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Re: The Red Leaf Inn

        The Elven Ranger lithely walks through the Inns common tavern room, with
each step as graceful as the last.

        Whilst trekking along, and having noted the various rodents and
fowl that were teeming therein, the Elf quickly addresses his Pseudodragon . . .

        "Calm down Sting!  We doth naught know whether the fauna roaming freely
about art pon the Inns menu.  They couldst be familiar's O' tuther folk!  Patients
my fine scaley friend, ye shalt hath the repast ye so seeks soon enough."

        It isn't long before Haldir notices and finds himself standing before the
Gnome monikered Radagast.  He places the flat of his right hand over his heart,
clears his throat to get the wizards attention, slightly bows, and proceeds to
address him . . .

        "Greetings and Salutations good and noble ser!

         My humblest apologies Radagast the Brown for having been so distracted in
my studies and research whilst afield that I failed to promptly heed yer call pon
the breeze coursing through art most sacred 'Wood'.

         Pon the tuther hand, I didst manage to finally heed the call O' yer
excited grey squirrel, whom didst naught appreciate the company I pleasurably
revel in."

         Upon hearing mention of himself, Spike buffets his wings furiously for sev-
eral moments in order to ensure that he was indeed paying close attention to the
conversation at hand.  The Ranger briefly looks to his faithful companion and
friend, forcefully smiles, then turns his attention back towards the wizard, and
continues to speak to him . . .

       "Naught any the matter good sir.  I found nothing significant in my
observations and studies O' the flora O' art precious forest.  Pon the tuther
hand, on my trek here I didst pass a number O' Orc tracks several days old.

        Though I'm lacking in the prestige O' being a wizard O' color . . . nor a
fellow member O' the Order O' the Istari like yer self,  mayst I hath a seat at
yer table good ser?"

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Sky Sheer'enn
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
 "Why how polite of you Ro'kath." ,said Sky as another elf was just passing through the door. "Grettings to you sir. I am Sky of the Nightelves clan. This is Ro'kath my new friend and master swordsman.",/red> ,Sky introduced them both and continued into the woods near by.

 <red>"Ok Ro'kath lets have some fun. See if you can spot my friend Nitebreeze?

The black panter was perched in a tree on a large limb. As black as night with yellow eyes looking down at his companion and Ro'kath.

 The night was dark with only a quarter moon out which made Nightbreeze even harder to spot. The panther liked being up in the trees. It was easier to pounce on unsuspecting foes when they walked past. HJe was about two-hundred-fifty pounds of pure muscle with claws the size of small daggers. His fangs were white, sharp, curved inward, and about six inches long. Nitebreeze's fur was slick and smooth. His scent was great and he was able to hide very well. Fast and agile like his companion they had met when Sky moved into the woods by her mountain home. At first the panter thought he wasn't seen by the elf, but he was wrong. Up in a tree like usual Nightbreeze was surprised when a chunk of deer meat came flying up at his face. Of course he caught it and had dinner. Sky made her camp about fifteen yards away and later that evening the panter found the nerve to appraoch Sky's fire.

 Sky was slow when she stood and went tword him. Nightshade stood his ground and waited. Sky bent to his level and smiled at him. Slowly she extended her hand and stroked his head. Since then they have been inseperatable. Taking care of each other like a symbyotic relationship.

 "So Ro'kath have you spotted him yet?"

OOC roll perception DC:25

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Anna the Red
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
In reply to Ehrendil (msg # 83):

Ehrendil felt a light touch on his left shulder, when he turned and looked a bit down he saw a mostly Human girl who just finished her meal.
"Do not waste your time on him, he will go to different direction. We are there..."
She pointed towards the table where the others waited the Wizard to tell them more about the job. Anna took her time to examine the elf from tip to toe.
"I am Anna, I am sure we will have good time together."
She walked back and sit down.
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Elured looked up as the half-elf, Anna, directed Ehrendil to their table.  He stood and extended his arm to clasp forearms with the Elven Man. Welcome to the Keeper's of Kelvar nephew.  It is a glorious day indeed to not only be reunited with my brother but a great nephew too.  Please, join us... sit... he said as he indicated the bench next to him.
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Ro'kath followed Sky out when she departed the Inn. The first few steps the weight of the crowded Inn still hung about him. The very moment his feet took him within the boundary of the woods, however, he instinctively breathed a deep sigh of relief as if said weight had lifted completely. This was his world, where he belonged.

