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Request to Join Info


Race Choice:

    Linness is not a typical “high fantasy” world. There are limited races available and magic is not common; this is due to the actual makeup of Lilith’s forces at the time of the rending. The following races are what I would PREFER you select from. If you feel for some reason that it’s IMPERATIVE you play some other race, write it up. Who knows what will happen... or you could just create a character that easily melds into the existing lore… But HEY, who am I to stifle creativity? Take your time and put some effort into your RTJ. The game will not be starting until I have a proper group assembled. I am willing to wait for the good ones.

Half breed (*/* !Beast-kin)
Beast-kin (*/Beast)



    This field should contain the skills your character will possess, be it weapon skills, non-combat skills, or desired area of magic. If you are going to use magic I suggest writing me a PM before you go to all the effort of making a full on character. NOT EVERYONE WILL HAVE MAGIC. I have said it in multiple places, magic is not something that is common place. If you want to have magic, be prepared to accept the disadvantages of your power. I am not sure how else to restate the same thing, don't let magic be a crutch to your creativity.

    Endless possibilities are available, but subject to my approval. Be creative and have fun with it. Please, no overpowered characters; I will not accept any character that can “single-handedly wipe out the evil army of doom with a swipe of his bejeweled hand.” Think NOT a NOOB but more… a hero in the making!


    Please create a “believable” character. One way this is done is by creating weaknesses that define your character. Interpret it however you wish, but I am NOT interested in “men of steel who fear no evil, are devilishly good looking, can crush a tree trunk with their loins, summon hosts of ravenous man-eating parrots and possess a harem of 100 scantily clad Halfling ladies.”  I am NEARLY positive you catch my drift. All characters should have an underlying struggle and several basic weaknesses.


    Available Roles are listed as GENERIC types. Create your character FIRST and then select the role which most closely resembles your character. This is to ensure a wide array of characters and less redundancy. Diversity in abilities and roles will ensure that each writer feels valued and needed for the overall success of the story. I am limiting the number of player characters in this adventure, so I would like to ensure party balance.
    The story is very group centric, so if you are a lone wolf and not interested in group interactions, please just move on.  If you feel that your character is NOT represented by one of the generic types listed below, please feel free to add your own. The worst thing that can happen is that I deliver the proverbial “e-hammer” to your noggin... I mean… “Ask you to change…”  There are limited slots for each type so please select carefully.
    TO CLARIFY YET AGAIN, NONE of these classes/roles mean that your character must follow some predefined set of abilities. I am aware that I am beating a dead Hippogryph, but I know there will be those that feel they are being corralled into a cookie cutter class. Don’t be like that; this is just to track how YOU wish your character to function in a group.

Group 1:

Fighter (have 1)
(have 1)
Cleric (have 0)
Thief (have 0)
Magic user (have 2)
Bard (have 1)
Alchemist (have 1)

Group 2:

Fighter (have 1)
(have 0)
Cleric (have 0)
Thief (have 1)
Magic user (have 1)
Bard (have 1)

Group 3: If you are writing an RTJ now, you will be assigned to Group 3. YOU MUST PM ME FIRST. I will explain your starting location and additional details required. YOU MUST PM ME FIRST.

Fighter (have 0)
(have 0)
Cleric (have 0)
Thief (have 0)
Magic user (have 0)
Bard (have 0)

Physical Description: (include a picture if possible)



    This doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive list, but I would like to have an idea of what you propose your character would start out with. Every character will start with 50 silver pieces regardless of anything else.

Finally, answer these 3 questions at the bottom of your RTJ:

1. What is the capitol city of Linness?
2. Where do the majority of Elves in Linness call home?
3. If the total population of Linness was 100, how many beast-kin would there be?

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