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Nydelisien War Camp
Just inside the forest, not far from the border lies one of the larger war camps for Nydelisien. There the larger platoons of soldiers assemble and prepare for battle, and where the wounded are brought to heal.
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
Caspia's arms were dark scarlet and brown to the elbow - smeared with blood, some dry and some still fresh. Beneath her, a man screamed, his weakening voice hoarse with exertion. Skin pale and clammy, he drifted somewhere just above unconsciousness... its depths lapping at him like a rowboat caught adrift in the sea. Fingers clawed towards the spearhead buried in his thigh, helpless. The ivory and emerald uniform he wore had been handsome on him once. Now, it looked ghoulish. Torn and bloodied, its edging was torn to tatters. What little remained on his left pant leg was stained permanently scarlet.

He'd been yelling since he arrived, and likely long before that. Still, Caspia doubted that the Naomi he called for would arrive anytime soon. Perhaps a blessing that, rather than seeing him like this. Twisting in agonizing pain, every word half-whimpered, as Caspia carefully readied her hemostatic forceps across an already bloodied wool cloth. A shame, that, but with so many wounded one could hardly expect any different. Blood was everywhere, and there was naught to be done for it. As soon as one man was carried away, stabilized and safe, another on the brink of death found his way to her table. Hers, or one of the half dozen others in the tent. All full.

Though surrounded by screams and suffering - the woman seemed anything but flustered. Her midnight blue eyes turned to her patient, calm as the glass surface of a still lake. He looked to her, terror running through his eyes like loosed lightning, his pallid limbs quivering in bloodloss-deadened panic. His breath came rapidly, heart beating at a swift and chaotic staccato. Gently, and slowly, Caspia laid her palm on the injured man's forehead. Soft tendrils of pale blue light spilled from her hand where it met his skin - their glow as dull as a candle's. Humble. Unassuming.

As soon as they touched however, his seizing stilled. Hands went quiet at his side. His heartbeat slowed to something approaching a normal beat, and he breathed a shocked sigh of relief. The pain seemed to evaporate from his eyes... Replaced by something else... Peace?

"The retractor, Matthias," she instructed her aide "Quickly now." The boy, a youth somewhere shy of sixteen, bobbed his black mop-haired head and offered a strange looking pliers to Caspia. Something like two crossed keys, complete with smoothed teeth, bolted at their intersection. She accepted it with an opened palm, placing the device in her patient's wound and squeezing its handle. It pressed against the wound, opening and holding wide its sides, loosing a thin stream of welling blood which Matthias rushed to towel up.

Automatically Caspia's deft hands fell to the prepped hemostats infront of her, grabbing each one at a time and closing off a blood vessel with each - thinning the flow of blood to nearly nothing. The last forceps, she kept in hand, bringing it to the exposed wound to take hold of something lodged deeply toward the bone. A cruelly barbed iron spearhead, broken off at its base. This Caspia extracted slowly, but easily, placing the bloodied point on the table beside her. Then, one by one, she removed the hemostats and withdrew the retractor. Scarlet pooled again, filling the cleaned wound like a river undammed above a dry arroyo.

Here Caspia placed two fingers, extended from an otherwise closed fist to sit at the edge of her patient's jagged wound. Then, they glowed - at first like her palm had before, gentle light crawling into the perpetual twilight of the surgeon's tent. Then they grew brighter, insistent, til they glowed like the tip of a blade fresh from the forge. The surgeon traced her way across the wound; where it passed, unmarred skin was left behind. The wound disappeared, its gash closing cleanly as if Caspia's fingers were tugging at an invisible zipper.

The soldier below, in his bloodied ivory and green uniform, breathed one last sigh of relief then... His eyes closed as he drifted into unconsciousness, his steadily rising chest giving proof to the success of his surgery. While officers, covered in filigreed piping and braided ribbons of valor, won glory on the field outside this tent... They would never know the joy of victory that she did now. Caspia smiled contentedly, the corners of her lips crawling happily upward, as she made her way to a washbin in the tent's corner. She submerged her hands there, rubbing skin down with icy water. Then she came back to her table, one she found to already be empty. In the brief moment she'd stepped away corpsmen had ferried her patient away atop a stretcher of cotton cloth and oak poles - already out the door, and towards the barracks. Gone. To be replaced with another.

