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Playing Guidelines
1 Posting Rate I have no real set pace but I do not post everyday and I don't expect my players to either. This game will be a slow burner, I imagine a couple of IC posts per player each week and, if that is not to your taste then please do not apply.

2 No godmoding, no bunnying. In-game, you are free to have your character act and react in any way you so choose. (Acting certain ways may have consequences, but I'm not going to stop you from acting thusly.) However, you aren't free to dictate the outcomes of your actions, or the reactions of your fellow players, or of my NPCs. If you want to perform an action that acts upon, or responds to the actions of another NPC, you need to roll for it. A lie without a Deceive roll is just a lame excuse; shooting a gun without a Shoot roll is just spraying and praying (and wasting ammo); trying to calm down someone without a Charm roll is just offering empty platitudes. If there's no active resistance or challenge, you might get lucky; otherwise, don't be surprised if you don't get the results you want (or fail miserably).

Good example of play: "I give the inspector a winning smile, inwardly praying he doesn't think to pull up the deck plates." Bad example of play: "I give the inspector a winning smile, and he decides to let my expired papers slide."

3 Put some effort into your posts. I'm not looking for 5000 words per post, mind, but you need to give your fellow players (and me!) something to work with. A few sentences per post is okay, 1-3 paragraphs is better. Describe what's going on, don't just say what you're doing (What's more exciting? "I shoot at the robot" or "I peek around the corner and squeeze off a few rounds at the rampaging robot with my pistol"?). Let the other players know, and remind them once in a while, what your character looks like (Does your engineer wear a bomber jacket? Call back to it once in a while! "Nkuze tugs down the lapels of his worn leather jacket with a huff."). Pick a color for your character and attach it to your "spoken", "shouting" and thought dialogue. This makes it really easy to see what your character is thinking and saying at a glance, rather than having to dig through the post over and over. If you understand this list of rules, please use the phrase 'digging it' in your request to join.

(Gotcha. Lucille stepped around the corner, the shotgun leveled at Fordham's back. "I've been waiting for this for five years," the commando growled at the man who'd betrayed her. There was no unsteadiness, no hesitation, in the way she moved, sliding in behind the strategist. "Get in that room. Now," she jerked her chin at the darkened doorway, her wavy blonde hair swaying gently in the night breeze.)

All OOC info should be put in the relevant OOC thread. Any OOC that needs to be posted IC should be in orange and small but keep it to the bare minimum. Use the OOC thread or Private Messages whenever possible. Always start your in-game ooc message with 'ooc -' e.g.
ooc - this is an ooc message.

All dice rolls should be in small red text and added to the bottom of the message.
GM rolled 50 using 1d100. Critical Damage.

4 Fade to black. I'm operating under the assumption that everyone who joins is mature enough to make decisions for themselves about what kinds of relationships they want their characters to be in, and with who. (I may yet live to regret that assumption.) However, this game is rated Mature, not Adult. As a result, we can't depict graphic or gratuitous violence, or graphic sex, in any part of this game. Not in the threads, not in private lines in posts, not in PMs - nowhere. I ask that if players do decide to get physically involved, that they conclude the written acts with a classy fade to black, before anything objectionable gets posted. This is RPOL site policy, and we could get in trouble if you break it. So don't break it! If a players actions in this game leads to me getting a tap on the shoulder from the mods or moderated in some way then that player will get dropped, no second chances.

5 Be nice to each other. This shouldn't be a tough one. Interpersonal conflict is probably going to happen, with personalities clashing, tempers flaring, things going wrong. I have absolutely no problem with PCs getting into a shouting match or mixing it up - as long as it doesn't turn into persistent abuse. However, I must insist that you leave your disputes in the IC threads - please be courteous and polite to other players, don't take offense to other people's actions ("Why did you do X to me?"), and - if you really want to avoid pissing people off - take a moment to forecast your intentions OOC ("I'm going to have my character get mad at yours for what they did earlier - is that okay with you?") before you do them IC.

6 Keep in touch. Life happens. Believe me, I know. But in the grand scheme of things, it's not hard - and doesn't take that long - to drop a line to say "Hey, I'm going into midterms this week and have to study" or "Hi guys, work is putting me on an intense schedule for a couple days". And in a format that's already very slow-paced, there's very little more frustrating than someone dropping off the face of the planet just as the action comes around to them. So for everybody's sake, please let us know if you are going to be away for an extended period (more than a day or two) ahead of time if possible, or as soon as possible if you couldn't anticipate it. Otherwise, we might start speculating about your IRL demise and that's always awkward to come back to.

If you will be unable to post for some reason, please let me know. Just give some general guidelines for your character and I'll keep the game going. I will assume control of a character when posting speed halts. I'll do this for a maximum of 2 weeks, afterwards the character will leave the game one way or another.

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