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Chapter 1: The Darkening - INTRO
Acolytes of Light – Chapter 1: The Darkening - For AUDIO!

    The continent of Linness has been sealed off from outside influence for a millennium, a large expanse of varying geography and ecosystems are spread across its land mass. The history books tell of a war waged between the armies of Lilith the Goddess of Light and Davos the Lord of Darkness. The war raged for a hundred years and in a desperate attempt to protect her followers, Lilith rent the earth asunder and created the continent of Linness. The land was protected by a veil of light which barred the entrance to any who served the dark lord. A thousand years of peace have passed and the power of the gods has waned. The people no longer observe the rituals and have forgotten the violent past which had carved their history into existence. Few are born with the gift of magic, and those who possess it are often shunned as dangerous and untrustworthy. Magic in Linness does not manifest itself until the recipient has reached adulthood, and often it is a violent and terrifying experience for the individual.

     Now, a chill has spread across the land, a strange darkness is spilling into the world from a crack located deep in the Herrin Mountain range. Everything the darkness touches turns to ash, it moves slowly leaving nothing in its wake but the charred remains where once there was life. The doomsayers have declared this the prelude to the end of days, but there are those who still cling to the fraying remnants of hope. The old gods are all but forgotten, their magic lost, buried beneath a blanket of dust and hidden deep within sacred tomes. Small groups of devout followers still remains, but they are few, and without consequence, dispersed throughout the land.

     Perhaps the Dark Lord has broken through the veil. Perhaps a new evil threatens the land. Regardless, the danger is real, with every passing day more of the countryside is consumed. Despite the slow progression of the darkness, within a few months it will pass from the northern lands and down into the southern kingdom. In a few more months, it will have blanketed the entire sacred continent. The encroaching darkness cannot be defeated by force, but perhaps a small group of brave heroes could venture into the heart of the Herrin Mountains and determine the source of the black death. For this purpose, Lismore the last remaining high priestess of light has imbued a handful of talismans with fragments of her soul. Her hope is that the blessed items will stave off the consuming power of the dark. The strain of the fragmentation has rendered Lismore as docile as a wet nurse. She remains weak and powerless in the capitol city of Freeport; the talismans await their fated heroes.

    Rumors have been circulating throughout Linness of a wealthy and powerful organization known simply as The Menders. The group maintains residence in the wealthy district of Vayas. Secret missives have been dispatched to particular individuals requesting their presence and cooperation on a mission of high importance. Little is known of the group despite their overwhelming control of trade in Vayas. Respondents will surely be rewarded richly, if they can complete their issued task.

    In the far north, the city of Denair shows signs of activity. For the past 100 years, the high walls have stood as an impenetrable defense. The great gate bars passage to all, and the mysteries locked within can only be speculated about. Perhaps the city rested for a century, or perhaps it's inhabitants have been active all along. Only time will tell, and time is running short.

    To make matters worse, in the wake of the darkness, there are murmurs that forces of evil have begun gathering in the north. The whispers in the dark speak of impending doom, and future attacks on all cities of the light. If ever there was a need for heroes, now is the time. Heroes willing to brave an unfathomable evil, heroes willing to march headlong into the manifestation of death itself, step forward! The call for aid has been issued. If you succeed, the reward will be unfathomable. If you fail, the land and all within will be lost.

“Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter! Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

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