobles say, 'My word, this is a nuisance.' Well, I'm here to tell you what they're for. Get ready!"

Suddenly colorful confetti flew through rained from the air and bright colorful lights filled the area.

"For Bambono's Carnivaaaaaal is heeeerreee~"

The lights subsided revealing a large cast of circus entertainers, animals, food stands, and other wondrous sights. The cloaked man pulled his cloak off revealing himself to be dressed as a clown with bright colorful balls of light attached to his extravagant collar, his face painted black and white, and he was now holding a staff with a smiling mask at the top.

"Come one, come all, and see what wonders of the world lie outside the Devil's Gullet in one of our many attractions!"

The crowd was giddy with excitement and many immediately went off to one of the stands or tents as the entertainers began to go back to their work places or around the plaza.