And there always was another.

Matthias waited there on his lonesome, though he was surrounded by the hive of activity that was the surgeon's tent. "There are so many..." The youth reflected, his bright eyes following another pair of men entering. One leaning heavily on the other, making no secret of the torn and bloodied mess that was his side. "And hurt so badly. I thought we hadn't seen a battle in some time, pardoning me miss."

"No, not a battle. Not one with a name." Caspia admitted painfully, her gaze turning to even more newly arrived casualties. "Skirmishes. Patrols stumbling into eachother in the dark. Men dying where no one meant for there to be a confrontation at all. Murdering each other by accident." The woman said with no small amount of melancholy - sorrowful eyes watching as the stream of wounded continued.

Silence carried for a moment between them, Matthias' mouth working wordlessly. Then... "That's sad." The boy suggested, voice heavy with burdens someone so young should have never known.

"It is." Caspia agreed.

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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"Quick! We need help over here immediately!"

A small platoon of soldiers and an elven hunter rushed into the camp aiding what looked to be another injured soldier. However, upon closer examination, this was no ordinary man-at-arms, his polished green armor was far too elegant. This man must have been nobility, and from the looks for the crest on his breastplate, he was a member of the Huffen family.

"Brue Huffen has been wounded!"

That much was obvious. It was a wonder the boy, who looked no older than 23, hadn't bled out yet. A single arrow stuck out from his neck, the only exposed spot in his fancy armor.

"Take him to that tent over there!"

One of the senior medics instructed the party where to go and he looked over at Caspia.

"Caspia, do whatever you have to, but save than man, we can't have a Huffen die at this camp!"

The senior medic then rushed off to make sure that all of the current wounded were accounted for, they needed to move bodies quick, and he'd prefer to have them be alive.
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"Caspia, do whatever you have to, but save that man, we can't have a Huffen die at this camp!" The senior medic declared, receiving a curt nod of understanding from Caspia, before he melded back into the controlled chaos of the surgeon’s tent. They were wasted words.

Caspia didn’t care what the name of her charge was – she never had. That he might have politically influential family, that he was rich enough to be so elegantly armoured, or that he might be a prince himself for all she knew... All of this was inconsequential. All men were the same when bleeding on a surgeon’s table. Helpless. Frightened. Caspia refused to lose even a single one, no matter what their name or what flag they fell beside…

… And she never had. Garnering a reputation that had, ironically, made its way across the encampment and drawn increasingly important men. Somehow, whenever a lordling fell in battle, he found his way to Caspia’s table. Funny, that.

They called her ‘Maiden Mercy’ in the camp now. Which was, she supposed, something of an honor.

“Here.” Caspia directed to the men carrying Brue Huffen, indicating her table with an outstretched hand; a hand from which hung a few droplets of water, still tinged with hints of red. “Careful, do not twist his neck when you lay him down. Keep the spine straight.” The healer ordered, instructing Brue’s handlers even as she turned to Matthias and helped him prepare her tools.

Her delicate hands danced through an array of options, fingertips skipping over each in a practiced motion – most of their silvery number were streaked fresh scarlet or dried maroon, a testament to how high the butcher’s bill had been this day. Her fingers finally settled on a small forceps and two delicate steel implements that looked like thin rods. Each piece she handed to Matthias, moving back to her table and the now prostrate Brue Huffen.

Brue’s attendants flocked around them like clucking mother hens. Some wringing hands, others looking on in still solemnity. All useless to protect their charge now. “Please, room, if you will.” Caspia asked in a soft and modest tone, though the immediacy with which she moved suggested she had not been asking at all. She came to the patient's side, face serene, and looked over her work.

