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Sun 18 May 2014
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Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
A shop located just outside of the market area in Todmorden. It specializes in rare items and jewels.
Renorlem Ishmael Bishop
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Mon 19 May 2014
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Re: Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
Renorlem stood in the middle of his shop, a broom in his hands and his trademark smile seemingly permanently affixed.
It was a bit of a bad year.
But that was just more time to prepare for the rebound, wasn't it?
Especially with that new weapon license, now he could give the blacksmith a run for his money as long as he asked way too many questions and filled out the proper paperwork.
And there was the matter of that new poi- potpourri he was selling. While an experienced assassin might regard it was "poison"...
"Different things to different people!"
That was the motto of the store, and Reno idly repeated it to himself as he wiped down the counters. The blades were polished, the jewelry was all properly displayed and shined, the safe was locked, the mace was underneath the counter, and his masks...
Reno's gaze fell to the back of the store, the reinforced glass and heavy, enchanted cold-iron lock of the display case...
His MASK was secure, and that's all that was important, wasn't it?
He'd have the complete set someday, but for now all there was to do was sit and wait. Somebody would surely bring in some clues. Or maybe just another interesting item. Maybe his minotaur friend would stop in and drop off a sack of bandit weapons and armor...
But surely he'd be hungry wouldn't he?
Reno mused over the idea of baking cupcakes. Maybe an order to the local bakery was in order. Would cupcakes REALLY bring in customers?
No. It'd bring in fat, disgusting slobs who would get their disgusting fingerprints on his display cases. Who did these people think they were? Walking into HIS shop and touching HIS merchandise. He'd have to teach them a lesson in etiquette! A bloody lesson that they won't fo-
The smile faded momentarily, as Renorlem found himself clutching his dagger. Ever so delicately he loosened his grip.
Reno coughed, closing his eyes as he let out a deep breath, adjusting his collar and vest.
Slowly the smile appeared gain, as Renorlem walked to the entrance, taking out a monogrammed handkerchief and wiping a few drops of sweat from his brow.
He fumbled a moment with the lock, turning the sign from closed to open.
"Different things to different people!"

Shop Inventory As Follows

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Signet ring in 10 carat gold with a lion motif. The initials are scratched out.

A silver plated lighter.

A small silver-inlaid pipe, when purchased comes with a free pouch of smokeable herbs (Also for sale seperately).

A very detailed platinum pendant with almost impossibly tiny swirls carved in the center that extend from the center to the very edge. Possibly made by a fairy or pixie.

A dagger made of a strange green metal. Can be used to damage non-corporal beings, ie. ghosts (Supposedly).

A tiny gold tiara with a detailed centaur motif.

3 Uncut Silver Pearls.

A bottle of pre-war wine. Very expensive.

A copper flute with simple engravings.

A Holy Symbol of a Sun God made from animal bones and feathers, obviously primitive.

Several lutes of varying quality and signs of use.

13 Other Rings of varying material and gems ranging from pure gold with diamond inlays to iron bands with no markings.

1 very large cut diamond, about 3" by 3" by 3".

Various weapons hanging on a rack behind the counter. Everything from longswords to bows and spears. Special Weapons Include...
*A wooden harpoon with a thin steel point, used for whaling. The handle is etched with drawings of a men fighting whales.

A complete set of naval medals from a far-away or long forgotten nation including rank patches.

An ornate belt buckle made out of some sort of bone material.

A very well illustrated children's book about the different kinds of elementals that inhabit the world.

A very elaborate wooden case filled with expensive and very theatrical stage makeup and a few wigs.

A very hardy looking leather cloak, concealing about 40 pockets of varying size. Said to be magical, somehow.

A large copper pot containing various items of silverware that was probably stolen from a noble's house.

A very strange grinning mask inlaid with mismatched but very expensive gems and stones kept by itself in a locked case in the back of the shop. Next to it are three wooden faces, presumably to keep other masks in the same collection.

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Arture Davoi
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Mon 19 May 2014
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Re: Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
<<<From Todmordern Docks>>>

  The crowds had begun to thin as Arture passed through the bustling market.
He had noticed several more of the posters that had originally drawn his attention back at the docks. He deftly snatched one from a street lamp where it dangled by a single nail and crammed it into a pocket within his tunic. The sun was passing slowly overhead and soon it would be evening; he hoped that the shop was still open.

