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Freeport - Stables
    The Freeport stables are located immediately inside the gate and house some of the finest steeds in all of Linness. For generations, the horses bred in Freeport have been used to traverse the high road from the southern tip to the northern outlying points. Equine of many types are raised and bred within the Freeport stables and vary in size and purpose. Freeport is legendary for several breeds in particular:

Shire Horses stand an average five and a half feet tall, weigh 1800-2200 lbs. and are capable of carrying massive weight for extended durations. One of the largest horse breeds ever known, the Shire horse can reach heights over 6 feet tall making it a fierce and powerful companion.

Friesian Horses are medium sized, standing an average 5 feet tall and weighing 1300-1600 lbs. They are athletic, versatile and exceptionally good-natured. The Friesian is NOT prone to bolting, making it a perfectly balanced war horse.

Akhal Horses are smaller than the average horse, standing an around 5 feet tall and weighing 1000-1100 lbs.  They make up for their size in unparalleled speed and agility. The Akhal have a slightly metallic sheen and are overwhelmingly clever.

Celestial Horses are a balanced breed in both size and ability. Standing an average 5 feet tall and weighing 1100-1200 lbs. The Celestial is comfortable navigating changing terrain and is very fast in short bursts.

    Alfonz the stable master has been in charge of the horses for the past 40 years. He is a wizened old man who is often seen charging about screaming at the stable boy. Alfonz generally sleeps up in the hayloft directly above his prized beasts. Despite having a lovely home provided to him by the city, he opts to sleep with the animals, claiming that they "understand" him. The front door to the stable is a large wooden gate which swings freely both ways and is often creaking about, driven back and forth by the cool ocean breeze.

Example Shire Horse

Example Friesian Horse

Example Akhal Horse

Example Celestial Horse

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Lynessa Crescent
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Re: Freeport - Stables
Lynessa made her way up to the stables. She'd been here before, the City Guard occasionally made use of Alfonz's steeds. She wondered if the old stable master would recognize her. The wooden doors creaked noisily in the night as they caught the ocean breeze. The sound was haunting, and sent a chill down Lynessa's spine. If not for the occasional whinny from within the stables, she might have thought the place abandoned.

She held herself as she stepped forward. The night was starting to get chilly, as it was wont to do this early in the spring. She would be glad for the shelter from the wind once inside. “Well, here we are. I suppose we should go inside and see if we've missed the stable-master,” she said to any of her companions who had followed.  “Master Alfonz,” she called out, knocking on the gate as she pushed it open and stepped inside.
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Re: Freeport - Stables
    A loud groan issued forth from inside the stables and a light flickered and drew nearer. The hunched form of an old man dressed in a simple cotton tunic and pant slowly emerged from the shadows. "Ehhhhhhhh? what's all this racket at such a time?" Keen mischievous eyes glimmered from behind thick bushy eyebrows and despite his many years the stable master had as much gusto as a lad a third his age. "Ye better be sent by the goddess erself or I've alf a mind to set Myrtle on ye!"

    Upon noticing the visitor was a young female guard, Alfonz's glare shifted to a wide toothy grin. "Why if it isn't the young Crescent girl!" he glanced behind her and saw others trailing along. "Looks like ye brought a pack o misfits with ye..." He shifted back and forth while resting on a gnarled cane, "Well what brings ye here at such an hour missy? I knew yer father before the whole..." his voice drifted off, "Nevermind that, what can ole Alfonz do ye fer?" An old shepherd dog came trotting up behind him and promptly nuzzled Lynessa's leg, round saucer eyes looked up lovingly and an overly wet tongue wagged about happily. "Oi! Myrtle! what do ye think yer doin!" The old man reached within his tunic and withdrew a small treat. The dog wheeled about and sat obediently at his masters feet. "She be as brash as a red bellied newt chasin a mayfly!"
Lucinda Eravyn
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Re: Freeport - Stables
Lucinda took a few deep breaths to calm herself down as she wandered into the stables. She just had to think about it logically. That girl had just met her, and there was no way Lucinda was pretty enough for love at first sight. It was probably just some fish-kin habit, like a greeting or something. Yeah. That must've been it. It was the only logical explanation after all. It seemed to calm her down as she leaned against the stable wall, glancing at Lalita occasionally to confirm nothing was up.

Then, suddenly, like an electrical cable snapping, a thought bolted into Lucinda's mind. A terrifying one. Something she hadn't considered. Something that could ruin this journey from the outset. Something that would probably make sure everyone thought she was stupid and useless, a fact they would probably be right about. She had forgotten that she had never seen nor rode a horse before! M-maybe someone could help her? O-or they'd just make fun of her and leave her behind...She looked around awkwardly. She probably shouldn't mention anything yet.
Lalita Chandra
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Re: Freeport - Stables
Lalita smiled as she entered the stables. She looked at the horses with bright wondering eyes. She had only ridden on a horse once, and that was a long time ago with otets. "Hopefully I still remember how to ride..." she thought to herself as she continued to glance at the four legged creatures. They were...exquisite. Such graceful creatures. She wondered...but there was no room to think, for all of a sudden the fish-kins thoughts were crowded with mysterious whispers. "O-oh no." She thought, raising her hands to cover her ears. However, she stopped midway as she realized to do so would cause attention to herself. She therefore quickly lowered them to her side and closing her eyes tried her best to just ignore the voices for now. Taking in a deep breath before opening her eyes once more.
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Re: Freeport - Stables
The bard eyed the others, his mind clearly more focused on two trains of thought;  one about the horses, and one about the Fish-kin's last name.  Volkove.  He'd heard that before.  Where?  The dog being friendly with the younger Crescent didn't phase him- indeed, right now he didn't want to be disturbed.  While he wracked his mind on that name, he also half considered the horse conundrum, though he'd already narrowed his preferred breeds down to two,the Friesians and the Akhals.  Yes, he'd see which were available, and then choose based on the one that merged with his personality best.  Always better to have an extra partner who knew what you were thinking.  Now, that name. . .

"Volkove.  Oh gods." The words came unbidden, and quietly.  Oh, NOW he remembered.  He remembered well, and. . .that was a story for another day.  One FAR off in the future, removed from anything, locked away in a time-capsule and left for eternity.  Horses.  Yes, the horses.  They needed horses, they needed to leave the town now, on this "quest."  Sure, that was the important thing.  He could try and give himself selective amnesia of that name later.