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Sun 11 May 2014
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Nydelisienian Forest
To the west of the border lies the Nydelisienian Forest, and unlike its counter part, time has turned this area into a much more tropical one. The air can get more humid than one would expect, and exotic plants and animals are known to be seen in the area.
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Mon 19 May 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest

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Brue Huffen
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Fri 11 Jul 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
The soldiers smiled and chatted with Mathis as he stepped in line next to them, they seemed to enjoy his company as much as he enjoyed theirs. The brush was beginning to thicken as Loo lead them off the beaten path. It wasn't bad enough to stop their advance, not by far, but it was getting just thick enough to be annoying.

Brue laughed at Caspia's jest.

"I'm sure that after the last incident, none of my men have dared to forget how to identify the nasty little bush."

The atmosphere was beginning to change as they got further away from the camp. The forest began to look and feel a bit more, peaceful. When not near the border, the roads, or Todmorden, the forest became like it should be.

"So tell me milady, how did an angel like yourself end up in a dark place such as that camp?"

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Caspia Medens
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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Caspia seemed to perk up at the word, 'angel'. Her midnight blue eyes went just a bit wider and her pace picked up a hair, quiet footsteps falling quickly beside Brue's own longer stride. When she answered, Caspia didn't look directly at Prince Huffen - her downcast eyes instead assumedly tracking the trail ahead, watching for errant roots and anything else that might trip her... And if her cheeks were warmer and rosier than they had been before? Well, who could blame her? Brue was a prince, after all. "I came from Tilea your Highness, once word had reached me there that hostilities had been declared." Caspia explained, voice smoothly placid. "I have always been a healer, by choice and by nature... Fortunate enough to, to possess the freedom to travel: so I came here looking to help. I chose the place I thought people were suffering the most. Where I could do the most good."

She sighed, a clear note of sorrow breathed out with it. "... And thus, the camp. I think you would be hard pressed, your Highness, to find a place where more men suffered. Or where their sufferings were so grievous. So many young men, ground down. Such a waste."

"I only hope that my time there eased some of the pain wrought by this war." Caspia suggested humbly. A hand raised to run its course through her auburn hair, pulling a few errant strands back behind her ear. "Though a small part, it was mine, and I hope I did not fail in it."

"... But what of you, Prince Huffen?" Caspia inquired cheerily, smiling despite her previously somber tone. "What brought you here to the front lines?" She asked, quickly holding up a hand disarmingly - palm facing toward the Prince. "... If you can say, that is. I am certain there are things a soldier is not allowed to share."
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Tue 22 Jul 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Brue smiled at the fact that there was someone here to simply do good in the world, no selfish desires behind it that he could tell. That was a very rare thing nowadays.

Ah, Tilea, I've heard the landscape is beautiful there, far better than what we've been given here in the Gullet."

He waved his hand at Caspia's caution.

"Please, its fine. No harm in sharing details with a fellow member of my group, even if it is only temporary. Me and my men were gathering information on Zedia's forces, seeing how much we could get without going to deep past the border. We interrupted a few of their operations, warding off a stray scouting parry or two, and they must have figured out that I was the prince, because before long..."

The Prince brought his hand up to his neck, rubbing the bandages a bit with a more serious demeanor on.

"Well, lets just say I'm glad that you were at the camp, else someone be delivering even worse news to my family."
Caspia Medens
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Wed 23 Jul 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
"It is a beautiful country," Caspia responded reverently, her smile warm with nostalgia "The valleys, grass thick and green with stream water come down from the mountains. Pines, like sentinels, ringing the box canyons ever-vigilant. Ah, and then there is the coastline of course, white-foam capped waves roiling above the deep - crashing against the stoney beach." The healer sighed whimsically, eyes closing for a brief moment as she recalled it all - a bold maneuver, given that they were still marching. Luckily, the trail held no errant roots or troublesome snags for her.

"Ilena took a special interest in that land, I think. Else it could not hold so much beauty." Caspia suggested with a smile.

Then came the description of the Prince's operations. Caspia nodded in time, midnight-blue eyes straying to the trail ahead to check her footing as she walked. When he spoke of his injuries, and how fortunate it was that she had been there, Caspia waved his praise off half-heartedly. "... Any healer could have done what I did, your Highness. That I was there meant only that I had the good fortune to meet you. Your spirit carried you through the ordeal, I merely gave it the opportunity."

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Loo Brovinakan
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Tue 12 Aug 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Before The Prince could continue the conversation, A signal from Loo stopped the group as the entered a small clearing under the trees. The elf looked to the horizon ahead of them.

Night is already upon us it would seem, we should make camp here while we have such a comfortable spot."

The soldiers began to drop their packs and layout bedrolls, a few sighs of relief could be heard, this was likely the only rest these soldiers had received all day.

"Well, it seems that we're stopping for now miss, I should help my men set up. Maybe we can continue talking once the fire is set up and the stars reclaim the sky for the night."

The Prince smiled and then moved over to the center of the clearing, making sure that everything was in order.
Caspia Medens
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Sun 17 Aug 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
"Of course, that sounds lovely." Caspia agreed, going to the task of setting her bedroll for the night. Matthias looked to be sleeping elsewhere, near the soldiers he was currently haranguing, so Caspia looked to be alone for the moment. All the soldiers too kept a respectful distance, which was proper. Being the only woman about though, it did make for something of a lonely situation.

