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Sat 24 Jan 2015
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Port of Cleveland

The Port of Cleveland is a bulk freight shipping port at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on Lake Erie. It is the third-largest port in the Great Lakes, and the fourth-largest Great Lakes port by annual tonnage.  The Port spans across the Cleveland Harbor on Lake Erie and up the Cuyahoga River to the turning basin, with eight international cargo berths and docks covering over 110 acres of land.

For two nights the port has been crawling with local police as well as a handful of federal agents. The death of two cops and the remains of other unknowns had brought the full weight of the city's scrutiny. When agents from Homeland Security arrived on the scene, it became obvious that there were threats here that could not be ignored.

One of the agents, a thin Asian woman stood among the shipping containers, watching forensics collect evidence. She spoke on her phone as police and dock workers continued to stay busy around her.

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Agent Ishida
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Sat 24 Jan 2015
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Re: Port of Cleveland
"I'm looking at it right now... No. They already took the bodies to the morgue downtown... No. I am heading there next... Yes, I will. Ok.... I will keep you updated."


Agent Ishida's phone snapped closed as she jammed it into her coat pocket. It was a throwback, but she liked the finality of the way her calls ended on it. Not to mention it was highly secure and untraceable, one of many fancy pieces of equipment supplied to all members of her division.

She looked around one more time, about to start walking when her eyes caught someone walking towards her with purpose.

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