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Denair - Ebonshade Headquarters
    The past 100 years had been a very confusing time for the inhabitants of Denair. The closing of the gate initially caused much confusion and panic. People rebelled and the government had to intercede in order to maintain peace. The reasons for the seclusion were kept tightly under wraps and only certain organizations were privy to the information. One such group is known as the Ebonshade. The headquarters of the Ebonshade is located in the basement of a nondescript tavern known as The Wilted Rose. A mere half-mile from the great gate, The Wilted Rose is known for it's cheap ale and even cheaper women.

    The entrance to the Ebonshade headquarters is through the pantry on the first floor. The trap door is guarded by a ferocious looking... cook? Deep below the bustling tavern, is a maze of tunnels which house the members of this strange organization. Talented youth are plucked from the streets at a very young age and are brought into the fold. They are trained in combat, and thanks to a few remaining tomes, they can receive some guidance on magic as well. Members of the organization take turns running the tavern above ground and are therefore able to justify their constant presence around the building. Despite having contact with the governing lords, the Ebonshade is not an officially recognized force within Denair. The old gods still have power in Denair, and members of the Ebonshade still commune with them. The coming darkness was prophesied 100 years ago to this day. The prophesy spoke of a group of heroes that would break the veil and once again reunite Linness with the rest of the forgotten world. The Ebonshade have trained long and arduously in preparation for this day, and now the gates shall open and they will spill forth into the world. Their prime directive: to ensure the survival of the people of Linness, at any cost.

    Recently, a message board with jobs has been posted in the cafeteria. The current leader of the Ebonshade, who is known as Commander Hamilton had delivered a rousing speech to the organization the previous day. He had explained that the jobs would take small teams out into Linness to perform various tasks. The rewards would be great and the danger even greater; people were excited, the prospect of leaving the city was thrilling. The tables throughout the cafeteria are laden with food and members of the organization are slowly filtering in for a midday lunch. A young man gestures to the new job board, "I guess old man Wutherby is handling assignments, ya just take the posting from the board and meet him at the administrative office down the hall and he will provide any additional information." The girl standing next to him nodded in appreciation,  "Thanks Johan, you are always so helpful!" She winked at him playfully and they sat down at a table littered with a multitude of fish.

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Re: Denair - Ebonshade Headquarters
     Hammal stumbled bleary-eyed into the cafeteria, having been woken from a nap by the thunderous footsteps echoing throughout the labyrinthine network of tunnels that he had come to think of as home, which from experience meant that there was either about to be a raid, or a meal was being served. Having ruled out the former by the distinct lack of screaming, Hammal slowly made his way towards a table, grabbing a plate of... something, and then sitting in the nearest empty chair. He then began to absentmindedly nibble at whatever was on his plate while staring blankly at the new message board.

     As he ate, Hammal began to slowly piece together the board's purpose through overhearing snippets of conversation around him, until he could formulate a concept so simple that even his sleep addled mind could handle. First, grab piece of paper from board. Second, take piece of paper to administrative officer, and then lastly be told what to do. Satisfied with his incredible deductive abilities, Hammal turned his attention back to the plate, hoping that whatever he found there would be of some help in his battle against the drowsiness; a fight which he was not sure he could win unaided.
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Re: Denair - Ebonshade Headquarters
    The doors to the cafeteria suddenly swung open and an armored entourage entered the room. The leader of the group was none other than Commander Hamilton himself. The Commander's armor was polished to a mirror like sheen and reflected the stunned faces of new recruits back at themselves in the dim candle light. Behind the Commander trailed a procession of gray haired advisers and a few cloaked individuals who seemed to float along the rough-hewn stone ground. One of the older men shuffled to the job board and hurriedly pinned an assortment of papers to it.

    The Commander assumed a regal pose atop a slightly raised platform, a focal point in the room. His deep velvety voice rang out and the room fell deathly quiet, "Men and women of the Ebonshade... on the morrow, the gate shall open. For the past 100 years we, the people of Denair, have been contained within these great walls. Finally, the actualization of our goals are to be realized and the culmination of 100 years of training will be released upon Linness. You will find the available jobs listed on this board, DO NOT ATTEMPT A JOB IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS." His voice had become incredibly powerful and flecks of spittle flew from his mouth. "The rewards of your missions will scale with the difficulty but you are not privy to the knowledge of said reward until you complete the mission. Be brave, be brutal but most of all... be true. Good luck and godspeed!" The large man turned and strode purposefully out of the room. A hush fell over the crowd and all eyes turned to the simple wooden board mounted on the east wall.

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