The warrior groaned, though his voice came through a pained and suffocating veil. Bubbles of blood crawled up the side of his mouth, bursting to leave behind rosy splotches along his ghost-white dimpled cheeks. His eyes were shut tight – unconscious, and very swiftly losing what was left of his battle with mortality. Caspia leaned over him, gently, and put her ear a few scant inches from his bloodied lips. A few stray auburn hairs dangled loose of her braid to brush his cheek as she listened, one hand bracing herself against his emerald-enameled breastplate. Breath came shallowly, haltingly, each half-choked. She backed away, half-mindedly looking to the armor her hand had laid upon as she mulled over her course of action. Its creator had decorated it with lilting patterns of gold leaf and etched steel, bringing elaborate symbols free from the steel. Here and there, she noted that it was scratched or dented – marring its ornate scenes, but proving that the plate itself had done its job well.

Now if only the boy had worn his gorget. Caspia suspected that might not have looked quite so gallant, however.

The arrow had pierced his neck on his left, entering through the skin and lodging itself beside his throat. That he still lived meant that it had likely not yet pierced his carotid artery or jugular vein. Fortunate. Caspia’s empty hand drifted its way to Brue’s forehead, coming to rest with the careful grace of a wary songbird. Her hand glowed dimly once more, emitting light of subdued sky blue. Thin tendrils spread, vespers of lit fog descending to Brue’s pallid skin. His body stilled, tensed muscles loosening as labored lungs went quiet. Fists tightened in pain released their grip, white-knuckled hands splayed free in bloodied fingers. Motionless. All of Brue Huffen lay still as a statue within his metal shell.

“You’ve…. You’ve killed him!” One of the men behind Caspia declared, his voice as panicked as it was accusatory. There was a shuffling of heavy feet behind her, one the healer made a point of ignoring.

“No, though you might if you keep me from my work.” Caspia returned automatically, voice soft and nearly apologetic in its urgency, accepting both of the probes from Matthias as she leaned back over her charge. She set them lightly against the arrow’s entry point – though not leveraged against the projectile’s shaft itself. Slowly she opened the wound, peering into the bloody gash in order to surmise just how terribly this young man had been wounded... And more importantly, how the point had juxtaposed itself against his vital blood vessels.

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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
Upon closer inspection, Caspia could see that this was no ordinary arrow. It was enchanted, and gruesomely so at that. The arrow bore itself deeper, attempting to cause as much damage as it could while also holding tight. Simply pulling it out would kill the man undoubtedly. Thus arrow was not only intended to kill, but to cause excruciating pain.
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
Caspia's midnight blue eyes widened, full of sudden and terrible understanding. With slow caution she edged her probes back til they withdrew wholly from the wound, letting the cursed gash close tight again around that befouled arrow's shaft. Her back straightened, the surgeon coming to stand straight again as she returned her two silver rods wordlessly to Matthias. Behind her, Caspia could feel the tent's nervous electricity. Anxiousness, apprehension, and hope all mingled together in a single heady brew.

"This arrow has been enchanted," Caspia revealed, voice even despite the gravity of her words "As one tries to pull it free, its magick brings it to burrow deeper into its victim." The healer said, back still to the lordling's entourage. "Surgery cannot remove it. With time, regardless, it will dig its way to his trachea and spine. It is meant to slowly, or quickly, kill him. To draw out the pain of the inevitability." Her tone grew regretful as she went on, morose for the agony of this young man's position.

"So... You cannot... save him?" The outspoken armsman from earlier questioned, the wilting tragedy in his words pulling tight heartstrings all about him. The warrior looked crestfallen, eyes cast defeatedly to the floor.  At any surgeon’s table, this would be true: the boy should be damned. This arrow had been meant for him and him alone. Enchanted with fel magics, and no doubt loosed by someone beside a common soldier. Killing implements like this, she suspected, did not find their marks by accident.

"I did not say that." Caspia returned cryptically. The healer raised her hand, empty, its smooth and uncalloused palm facing Brue Huffen's broken form. A sudden breeze crawled its way from the tent's open flap, tugging gently like a shy child at the hem of her dress. At the tent's entrance its flap of a door suddenly tore loose of its bindings, beating itself against the tent's canvas in rhythm with a rising wind outside.

