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Azurak the Blue
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Sun 6 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
The miasma of the Brown Lands is only a mile behind you, but the feeling is already fading.

You've been moving now for 24 hours, and the rolling plains of Rhovanion stretch before you, verdant and restful.
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Sat 12 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
"Well this sure beats the Brown Lands" Tilaleria said. "Did you people find any clues or anything while you crossed. All we found was a barrow with some magical traps, but it wasn't the same time period as the Wive's crossing or anything, and " she laughed "it was a barrow. Not seeing the Ent Wives living with the undead"

"Other than that it was just endless unpleasantness"
she looked again at the greenness and decided that this good. "How about if we go a few miles and break for a camp" She knew that humans needed sleep and that the journey had probably been grueling for a lot of them
Arithal Kodiak
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
"Signs of the Entwives have long since passed from the ken of mortals," Arithal responded to Tilaleria.

"We found a petrified tree, but it wasn't an Entwife. And we saw the bones of a giant beast, but we did not investigate them."

As he talked, a smile turned up the corners of his mouth, for Otorno was acting most strange... gamboling about in the grass, rolling around on his back. He was clearly happy to be free of the Brown Lands.
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
Elmohtar is glad to be out of the Broan Lands. He lets Tilaleria recount their adventures to the others, and looks for a place to camp. Once they are well away from the Brown Lands, he points a likely spot to his master.

"Lets camp here."
Radagast the Brown
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
"Excellent suggestion!" Radagast exclaimed at Tilaleria's words.

"Anira, can you set up your cottage again? A night's rest would not only do us good, but should shake off whatever remaining traces of the miasma there might be."

"I must confess... I am used to traveling alone, going where the winds send me. If any of you have a suggestion on what we should do next or where we should go from here, it would be appreciated."

"I was just planning on heading due east. The amulet does not give precise directions... the distance is too great and our maps and knowledge of the Distant East too limited for triangulation to work... yet."

"Do you think we should head for the Red Mountains? Might the Sea of Rhun have been part of the path the Entwives took?"

"We must also be on the watch for the Dark Riders. I do not know how many of them there may be now, but they were allied with the Dark Lord."

When Elmohtar spotted a suitable campsite, Radagast said:

"Well done, Elmohtar! This open land is not my normal habitat. Any place looks as good as the next to me!"

"Saxon, do you wish to keep your wagon set up outside the cottage?"

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Sun 13 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
If we travel a day north or south and the reading is still east then we know it doesn't matter where we go as long as it is east. If we zig zag slightly towards it then at some point the amulet will stop saying east and at that point it is probably worth worrying about the destination as we will be able to compare the reading at dawn and dusk" Tilaleria suggested

"Until we get that difference my suggestion would be to pick the route that offers the least chance of encountering foes or distractions. Since the Ent-wives are a long way away, I thińk the chance of learning something that we couldn't learn when we are closer to them is almost negligible, especially given the huge amount of time since they have paseed"

"Given we have the amulet I'm not sure we need worry about the route the Ent-wives took, unless an impassible barrier appears in front of us. In which case of course we can probably just fly over it"

"Perhaps you could tell us what you know of the Red mountains and the Sea of Thun"
she suggested "I like hearing of places I haven't been to, and anyway we can speculąte"
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Mon 14 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
As an impromptu halt is called, Jak quietly stretched his legs as he listened to the discussion, eventually breaking in himself.

"Speaking of the amulet, I would very much like to hear the story of how you came into the possession of it told. Perhaps later, over supper?"
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Tue 15 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
Like Otorno, Melda had sprung to life again once they were out of the Brownlands.  She’d leaped off Anira and glided a ways then gamboled about in the grass.  The flurry of activity was short-lived, the squirrel quickly wearing herself out so she climbed back up Anira’s leg and disappeared into a loose pocket somewhere under her robes.

"This does look like a good spot," she agreed and was glad to cast the spell which conjured the cottage.  The forced march through the Brownlands had taken its toll on everyone and knowing Saxon liked to cook, she turned to him with an inquisitive gaze.  "Would you like some help preparing a meal?  I’m sure we’re all famished and two sets of hands are quicker than one."
Saxon the Dead Smith
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Tue 15 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
Saxon nodded, "Yea, Ill park it right next to the cottage and keep watch with the red guard and I. I kind of require my wagon as I am going to try and spend a few hours tonight to invent a flare of some kind. If we have one person with each group if we split up again, someone can set off their flare to call for help."

He smiled at Anira when she offered to help cook. "I would adore some help. Tonight is oyster mushrooms cooked in a white wine and sweet onions. Rumbled dried Salmon over the top. A good meaty dish to fill hungry bellies."
Radagast the Brown
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Wed 16 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
A bit later, when every is done eating or nearly so, Radagast tells Jak about the amulet and everyone about the Red Mountains and the Sea of Rhun.

"The Ents in northern Mirkwood were in danger. I could sense it, but not the cause. Several of the Keepers were with me, so we hurried to the Ents aid."

"By the time we got there, they were nearly dead, dying from some sort of disease. When we tried to get close enough to cure or aid them, a... creature rose up out of the contaminated ground. It was called a Plaguire... a type of living spell."

"If too much power is channeled into a spell, especially if the caster is even a tad off kilter, the spell... sort of backfires... turns into ball of spell energy that takes on a semblance of life."

"Someone figured out a way to control the Plaguire and sent it after the Ents. The misfired spell, of course, was 'Plague'. The Plaguire had this amulet. The amulet had a sliver of Entwives in it, allowing the Plaguire to use to find the Ents."

"The Ents themselves, and the rest of us, have long thought the Entwives dead or destroyed, but these slivers were less than two years old!"

"So that is why we now seek the Entwives. After all these years, we have proof that they may still be alive!"

"As for the Orocarni--the Red Mountains, little is known of them. It is thought that the Lost Dwarven Clans once lived there, and may still be there. They are volcanic and rich in minerals and metals that the volcanoes spew up onto the surface, thus making them easy to mine."

"These materials have been used to forge weapons and armor that the Dark Men of Rhun wielded in the Last War. Should we encounter any of them on our journey, expect them to be well armed and armored."

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Wed 16 Sep 2015
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Crossing the Plains of Rhovanion
Tavaro seemed greatly angered at the story. Still in his massive form, his voice boomed. "To work that sort of magic, one needs to be of great power. Did you learn who sent the Plaguire after the ents!?"