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The High road from Denair
    The craftsmen nodded at the members of the group and responded to Hallam. "Oi! we are indeed. The forest to the east is roughly 60 miles away, and with the carts it will take us at least 14 hours. We should try and push through in one shot. A contingent of Raven Riders will be following in a few days time and they will expect progress. Keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected and don't let any harm come to us!"

    The group headed out of the safety of Denair and into the unexplored and unforgiving wilderness. The first few hours of the trip passed by uneventfully and the sun rose high into the sky. Off in the distance, far to the east, the peaks of the Herrin Mountains stretched up and out of sight. The craggy peaks lost in a blanket of pure white fluffy clouds. A mile down the road, and heading towards them, dust was being kicked up by some unseen presence. The craftsmen looked nervously at their escorts and the one in front spoke up. "Oi! What the bloody hell do you suppose that is? What should we do?"

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Re: The High road from Denair
     Hallam spent the first hour or so just staring in open wonder at all of the grass, trees and nature surrounding the path as they made their way east along the road. When the craftsmen leader pointed out the dust being kicked up by, what Hallam assumed to be, a group of readers, he glanced over toward Arthanil before speaking, "It would probably be best to get clear of the road, just in case they are travelers such as ourselves," he frowned before continuing, "We won't be able to hide the caravan even if they aren't friendly."

     Hallam paused in front of the leader and scratched a quick V into the dirt, with the open side facing the supposed riders, "Arranging the carts as such would limit their ability to make use of their cavalry, even if it does block us in. If they're hostile, we can't outrun the horses anyway." He looked up at the caravan leader, "We need to work quickly, we have only minutes before they arrive."