The surgeon's eyes closed tightly, squeezed shut against the distractions of the world. She stood there, arm hanging to her fore, for several long moments.

Then, as before, waves of blue-grey light emerged to glow dimly as they clung to her skin. Subtle and faint as they twisted and turned like roiling fog. Without direction. She breathed out, easily, chest falling as she exhaled wisps of blue-lit mist. Caspia opened her eyes. They shined, like beacons caught in evening gloom, each radiating with unnatural inner luminescence. Soft brightness from within, backlighting for tumbling swirls of azure fog as they danced inside spheres of pristine glass. No pupils. No irises. Only that gentle glow. She reached forward, fingertips trailing residual light as they moved smoothly toward Brue's neck.

Caspia looked to have stopped breathing, though thin tendrils of blue mist crawled heavenward from the corners of her lips. Her unnatural eyes, free of emotion, fixed themselves on the arrow shaft buried in Brue Huffen's flesh. Her fingers stretched, as if trying to escape her hand. Then they closed, in a grasping motion, with agonizing slowness to grab hold of something both invisible and ephemeral. The arrow stirred, as if disturbed by an unseen force – but, it did not go deeper.

If anything, the blood-saturated edge of the arrow looked wider against Brue's pallor: as if it had been edged out, but only just so. Caspia’s brow furrowed, her eyes of light narrowing in focus as she leaned forward to lay her hand against the nobleman’s chin. The other, she used to steady his head, opening his bloodied  and rasping mouth wide. Then she leaned in, til her head hovered but a few inches above his own… Opening her own lips faintly, to loose a stream of soft light from within herself. It washed from Caspia's lips over Brue’s own, passing into his mouth and throat. Beneath his skin, a glow crawled through the boy's veins: brightest in the torn entry wound of his arrow as if drawn to well there by its own purpose. Though as his wound grew brighter, Caspia’s eyes dimmed: losing some of their luster as the light pouring from her thinned to a trickle. The arrow rose of its own accord, steadily coming free as if ejected by the warrior’s own stubborn body, til the base of its cruelly edged head emerged.

Below, Brue's breath hitched, chest rising with one last exhausted groan of pain. Caspia’s hand moved from his chin to his throat, thin fingers wrapping themselves firmly about the arrow’s shaft. Her fingers bled thin paths of residual dull light, grown weaker for her effort. She tugged, with some effort, pulling what little remained inside the man’s neck free. At the tent’s entrance, the gale howled insistently for one moment longer… then died, the flap it had brought to motion coming hesitantly to a stop.

Brue Huffen’s chest fell again, breath coming with sudden and inexplicable ease. The arrow wound at his neck all but gone, only a thin line of silvered flesh giving witness to his brush with death. Caspia herself took a weakened step back, eyes dun as the remainder of her healing magicks left her. Matthias was quick to spring into action, a wicker chair ready. The surgeon slumped into it tiredly with a murmur of gratitude, running an enfeebled hand through her auburn hair to pull it back from her face.

“That… should do.” Caspia suggested, soft voice hopeful. She smiled tiredly, a gesture returned by her young aide. In front of her, Brue Huffen groaned atop his table. Alive and on the mend.

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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"He's...he's alive! Long live the Prince!"

The men soldiers let out a cheer, happy to see that their leader still draws breath. A few of them thanked Caspia with sincere gratitude. With her original assumption of his being a Prince, this Brue Huffen seemed to be a symbol on the battlefield, instilling his troop with such vigor with his glimmering armor, he surely had some influence in the Huffen family.

Before too long, Brue was completely patched up. He would still need to heal, and a nasty scar would develop, but he would live healthily to see the next battlefield injury. Just then, Brue suddenly gasped for air, coming out of unconsciousness, and attempted to sit up before some of his men calmed him down. He looked around in a daze for a moment trying to understand what was happening. His eyes widened and he suddenly brought his hand to his neck and felt the bandaging on his wound.

