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Sun 1 Jun 2014
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The High road from Freeport
    The gates to the capitol city of Freeport stand tall and wide, built from massive granite blocks they tower over the road. Few people are seen about this late at night but the guards remain on duty nonetheless. It has been centuries since the gate was lowered, but as of late whispers have been circulating that the city may close it's gate come nightfall. Currently, the gate stands wide open; a few guards patrol high above on the ramparts. It is cool outside and the clear night sky twinkles with a sea of stars.

1st day of the 2nd month: 11:30 PM.

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Lynessa Crescent
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Tue 24 Jun 2014
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Re: The High road from Freeport
The clop of hooves on the hard Earth was relaxing, and the rhythm of Jasper's gait threatened to lull Lynessa into a quiet doze. She stifled a yawn and shook her head, as if trying to shake the cobwebs free. She gazed up at the moon, and in truth had not expected it to be so high in the sky by the time they'd finished turning their vouchers. She wasn't about to go back on her suggestion, though. She was too proud for that.

She nodded a greeting at the guards as she passed through the open gates, wondering if they were men she knew. She wondered if they knew her, whether they'd think of her family differently knowing she had been quick to heed the call for heroes.

She led Jasper out into the night, the High Road stretching out before her set against a blanket of stars. ”This is how it begins then,” she thought. She glanced over her shoulder and gazed for a moment at the walls surrounding the City she loved. She hoped that soon she would find herself riding back this way, the Priestess' quest a success and the Crescent name restored...
Devi McCain
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Thu 3 Jul 2014
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Re: The High road from Freeport
Devi sat in the saddle swaying slightly as it rocked back and forth with Obe's gait. She held the reins in one hand and the horn of the saddle in the other as she followed just to the right of Lynessa. She didn't know the terrain they where heading through as well as the others likely would.

As they were passing through the gates and Lynessa nodded to the guards she pondered how different it was in Freeport that they had heroes riding forth to do the bidding of a High Priestess, something that as far as she knew hadn't happened in centuries.

When the left the city Lynessa turned back towards it to give it one last look, Devi didn't bother, it wasn't her home nor did she have any real love for the city beyond the Temple of Light itself, she would in fact be more comfortable sleeping on the side of the road out beyond the city away from the large source of people. They would do nothing to further her knowledge, she already had others she needed to talk to just in this group alone, and she doubted any that knew anything of worth in the city itself would share it willingly.

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Lucinda Eravyn
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Tue 24 Jun 2014
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Re: The High road from Freeport
Lucinda held onto the horse tightly as she rocked forward and backward along the trail, the quiet hoofs clacking against the ground creating an odd harmony with the sounds of her terrified breaths and coughs. The girl was certainly used to darkness, having spent the vast majority of her life in a lightless basement. However, this was different. The moon was shining up in the sky, and it looked larger than she had ever thought possible. She sniffled a little bit, confused by the earthy smell that surrounded her. What was that smell? It smelled nothing like her acids or chemicals, she wasn't entirely sure she liked it at all. Regardless she pressed onwards on the old road, not wanting to be left behind in such an unfamiliar place.