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The Iron District
The Iron District is the middle ring of Forthu, it is home to most of the markets of the city.
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Re: The Iron District
They had arrived earlier in the morning, but it was well past midday by the time Pol and her fellows crossed the threshold of the Company headquarters. Spring was a mixed blessing in these parts, due to the mild weather easing transit through the pass. Though even in the best of times, it was an arduous trek. More troublesome this particular day, was the customs checkpoint from Boulder Pass into Forthu. Their paperwork was in proper order, but that had counted for little when a caravan clogged the entry gate. Word eventually filtered back along the line of irate carts that one merchant had possibly been smuggling in a rare vintage of Nydelisien wine.

Pol couldn't vouch for the truth of said rumor, but it would have explained the soldiers searching through the caravan. Still, they had not been forced to wait overlong, an hour or more, judging from the distant peal of bells past the gated wall of the Iron District. Now, she wanted little more than to find her bed and pass out, let the dust and grime from the road be damned. But, there was more work to take care of before she could relax. Disheartening as it was, she had a report to file, and a letter to write.

One of the men, Sir Julen, had taken an arrow to the neck on the return journey. With the more valuable goods having been delivered, they had been less concerned with the threat of mountain bandits. That laxity had killed a seasoned veteran of the Company, proving years of experience meant little to an indifferent piece of sharpened metal.

Now, Pol needed to make arrangements for Julen's body, and inform her father of what had happened. Death was part and parcel of their job, but that didn't mean it ever became easier to deal with on a personal level. Julen had been a good man, and the Company was going to be the poorer for his loss. It was of minor consolation that the mercenary had been a widower, and only a son, long ago come of age, to mourn Julen's passing. Still, he was near the same as family to Pol and the rest of the Company. There would be more than a few mugs raised in the grizzled veteran's honor over the coming days.

Brushing aside a few stray sweat stained locks, Pol tugged off her gloves as she entered the main hall, having dismissed the men to their leave, aside from Karl, who was tending to the cart, and Julen's body. The dimly lit interior of the hall was a stark contrast to the sun beating down overhead, and she paused in her stride to adjust to the shadowed entryway. The hall itself was nearly empty, though she spotted Leowen and Kerrick through the doorway leading to the mess.

There was no mistaking Kerrick's bulk, no matter the poor lighting, and where that expanse was found, Leowen was sure to be as well. Of course to call them friends would be something of a misdeed, as the two were more prone to fighting over some small slight, though on a good day, they might agree to disagree. Hearing of Julen was likely to be one of the few things that didn't spark an argument, though Pol wouldn't take a bet on that.

First though, she needed to speak with her father, and likely Fren as well, for the arrangements. Her brother was always better at that sort of thing, but this was more her responsibility, and it didn't feel right to try and shove off the more difficult parts on him. No, she would take care of this, as much as possible at any rate.
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Re: The Iron District
As Pol walked into her family's place of business, she could notice that there was an impressive looking letter sitting right in the middle of her desk. It seemed to be bearing the seal of the Berweni family, one of the Grey Court families. Given her family's past with the Grey Court, this was not a common occurrence.
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Re: The Iron District
Sahara waited at the agreed meeting point in the Iron District. Her guild assigned her and her partner on a joint escort mission of some kind through Boulder Pass. She sighed impatiently; she was used to assignments with little to no previous knowledge but this current one really just stated "Escort caravan through Boulder Pass, evidence of a large beast making its home in the area, use extreme caution." "I hate being left in the dark." she growled as she waited for the caravan, scanning the crowd to make sure her partner didn't wander too far. "Zayden, don't get lost now! We got a mission to do!" she called out to the cloaked figure with the tanned hat, a person one doesn't easily lose in a crowd.