"Where.....am I?"
Caspia Medens
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Mon 26 May 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"That's a prince?" Matthias asked, young eyes wide in undisguised wonder.

"Yes, it seems he is." Caspia confirmed, smiling with gentle warmth - pale in reflection to the jubilation in the tent, but somehow more enduringly sincere. She sat her wicker seat contentedly placid, unwashed hands crossed in her lap thoughtless of the blood that might stain her simple grey woolen dress. The storm of light swimming in her eyes had long since died, but now they looked on instead with all their natural brightness: deep azure pools set above a radiant but weary smile.

"That must make him important..." The boy added in a hushed whisper, suddenly very interested in watching his owns hands as they began wringing themselves. His feet shuffled though he stayed in place, turning a nervous eye upward to the unconscious royal.

Caspia accepted the soldiers' gratitude graciously, murmuring soft replies of 'Of course' and 'It was my pleasure' as she smiled contentedly from her chair. That lines of exhaustion seemed etched across her face too, hiding on the edge of that smile, did nothing to dampen her mood. She wore the same satisfied glow that she had after saving the last soldier. No more and no less. That these men celebrated now with such an exuberance was not a case of misplaced outpouring of joy... But a sign of a thousand upon a thousand other missed opportunities. If only they attended so fervently the beds of all their wounded brothers, and cheered so ardently their recoveries from the brink of death.

This Prince's saved life was a blessing, but so were they all.

When the Prince gasped, coming back from unconsciousness with sudden intensity, Caspia came to her feet slowly. Brue's entourage was there before her, hands restraining the struggling warrior as he regained his bearings. His bewilderment melted away slowly, and though the answer to his question must be obvious to him already Caspia answered still.

She stepped forward, through the crowd of armored men. Small and unobtrusive as she swam past their number.

"The Surgeon's Tent, Prince Huffen. You were wounded, worse than most I fear." Her voice came sweetly, like warm honey. Words slow and unhurried - so as to reach him through his pain and confusion. "But, with the Goddess' blessing, I was able to mend you. You will be hale as you ever have been, given a night's rest."

It was a rare pleasure to speak with one of her charges after his treatment. Usually men were shuttled away, replaced before their blood had dried on her worktable. Being a prince had its privileges.

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Thu 29 May 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp

The Prince sat up just a bot after signalling to his soldiers that he was fine.

"You're the one who saved me."

The Prince reached out and grabbed on of Caspia's hands and held it tightly looking up at her.

"I thank you Milady. Without you I surely would have fallen to Death's embrace. I have too much work left to die now."

Anyone nearby could feel the intensity and sincerity with which Brue spoke. A quaint silence fell over the room.

"I hope I'm not interrupting sir."

Just then a gray-skinned elf walked into the tent, he looked like the hunter that walked in with Brue's men. He smiled at Caspia and sent a chill down her spine, something was not right about that man at all. Brue let go of Caspia's hand as he entered.

"But, we really should be going if we are to reach Todmorden in a timely matter. This attack should not go unpunished."
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Thu 29 May 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"I am only happy to have served, my lord." The healer suggested, her voice surprisingly unshaken as the Prince took hold of her. She seemed aloof, but happy, voice warm rather than bubbling as it might have been. Caspia seemed nearly maternal, though she couldn't have been any older than twenty five. "... And to see another man walk from my table, whole and unbroken." Caspia smiled despite her distance, the corners of her lips tugged subtly upward as if of their own mind. Her gaze descended smoothly, settling on her bloodied hand clasped in the Prince's gauntlets. "I am certain you have many great works that yet demand your attentions, Prince Huffen."

As do I, she thought, as she heard a man moan nearby - voice plaintive and pained. Harried surgeon's aides rushed to and fro at her back, their place remembered as the celebration's flow ebbed. Even a prince could not bring the surgeon's tent to a halt. Time here was more precious than any gold.