Though that was fine, and even when the campfire was lit she made no attempt to join them. Not immediately anyway.

Her own place set up for the night, Caspia took to gazing at the stars. In particular, the moon, which seemed to hold some odd fascination to her. She stared longingly into it, its soft glow reflected with silvery brilliance on her fair features. She sat still for sometime, just watching it, legs bent at the knees below and to her side. One hand clasped at her ankle where it protruded from her dress.
Loo Brovinakan
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Sun 24 Aug 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Caspia's comfortable view was interrupted by a chill climbing up her back.

"A disgusting sight that is."

Loo stood near her secluded spot, leading on a tree behind her, a few rays of moonlight slipping through the trees landing delicately on his form.

"Why taint such a beautiful creature with such a horrifying light?"
Caspia Medens
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Tue 26 Aug 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Caspia smiled ruefully, her delicate lips poised somewhere between sorrow and happiness. If one thought that in the moon's soft glow she wore the mien of a ghost, one might be forgiven. "You are foolhardy, brother," Caspia suggested, voice bitter as it was pleasant "I knew you from the moment I laid eyes on you." The healer continued, running a hand over her forehead and through her moonlit auburn hair - her eyes closed as it passed over, and did not open again for a long moment. Though, when they did, they'd changed: they swam with swirling vortices of gently luminescent eddies and currents of fog. Irises and pupils both were gone, replaced with transparent swirling misted winds. The two orbs seemed to look to Loo, face turning though her inhuman eyes were unreadable as the distant pinpricked stars above.

When she spoke, she spoke with a hundred and one voices: some old, and some young. Some gentle and some rough-hewn... And though they filled the hollow Loo and her occupied, they failed to reach beyond to the encamped men beyond. "What is your purpose for the boy? Why do you seek his death, Son of Lunos? Why does the Corruptor turn his eye on this child?" This Caspia who was not Caspia inquired, starlight leaking from her lips and drifting upward as it thinned to nothingness. Bright featureless orbs of eyes shining as they pierced through to Loo. Accusatory, suspicious, and powerful.

Caspia did not move. Did not physically threaten. Her words carried the weight of ages though, and... something more.
Loo Brovinakan
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Mon 1 Sep 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Loo stood still, unfazed by Caspia's show of strength. He brushed his hair behind one of his long ears and spoke with his straight face.

"Must you people always show off your holy might and thirst for purity and justice? You are more ignorant than your Goddess."

Loo looked over at the Prince as he rested with his men at the campfire, patting someone on the back and pointing his finger, describing some adventure to bolster spirits.

"You're blinded by your own light. Why would my lord wish death upon such an amazing leader? If anything, that arrow was a gift."

A round of laughter emerged from the campfire as another soldier took his turn to share a tall tale.

"Thanks to you, he's stronger than ever. More determined to spread the news and lead his people to Zedia's ruin. Perhaps, sister, you should see this 'corruption' as enlightenment."

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Caspia Medens
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Thu 4 Sep 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
"Yes, we must." Caspia's voice intoned without humor, growing quieter and returning in part to its previous self. A thin echo still followed it though, like a whisper, as if a hundred hushed voices were repeating her every word. "To do otherwise is to lie. Something we, unlike our lost siblings, cannot embrace."

Loo's words seemed to give her pause, her features remained unchanged though: as if carved into marble, locked timelessly in place. Her eyes glowed still, wisps of pure white light dancing beneath the glassy exterior of her eyes. "He will not. His path will change, and with it, this war's." Caspia promised, head tilting to its side as she continued to observe Loo - voice cool, as chilled and emotionless as the distant moon's light.

"He is not yours, and he will never be." The words came: free of hate, free of passion.

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Loo Brovinakan
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Mon 8 Sep 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
Loo shook his head,

"He will never be yours either sister, and that's what makes him so desirable."

The laughter began to die down at the campfire, it seemed that the stories were dying down, and a more serious town was coming up, someone must have brought up the war unintentionally. The men looked over to their leader, the fire placing a light on his face at a perfect angle. Passion, determination, patriotism, all gleamed in his eyes as he spoke to his men, his soldiers, assuring them that things would get better, and that their fallen would be avenged.

"He is unobtainable. His faith in the gods dried up long ago, and all that remains is faith in his own might, Brue Huffen is carving his own path and destiny."

Loo left his spot at the tree and walked next to Caspia, looking still at the campfire as he spoke,

"I wonder which one of us he would let guide him on this journey?"

The Elf's eyes flashed a deep blue glow before being blinked away. He smiled and then began to walk towards his small tent at the other end of the campsite.
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Sun 21 Sep 2014
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Re: Nydelisienian Forest
As the sun began to rise, the soldiers were already stirring. The clanking of armor rang out in the quite forest as they began to roll up their bed rolls, pack up the equipment, and put out the fire. A light fog had rolled into the Nydelisienian Forest, giving it a quite beautiful and mystical look. For a moment, it almost felt as if this was nothing more than a camping trip among friends, and not a hike caused by a mission of war. Caspia could see that The Prince was awake. He was leading on a tree looking out into the forest while speaking with Loo, planning out what path to get to the Bulwark no doubt.