As Sky threw out her challenge Ro'kath couldn't help the grin it elicited. His nose had told him of the presence of panther before she had even spoken. He paused for only a moment as his eyes scanned the vicinity to confirm it's whereabouts without his head turning so much as an inch. Barely two seconds had passed before he raised his arm, finger extended to point at a laden branch not twenty feet from him a short ways up above.

"There," he said simply, cherishing the coy grin he bore.

It was a fun game. One at which he excelled. He had been an experienced hand at finding fauna since he was barely more than a child. The game was only a distraction though, if a pleasant one. He had an introduction of his own to make and he was certain it wouldn't be quite so playful. Not to mention he was still concealing his features, a flicker of shame in the presence of one so tolerant and accepting.

"For your kind acceptance I believe wearing the hood further does you a disservice. Please, don't be startled. Behold the curse I bare," Ro'kath said with a heavy and hesitant breathe before raising his hands to lower the hood before they returned nervously to his sides.

Ro'kath's eyes were a sharp crystalline blue, glinting like sapphires caught in a ray of light. His ears, long and thin, resembled closely those of an elf save for their coloring. His skin, a pale but distinct gray in color, looked to have a smooth leathery quality to it. His hair was a deep auburn, somewhat unkempt yet not quite wild. It fell roughly to his shoulders and while most of it flowed free it was laced with the occasional warrior's braid. While his face remains relatively shaven his mutton chops have grown to be just slightly bushy. The rest of his features are what always causes alarm. His broad nose is stunted and short, much like those of the mountain orcs. Ro'kath's face is framed by a strong rigid jaw that juts perhaps just a fraction too far forward, another reminder of the mountain orcs. His lips are slightly pursed by the barely notable protrusion of two small tusk-like teeth. In truth, he looks more orc than he does elf or man.

The mountainous man stood there awkwardly before the raven haired elf maiden. His stance was nervous, as was the clenching of his fists around the edges of his cloak. His face remained forward for Sky to get the full measure of him. His eyes, however, were shifted harshly to the side for he feared to watch her reaction to seeing the truth of his lineage.
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Ehrendil gave Anna a sincere smile. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Anna, I too look forward to our future time together."

He followed her to the table. It was rare for elves to show their emotions. Ehrendil on the other hand was much more open with his instincts than most others of his race. "I am glad to see you once again uncle, it has been many a moon."

After the greetings with his uncle, Ehrendil introduced himself to the others. "For those who don't know me, I am Ehrendil. I specialise in knowledge relating to both nature and the arcane. I am a Tempest who seeks to protect the lands and all natural life that inhabits it." The elf looked around at the others, giving them a small bow. "I am inspired to find that you have also dedicated yourselves to such a task."

With the introductions done, Ehrendil took the seat offered to him by his uncle.

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Sky Sheer'enn
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
 Sky raised her hand to her forehead and gasped. Then fell backward as if she was feinting. She quickly sat up and laughed. "I was joking with you my friend. You have very beautiful eyes for one. Now I would do you the honor of shaving those mutton chops off, unless you like them? And just to be honest I would either completely braid your hair or run a comb through it and wear a ponytail. But thats just my opinion. I hope it dosen't offend you in any way?" ,Sky told Ro'kath.

 "And yes there is Nightbreeze. You either have darkvision or great scent abilities? Nightbreeze hop down and meet Ro'kath." The panther quickly did so and rubbed against Sky's leg. He then went to Ro'kath slowly and sniffed at his hand. "I think he likes you. You may rub his head if you like? He loves the attention." ,said Sky.
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
"Thank you. I'll make my way to my fellows so we can discuss our approach." With that the bird departed from Radagast's hat and flew out the door again. The squirrel that had been up in the rafters was gone as well, though it wasn't quite clear where it could have gone, it hadn't gone through the door.
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
       Upon having linked with Sting, Haldir rises from his table while his familiar
flies halting into the Inn, and onto the familiar shoulder of his companion. With
an obvious gracefully lithe gait the Elven Ranger springs up onto a nearby chair,
stands erect whilst delivering his illuminating message to his companions . . . so as
to demonstrate the importance of reacting promptly in the face of their adversaries
. . .

       "Sting hath informed mine self that there tis twelve Orcs to the Southwest,
six to the Southeast, twelve Orcs and Trolls to the far South!"