Then a shadow swept through the tent, skin the morbid grey of ash. Caspia's back went straight, eyes opening slightly in perplexed shock, as if she felt a chill creep in beside her. She could feel it, like ice dripping down her spine. A sense of wrongness that her spirit railed against. Threatening. Dangerous. Slowly, Caspia turned, meeting the newcomer's smile with a somber mien - lips pulled tight, and midnight blue eyes set stolidly like sapphires. The healer felt the Prince release her hands. They fell to her side, a single uncertain tremor travelling up one as her eyes locked with the elf's.

That smile of his. It made her sick to her stomach. Those weren't teeth, they were fangs. Leering and hungry. Even if no one else could see them. He stalked in amongst them, a slavering wolf among wounded lambs. Predatory.

"Perhaps that is not wise, that he leave so soon and unattended by a healer..." Caspia suggested, the warmth her voice had held only a moment before suddenly frozen over. "It was not but a moment ago that the Prince had an arrow in his neck." Voice devoid of bitterness, she spoke with cool logic. An errant hand went to her hair in a nervous gesture - before pausing, as she realized that blood still streaked her fingers and palm.

"You will, I beg, forgive me if I speak my mind - as is a physician's right, where their patient is concerned." Caspia said, then followed with a question. "Sir...?" The intended query obvious: who was this man? This figure that so set her at unease.

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Loo Brovinakan
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Fri 30 May 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
The hansom dark elf's smile stayed in its eery position as he looked back over to Caspia.

"Ah yes, where are my manners."

He did a slight bow and spoke in a soothing voice.

"I am called Loo. I was guiding our Prince here through the forest. I left for one moment to scout ahead and when I returned he was gravely wounded. He surely would have perished without your aid."

He stood back to his original stance.

"I'd shake your hand, but I'd hate to have the blood of a Prince on my hands."

He chuckled a bit at his jest before turning back to the Prince. Meanwhile Brue sat nodded his head and spoke up.

"As much as I agree that I could probably do with more time to heal, we do not have the luxury. Loo is right, we must reach the Capital."

The Prince took a deep breath and stood up off of his cot. He began to wobble a bit, woozy from the blood loss, but he put his hand out stopping a soldier from aiding him. He soon reestablished himself and opened his eyes again, standing up as if nothing was wrong. He was a determined man to say the least.
Caspia Medens
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Sat 31 May 2014
at 00:24
Re: Nydelisien War Camp
Caspia nodded, observant of polite niceties, as Loo gave her his name and purpose. A strange coincidence, his story... Or perhaps more, if the chill that travelled down Caspia's spine did not betray her sensibilities.

"Yes that might be wise," Caspia responded thoughtfully, cool gaze scrutinizing the elf "Sometimes it can be hard to wash off." The healer's voice came on warm and lyrical again, like wind chimes caught in a summer breeze. "Once it's on you, it never comes off as easy as you'd like." As she spoke, Matthias came to her side with a damp rag in one hand. The boy offered it up gingerly, eyes furtive as if afraid he might somehow be caught between the two of them. Caspia accepted it gently, murmuring a quiet 'Thank you' as the boy nodded and took a few steps back - out of sight again, though the child's timid eyes occasionally rose from the floor to stare at the Prince.

Matthias took a few pointedly not purposeful steps, coming to sidle up beside Caspia as she began to wash her hands with the damp cloth. It soaked up everything rather well - and when Caspia set it aside, on her surgeon's table, her hands looked pristine. Without a single stain of scarlet, dry or otherwise.

Caspia placed a reassuring hand on Matthias' shoulder, from where he stood at her side: sheltered and nervous both. The boy's tension eased, nervousness inexplicably relaxing at her touch.

"Well then," Caspia began considerately as the Prince stubbornly rose "If you insist, then so must I, my lord." The woman smiled compassionately, eyes empathetic as they regarded the ascendant royal. "If you will not stay with the healer, then the healer must stay with you. That was no ordinary arrow that nearly took your life, Prince Huffen. I should like to make certain that you are entirely fine. Should complications arise, I would be there." She suggested, meek but stubborn still.

"That is, if you do not mind the company?" She added, tone nearly apologetic.
Brue Huffen
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Sun 1 Jun 2014
at 01:33
Re: Nydelisien War Camp

Before Loo could speak his thought on the matter, The Prince spoke up.

