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Request Access? Look Here!
This world is very diverse, so you are able to choose from wide variety of races, species, and professions for your character. You want to be normal human archer, sure, you want to be a Dwarven Mage, why not, you want to a tiger she-beast tightrope walker, you'll need a good backstory for that one, but yeah go for it. One of the only limitations I have for this game is that the technology level is pretty low, so keep that in mind.

Before requesting access please take a quick glace at the rules and the provided character sheet.

Character sheet:

NOTE: This character sheet is a guideline. You can add or remove parts of it if needed. Except the Strengths and Weaknesses one, there need to be at least three in each.

Physical Description:

Please note that you do not need to start as part of one of the two kingdoms, just realize that you are in an atmosphere where a war is going on and it is pretty likely that you will choose a side at some point.

Also, let me know how much you know of the story, that can be anything from "I read the intro" to "I've read every post and I'm the president of your fan-club" I just want to know what to expect and I will be more than willing to fill you in if you haven't read much. If you have any questions at all, please, don't hesitate to ask.

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