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Sun 13 Oct 2019
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Volume 2: Search for the Blue Adepts
((OOC: Borun and Saxon are still interested in the game, but may be having problems getting on the internet or finding time to do so. I will drag them along just in case they find their way back.))

After a bit more discussion, it was decided that a cooperative casting of Teleport between Anira and Lady Isile would be the best course of action. While Anira could have taken Radagast and Saxon and teleported first, and then Lady Isile could have taken Eomund and Borun and teleported to Anira, there was no guarantee that it would work as intended, since they were teleporting into a map.

Not really, of course; the map was merely a gateway of some kind, though even Radagast was not privy to its nature and secrets.

A cooperative teleport, facilitated by Radagast, would assure that they all wound up together in the same spot. And so, that's what you did.

Forming a circle merely for convenience, Radagast put the map in the center, and then Anira and Lady Isile cast Teleport together while Radagast used his energies to blend the two castings together.

As near as you could tell, the spell went off perfectly as planned and expected, and everyone suddenly felt themselves falling, although, to Anira and Lady Isile it felt more like flying. As everyone landed light as a feather, there was a slight disorientation that passed quickly.

Whereas you'd left from the middle of the forest, you are now standing on an arched wooden bridge that spans a large creek of flowing fresh water. The creek seems to wend its way through grass-covered rolling hills liberally dotted with wildflowers.

While the scene looks quite peaceful, you detect something odd about it. At first, you chalk it up to having teleported through a gateway. But you soon realize that it isn't going away:

The grass seems just a bit too green, the sky has a slightly violet tinge to it, the wind seems angry, there's a sweet scent in the air, and you can hear birds singing.
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Mon 4 Nov 2019
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Volume 2: Search for the Blue Adepts
"We're definitely not in the Shire any more," Radagast commented as he surveyed their new surroundings, "though I daresay the Hobbits would like this place."

"Now, let's look at the map again. If, as I've deduced, the Blue Wizards made this map, it could easily follow that they visited all these places in order to dissuade them from allying with Mordor."

"The real question is: did they ever return from this land? If they didn't, then, are they still here? Or did they move on to some place else."

"Any particular place strike your fancy, Lady Isile?"

Lady Isile
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Mon 11 Nov 2019
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Volume 2: Search for the Blue Adepts
Lady Isile was a bit interested in what she might see on the MAP now that they are in the proper area.

"May I see the map again Radagast?
she asked.

When given to her she took a bit of time to peer into every nook and cranny the map might of possessed and she activated Detect Magic to see into it more.
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Tue 12 Nov 2019
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Volume 2: Search for the Blue Adepts
Eomund would help look over the map after Lady Isilde, trying to take note of any realistic places the Blue Adepts could have gone.