"A splendid idea! Having a healer in the group would definitely ease the worries of my men, and admittedly myself. Maybe you could show them a thing or two about field medicine."

He chuckled a bit at his stab at his soldiers. Loo's face lost his smile to something that looked like concern, but it was hard to tell exactly whom he was concerned for.

"But milady, surely you will be missed here at the war camp, after all you seem to be one of the most qualified people among these tents."

Brue nodded and rubbed his chin,

"Loo does have a point, are you sure you can accompany us miss? I'd hate to take you away from here if only to guarantee my safety."
Caspia Medens
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Mon 2 Jun 2014
at 04:03
Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"They will manage." Caspia promised, her smile reassuringly kindly. "They certainly did before I arrived. The healers here, my lord, are some of the finest I have seen throughout the warfront." Her praise came without hesitation, its sincerity obvious. Matthias looked up to her from below, unapologetic confusion playing on the boy's youthful features. "... And I am not so irreplaceable, though you do me a kindness by suggesting so, your Highness."

"I will need but a moment, if you can spare it." Caspia suggested. "I have little to bring with me." Her hands, spotless now, hung clasped in front of her waist. Her auburn hair reached just as low: tied in a tight bun, well and away from her face - though a few rogue red hairs poked here and there from her bangs.

Behind her, Matthias had scuttled from beneath her wings, going about the process of wrapping up her surgical equipment with uncharacteristic lethargy. As if wading through sludge. He folded over a leather sheet, pocked with slots filled by obsessively clean tools, before slipping it into a worn leather satchel. Then, the boy shuffled to Caspia's side.

The woman wasted no time in coming to a knee, accepting her prepared tools gratefully. When she spoke, it came softly: as if Matthias were a fawn she was worried she might startle.

"Of course, I will need my assistant, if he can bear the thought of the trip." Caspia intimated with a quiet whisper, caring and welcoming all the same. Matthias' face went from crestfallen to radiant in the span of a heartbeat, smile split wide - a few teeth absent from the bunch, here and there.
Brue Huffen
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Tue 3 Jun 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
Brue smiled and nodded his head,

"Then it's settled! Men, your new healer and her assistant, at least for a time, stands in front of you. Treat her as you would treat any other in our unit."

The men smiled and a few murmurs of agreement sounded from the group, save for the a more thoughtful face replacing Loo's normally happy demeanor. The Prince noticed his things on a table nearby and quickly put on his sword and a his pouch belt. Satisfied with his equipment He looked to the exit of the tent.

"Take whatever time you need Lady Caspia, I'm going to reform my ranks nearby. Come to us when you are ready, and again, thank you for lending us your time and services."

He put his fist in his opposite hand and nodded to Caspia before leading is men out of the tent. Loo looked at her and smiled.

"Welcome to the team."
Caspia Medens
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Sun 29 Jun 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
Caspia bowed her head respectfully from where she knelt, a few stubborn auburn hairs going stray of her tied off braid to cross her brow as she did. The woman's smile no less warm for the Prince and his own than it had been for Matthias. "Thank you," she intimated, her voice velvet soft compared to Brue's commanding tone "I will do all I can to reward your trust." Caspia promised, one hand and arm wrapped about the leather-bound equipment Matthias had secured for her. Her indigo eyes trailed after the nobleman as he departed, following in his wake til they passed over Loo. Where they stopped, coming to rest on the dark elf's considerate smile.

"Thank you," Caspia returned, voice placidly kind, taking a step closer to the door that brought her beside the elf. "You're too kind." Then she moved past him, briskly, towards the flap of the medical tent - before disappearing outside into the daylight.

She stepped out lightly, Matthias placing a hand over his hands to stifle the blinding sunlight as he followed in her wake. Caspia headed for her own personal tent without delay, gathering up what few things she needed for the road. An extra set of clothing, a bedroll, a poultice here and a candle for reading by starlight there. It didn't take long - Caspia had brought only what she needed to heal when she came to the camp. So too now.