Radagast the Brown
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Wed 1 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
He didn't visit the Red Leaf Inn very often--it was just ever so much removed from the living land that it was... a bit uncomfortable if he lingered there too long. But, a mead now and then was good for the soul.

As he smoked his pipe between sips of mead, he stared at the book lying on the table before him. It was unfinished business--the Book of Souls.

And then there was the map. It had been tucked into the back of the book. It didn't mean anything at first. Stuff always got stuffed into books... as a place holder, as a makeshift temporary hiding place for something you didn't want your mother to see, as a convenient holding spot for a book mark. A map was unusual. At first glance, he didn't recognize the land it represented. He thought it must have been something more local, probably done by explorers rather than a bird's-eye view.

The name also eluded him: The Vast.

And that's when he noticed the name in the lower right corner: Pallando. Pallando the Red. One of the Blue Wizards.
Saxon the Dead Smith
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Wed 8 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
If there was any sound that marked the presence of Saxon, it was that wagon. Pots and pans, bobbits and whatsits, more alchemy than you could shake a stick at and even more odd doodads that he had made himself over time. Come hell or high water he would never be without the only home he cared about. The only other home he had was one not worth mentioning.

When he popped the door open he looked about like he was in some kind of storybook, his burning eyes looking from one side of the Inn to the other. Right before he raised up both of his arms in his normal happy go lucky self. "Rad!" He moved over like a nephew meeting an uncle. "You good?"
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
It had definitely been an adventure, many ups and downs that had tested to heart of Anira.  She had never given up, though, simply because Radagast was with them.  In the end they had gotten the Entwives back and there was a great sense of accomplishment yet now she found it difficult to simply settle down.  She had returned home and enjoyed a bit of time with her parents and had made some rounds with her mother to see to this sick but the time had changed her, made her a bit restless.

So she made her way to the Red Leaf Inn, thinking a bit of a drink and perhaps catching a glimpse of her mentor would do her some good.  It seemed she wasn't the only one as she stepped inside and saw Saxon had already found the magical oddity who had led them on their grand adventure.  She hung back a little, a soft smile forming as she waited for the men to finish their greeting.  Then she stepped forward and hugged Radagast, grinning at Saxon.  "It's good to see you both."
Radagast the Brown
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Wed 15 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
"Doing fine," Radagast replied to Saxon. "I've never been good at making mead, though, so every so often I miss it."

He holds up the tankard.

"My one fault--I drink it till I have my fill."

Just then, Anira enters the inn, too. Was this a sign? Or did they all now gravitate toward each other because of the Quest?

True, they were all Keepers. Was that all it was? Or was it another stirring in the world?

"It is good to see you again, Anira. What brings you to the Leaf?"
Lady Isile
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Thu 16 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
The door to the Red Leaf Inn opens again, standing there is none other than the mysterious Lady Isilė.  Her eyes scan the room before moving in further and stops on a group of individuals that she was well familiar with.

Walking over to them they can see that there is still something off about this Elf and she smiles to them when she is near.
"It is good to see you all here.  Now what an odd timing for me to come here to request a meal and a room for the night.
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Thu 16 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
"Lady Isile," Anira greeted with a bow of her head, chuckling lightly at the mention of odd timing.  "I was just about to tell our previous traveling comnpanions that I too felt a pull here, whether it is just wanderlust or something else, and am happy to see friends again."

She shrugged lightly then, feeling a bit more comfortable again.  "Perhaps it was just that I missed you all and hoped to run into at least one of you.  I confess I've found myself feeling a bit ... out of place ... since I returned home.  Almost as if I am slacking off somehow, no matter how much work I try to find."
Saxon the Dead Smith
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Fri 17 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Saxon smiled at Rad, "You know good and well I'm an alchemist. Sure, I live in the old forest but you know you can always stop by and I'll crack open a cask for you." And that way he could keep the wizard in one place. The last thing anyone wanted was a mage on the bend.

He smiled and winked at Lady Isile.  "I go where the embers lead me."
Radagast the Brown
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Fri 17 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Radagast holds up the map he was looking at and seems to examine it from various angles--front, back, sideways, upside down.

"It is nice to see you all again," he says. "If I didn't know better, I'd say this map had something to do with it."

He offers it to Anira first.

