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Sat 31 May 2014
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The rules are simple. We are all adults here (or we should be).
General Rules:

1. Keep out of character posts in OOC

2. No controlling other players characters

3. Rated R: No posting anything that would go above an R rating. a fade to black must be used. This isn't the place to live out your sexy fantasies.

4. Use quotation marks in addition to colored text when speaking dialogue. Please be consistent with your color choice.

5. No Godmoding, this will end poorly for you.

6. Make sure to complete your character description and include a portrait at a minimum. If you can add a full size picture that is even better. If you wish to leave out parts of your RTJ in the description that is OK. Just make sure that other players can get a clear picture of your character from the description.

7. In character posts should be around 2-5 paragraphs. Try to avoid one liners or novels. I understand if sometimes a short response is sufficient, or a long response is needed; just try to keep your posts a reasonable length. Please write in third person past tense unless the situation absolutely dictates present tense (this should be a rarity).

8. Be friendly, don't be rude and have fun.

Combat Rules

1. Don't assume that your action is a success, I am not interested in dice rolling but I will be applying my own "modifiers" to your attempts.

2. Format should follow something along the lines of:

Player: "Billy Bob lunged at the swanky lounge lizard, and attempted to smash the creatures head clean off with his epic mace."

GM: "The lizard slid to the left and easily avoided Billy's ridiculous swing. Billy's momentum propelled him forward and into a barrel of monkeys."

Player: "grumble grumble"


Player: "Billy Bob lunges at the swanky lounge lizard, his super awesome mace smashes into the helpless critters face. Blood sprays all over Billy's shiny leather ass-less chaps."

GM: "I thought I had a purpose, but I guess not"

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