Soon enough she was standing beside the Nydelisien Prince's formation - not part of it, but on its periphery. A backpack of canvas and strapped leather on her back. Matthias himself carried a small woolen sack in one hand a heavily whittled walking stick in the other. Though the boy was much younger, and smaller, than those assembled soldiers he did his best to look the part... Taking their lead, and puffing out his chest while he stood as straight as his young back would allow.

Which, of course, elicited a slight and knowing smile from his keeper. "We are ready for review, Prince Huffen." She laughed, nodding too as she did to indicate that they were well and truly ready to depart.
Brue Huffen
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Tue 1 Jul 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp

Brue turned away from a conversation with Loo as Caspia and Matthias arrived near their formation. He still had the bandage on his neck, but he looked to be pulling is strength together to look good for his men's moral.

"Ah splendid, I was just about to announce our course of action Milady."

The Prince turned towards his men who were chatting amongst themselves before quieting down to hear what their leader had to say.

"Alright men. We are heading back to the capital to spread word of this attack, and others here on the front line. We will also be getting some much needed rest. Loo here will guide us through the forest as the roads will undoubtedly be teeming with bandits looking for easy prey, wounded by the war. Expect to spend one night with the rocks and logs as we don't have much daylight left. Once we get closer to the Bulwark we will pick up the pace with little fear of danger. Lady Caspia will tend to any wounds you may pick up along they way, but don't go bothering her for every scrape or bruise, if you wipe with Itching leaf, that's on you."

The soldiers let out a soft chuckle, they seemed to be teasing one soldier in particular.

"Alright, if that is all, then we move forward, for glory, for Nydelisien!"

"For Nydelisien!"

The Prince motioned for Loo to take the lead. The elf nodded and began to walk towards the tree line.

"Please, follow me and listen to my words as we move through the forest. I know many of you have been through here before, but there are always new dangers lurking in the shadows. With any luck, we wont run into any."

He locked eyes with Caspia once more before turning to the treeline again.

"For glory, and Nydelisien."

>>To Nydelisien Forest<<
Caspia Medens
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Tue 8 Jul 2014
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Re: Nydelisien War Camp
"For glory, and Nydelisien." Caspia echoed, her voice thin and quiet as a ghost of a whisper.

Caspia watched the dark elf take the lead, disappearing into the tree line at the head of Prince Brue's column. To others, she would look thoughtful. Dark blue eyes considerate as the procession began its long march through the woods. That they followed Loo's footsteps, long after he had disappeared into the shadows ahead, meant nothing. Matthias had long ago left her side - disappearing into the formation of soldiers, finding a young man among Brue's company to attach himself to. The boy had seen soldiers before, that was certain... But not like this.

He had seen men tired and broken - soldiers sipping down thin gruel and molded bread, fresh returned from the lines. Men wrapped in bandages that walked with bowed heads behind dipped banners. The sort of broken men that stirred the soul to compassion and pity. This entourage of Brue's was something else: soldiers armored and arrayed for war, set out with a purpose beneath a man in whom they believed. Adventuresome glory-seeking heroes, whom knew that home and hearth was but a short march and a few nights' rest away. They were going home, and gods above pity any who stood in their path. It was a seductive energy, a rhythmic beat of drums so unlike the staccato confusion of the war camp. It was, perhaps, only natural for a boy to be swept up by it.

These soldiers were all boys too, after all, and they had been swept up as well.

Caspia smiled, though it came through shallowly - kind, but laced with undeniable concern. Her gaze was drawn continually to their fore, a furrow of worrisome bated anticipation in her brow. She looked to their guide, and the path ahead, as if tracing dark clouds and storm-heaved skies ahead that only she could see.

Soon enough though, as the column passed, Caspia stepped in with the others. She made her way to the center of the column, near Prince Huffen himself. Caspia stepped lightly in at her side, unassuming, smiling meekly in his direction when noticed. "I do have a balm for Itching Leaf," she suggested with a gentle laugh "Though it smells rather bad, I must be entirely honest. Best to avoid the leaf entirely, your Highness."