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Sun 11 May 2014
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My thoughts are for 10th level characters, mostly because I think if we go much higher there'd be an impossible or impractical level progression. I could see gaming for two years before characters gained enough experience points to gain a new level.

I've never been a fan of gestalt characters, but I'm not as averse to them in an on-line pbp game.

Sources of companions for Radagast would most likely come from:

- the Dwarves of Iron Hill, of Durin's line

- the Sylvan Elves of Mirkwood who are under the rule of Thranduil

- the Men of Mirkwood
       - either of the Northmen in the far northeastern eaves of the forest, beyond
         Thranduilís kingdom,
       - or of the Woodmen of central Mirkwood.

- the Silvan Elves of Lorien, possibly as they are not far off

- Possibly even a Fallowhide Hobbit who was on an expedition seeking a new place to
   settle his clan (Tooks or Brandybucks) if the GM allows it.

- Beorn the skin-changer is from that region.

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Mon 12 May 2014
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Here is a set of House-rules for Gestalt that I have used in another game in order to be able to assist both sides as you level up.


roll 21 4d6 and drop the lowest die. You will then pick the best 6 rolls of the 21 rolled for your Ability Scores.


Create with a 40 point buy

*Double standard (1, 3, 6, 9, etc) feats. Bonus feats are not doubled.

*Whenever you gain an ability score boost (4, 8, etc) two (instead of one) abilities go up by 1.

*Two extra skill points per level. Eight bonus for first level.

*Starting gold is: 62,000

* Prestege classes MAY be taken simultaneously. But each side must meet prerequisites independently pertaining to class derived requirements. Meaning if you take Monk on side A, and Fighter on Side B. Your Drunken master MUST be on the Monk side, since you need flurry of blows and evasion. No class crunching! You can't take the same class or PrC on two sides to maximize your class choices. I'm already being generous.

*MAX HP at all levels.

*Fractional BAB (Base Attack Bonus) and Saves.

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Azurak the Blue
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Mon 12 May 2014
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Re: Discussion Area
Wow. That's a bit much.


The dice rolls... kind of reminds me of the old Unearthed Arcana rule... where you rolled 9d6 for your primary attribute. One friend claimed 'How can you not role an 18!' My reply was: 'It's easy when people are watching.'

Online, I prefer assigned values.

Maybe 18, 17, 16, 14, 12, 11, assigned how you want. If you put both ability increases into one ability, you can increase it to 20.


I wouldn't go with double standard feats, if I want to give that many, but just one feat every level. Works out to be the same thing, just less complicated.


No real objection to the extra skill points, other than I don't see the point. I'd probably increase max ranks to level +1 at 5th level and +2 at 10th level. And maybe at 7th level, gain one cross-class skill as a class skill.


Sounds about right.


Yeah, online I go with max HP, too. Just remember that the monsters also get that!


That's a given.


I have no idea how you'd get a fractional BAB...