    Arture rounded a sharp street corner and saw up ahead the newly established storefront, there was light coming from inside. A sign at the front read, "Different things to different people!" this quirky line drew an indistinguishable smile from Arture as he squared his shoulders and strode forward.
Approaching the door with tentative caution, Arture opened it and slinked into the shop. Looking about the room, his eyes fell upon a tall figure, the proprietor he assumed. Arture assessed the stranger, he was a powerfully built man a few inches taller than himself. Deep black hair was pulled back and Arture noted that it seemed the man was hiding something. Regardless, the large figure almost seemed out of place keeping shop. "G'day to you sir, I am curious to see your inventory... perhaps something might be of interest to me... or perhaps you are the most interesting part of your store?" Arture spoke directly to the stranger in as friendly a voice as he could conjure.

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Mon 19 May 2014
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Re: Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
Leo stumbles into the shop after finding interest in the name.

"Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe, huh?" he thought to himself as he slowly walked through the front door. "Maybe they will have some runes or something I can use to strengthen my sword and or shovel."

He notices the two men already inside and suspected one of them to be the shop keep, however, Leo was a friendly man, so he decided to greet both of them with a smile.

"Hello good men. How do you fair? And shop keep, what wares do you hold? Anything of the enhancing variety?"
Arture Davoi
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Tue 20 May 2014
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Re: Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
    Arture had just entered the shop when the door swung open behind him. He spun about instinctively and was greeted by a dark skinned man who spoke with a smile.
"Well met stranger" Arture responded, his eyes scanned over the man taking note of the sword and shovel strapped to his back. You don't see that everyday he thought to himself.

    Since his arrival in Todmorden, he had seen many people and yet these two reminded him of none of the other inhabitants of this strange city.
Arture considered questioning the newcomer about the shovel but decided it would be ill advised. He gently caressed the handle of a small blade at his hip and decided that each was entitled to their own keepsakes... and secrets.

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Renorlem Ishmael Bishop
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Tue 20 May 2014
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Re: Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
Reno jumped up from a daze, his dazzling smile already shining in the light of the shop.
"Hello! Welcome to my humble shop, gentlemen. Renorlem Bishop at your service."
He slowly walked from behind the counter, hands clasped together.
Was the man with the bone knife hitting on him?
Reno raised an eyebrow; a quirk he picked up from his younger days. It was one of his few tells he hadn't managed to completely eliminate.
He was no stranger to advances, especially of the unwanted kind, but this was a little strange regardless.
"Ah yes, you two seem like adventurers... Perhaps mercenaries of some kind? Don't worry, I won't ask too many questions. I just like a good guessing game. Ha ha ha!" he said calmly, genuinely, almost too calmly.
"Enhancing you said? Well, that'll be hard with such a fine pair of armaments, friend! But let's have a look shall we?"
Renorlem gestured out, holding his arms aloft, turning to Arture.
"I'm sure I have something much more interesting than me, friend! Have a look... Perhaps a fine belt buckle to match that awe-inspiring blade of yours? Or a nice ring for a lover in a different town? Ha ha ha!"
Again, another flourish and a turn to Leo.
"Hm... For you... Ah! Try on this cloak. It seems to be just in your size!"
Reno was practicing his multitasking. It was a gift in a business like this. Keeping multiple people distracted and happy.
Arture Davoi
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Tue 20 May 2014
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Re: Bishop's Mystical Gem and Pawn Shoppe
    Arture noted the man's raised eyebrow and stammered something unintelligible...
Reno was a friendly man with a broad smile, it seemed that he was taken by surprise by the entrance of the two men. Glancing down at his simple leather belt, Arture responded, "Perhaps Bishop, may I see this belt buckle you speak of?" Unsure of what he had expected to find in the first place, Arture was willing to play along with the shopkeepers ruse. He glanced about the shop and the various oddities assembled on the shelves. Possessions were never important to Arture; after the shipwreck he had bought nothing other then the occasional pint of booze. Years of traveling light, and alone, had molded him into a simple man with few desires.

    The base of his Kukri bit into the soft flesh of Arture's palm and reminded him of days darker than this one, and of promises made. He started suddenly, realizing he was gripping the handle of his knife so tightly that his knuckles had begun to turn as white as the intricate bone carved base.