"What do you make of this?" he asks her.
Azurak the Blue
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Tue 28 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
The map has a faint magical trace to it, which Anira realizes is some sort of preservation magic... probably to keep the map from getting damaged by careless handling... or crumbling from age. As minor as it is, it is still very potent magic.

Magic isn't normally permanent. Simple 'permanent' spells have a duration of about a year. Advanced magic, such as Permanency (used for enchanting items), has a duration of about 100 years. This is based on the item being used. If it just sits in some vault unused and sheltered from the ravages of time, it could last much longer.

That seems to be the case with this map.

The magic probably also extends to the ink used to scribe it. When making a magical spell scroll, for instance, the paper and the ink have to be 'trued'... that is, free from flaws (i.e. masterwork)... as well as receptive to magic. So that might also contribute to the map's condition.

There is something odd about the paper, but she can't quite put her finger on it at the moment.

As for what is displayed on the map, she, like, Radagast, has never heard of a place called The Vast. None of the places on the map are familiar either.

And that's when she realizes what's odd about the paper: it's been twisted! She doesn't quite understand how it is twisted, but if it was a dress, it'd be like turning it inside out. She still may not recognize any of the places once the map has been 'un-twisted', but she does realize that the key is the words 'The Vast'. Those haven't been twisted.

She further realizes that the location of those words is significant... in two ways. It's both the focal point for un-twisting the map (however one does that) and it indicates the only place depicted by the map where you could teleport to. That's what those little 'decorative' symbols on and around the letters mean. (Mapmakers often embellish their maps to make it unique and to leave their mark on it.)
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Tue 28 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Anira took her time with the map, her brow furrowing now and then and soft little hums vibrating in her throat as she tried to figure out the oddity of the map.  Her eyes widened then as she realized a bit of what was going on with it, though she couldn't quite decipher how to untwist the blasted thing.

"If we could figure out how to ... turn this the right way," she mused aloud then showed it to Lady Isile and Saxon.  "It's like a shirt that's inside out and it's all centered on 'The Vast'," she said to them, wondering if perhaps they might know of a way to set it right.  They had different training and knowledge of magic, hers being more innate rather than learned.
Radagast the Brown
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Wed 29 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
"Ah! So that's what's wrong with it!" responds Radagast. "I sensed there was something... not-quite-right about it."

He stares at it intently for a few minutes before continuing.

"Yes. Inside out... though I din't see how a flat sheet of paper could be inside out. The Vast... Could that be it? There's a line in the paper under the words The Vast... or is it a slot? Pull it apart slightly..."

"Based on the angle, it would have to be the lower right corner. Try to push the corner through the slot... No, wait! Twist the corner so that it goes through the slot right side up! Now pull the paper through from the other side!"


He watches with unbridled joy as Anira seems to turn the paper inside out!
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Thu 30 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Two young men enter the Inn, cliaks wrapped around each other to keep warm. Both obviously appear to be of some status, and they take a seat near the group and the old man, offering warm smiles. "Hello there! I am Wulfstan, and this is my husband Eorik. A pleasure to meet you."
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Fri 31 May 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
A moment later, Grimfast eased in through the door as well. He'd been approaching the inn when he spotted the other two. He watched them for awhile. They didn't look dangerous, but he chose to enter after them just in case.

He heard the statement as he approached the table, not surprised to see Radagast and Anira already sitting there. He furrowed his brows at the words. How strange.

"I heard the call of adventure," the Beorning informs the others.

"Please to meet you, Wulfstan and Eorik. I am Grimfast."

He turns back to Radagast.

"I felt something stirring. Was that your doing, Radagast?"
Radagast the Brown
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Mon 10 Jun 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
"Not everything in this world revolves around the Istari," Radagast replies to Grimfast.

He then gestures to the map in the center of the table that Anira had just finished turning inside out.

"I suspect that is what you are referring to."

He then turns to Wulfstan and Eorik.

"Welcome. And what brings you to the Red Leaf Inn?"
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Mon 10 Jun 2019
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Re: The Red Leaf Inn
Anira had been so focused on the map, tip of tongue peeking out as she carefully worked with the map to right it, that it took a moment to realize more had joined them.  "Grimfast!  It's good to see you again," she said then turned to the couple and gave a respectful nod of her head.  "Well met, Wulfstan and Eorick."  Then she gave Radagast's beard a little tug and grinned at him impishly.  "You're probably the only Istari who thinks that ... look at the map now and see what you think," she said with a look much like a granddaughter would give her father's father.