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Thu 27 Sep 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Pan kneels down to put a hand on Meiou's shoulder and kiss his forehead. "It is true. Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow." She stands up, ready to continue walking with him. "I'm not saying it's easy, though. I, of all people, should know*. When the feelings of people around you press in on you and you feel like you can't be yourself, sometimes the best thing is to just take some time to yourself, recharge, and be renewed. It is good for you and good for your friends too that you remain true to yourself."

*With Pan's empathy not having an "off" switch, she is more susceptible to being pushed around by others' feelings. Doesn't mean she lets it happen often, but still.

Igatho says, "Oh! OK!"

Igatho reaches her hands for the target, but is sure to stay at least a couple feet away. She does the baby grabby-hands thing toddlers do, opening and closing her hands. Then takes a deep, slow breath and tries again.

The target starts to stand, but flops back down the moment Igatho squeals with excitement! "I did it! Did you see?!"
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Pan Flute:
Igatho says, "Oh! OK!"

Igatho reaches her hands for the target, but is sure to stay at least a couple feet away. She does the baby grabby-hands thing toddlers do, opening and closing her hands. Then takes a deep, slow breath and tries again.

The target starts to stand, but flops back down the moment Igatho squeals with excitement! "I did it! Did you see?!"

"That's it!" Jamie's voice was excited and her smile bright. "You're getting there, Child. Keep it up."  She continued to sheer the frost giant girl on as she could feel that not-quite-pretend-now hand beyond her arm touch, feel, and lift that toy.
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
He nodded listening to her blushing as she kissed his forehead. Now he was getting mixed feelings on wether she was big sister or motherly. Either way it was refreshing to treated like this given how he was used to just being ignored. he could tell from her eyes she genuinely cared about his well being. which in turned caused him to blush harder and look away.
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
  Tark nods, and of course focuses on the most important detail in the room.  "Well, I guess you are more used to shooting than smashing, Nathan.  So maybe this will be good practice for both of you."

  Come on Nathan, that was standing up longer than a thwak ye mole target does.

OOC: My crankiest character can sympathize with Meiou's bafflement at Pan seeming too nice to be true.
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Thu 11 Oct 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Nathan had a feeling that including SMASH in the equation would be the key.

He sings a victory song for Igatho and dances with jazz-hands.

"You did it!
You did it!

(( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCw4_XgouA ))

To Joe he grins impishly, and keeps swinging so Igatho can keep trying.
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Sun 14 Oct 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Pan smiles, having a subtle blush of her own before walking with Meiou some more, quietly.

After an hour or so, Pan brings Meiou back to the others only for Meiou to see Igatho giggling as she watches a target stand up and get smashed by Nathan again and again. The frost tot has gotten the hang of using mage hand, it seems. How she did that so quickly is a mystery.

But when Igatho sees Meiou she says, "Mew!" and crawls towards him.

Pan looks to the others. "What did we miss?"
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
In reply to Pan Flute (msg # 447):

Jamie never stopped applauding Igatho on her success.  "Way to go, sweetie!  You just took your first step into a much greater world."

(In fact, in Jamie's imagination, she sees a grown-up Igatho as a Frost Giant Lady as comfortable with magic as she'd be with a tree trunk of a club.)
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Thu 1 Nov 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Meiou looked at all that was going on taking it in. He looked to Pan and said goodbye to pan and waved to igatho before leaving just flat out ignoring jamie in slight frustration and annoyance. Pan would be capable of telling his emotions had changed upon realizing what the witch had been doing. She will teach the child sure no problem with that but not once had she made effort to go through with her promise to teach him let alone train sarah any further.
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
  Tark doesn't need to be an Empath to work out the highly specific emotions a so called apprentice would feel. But this timeline has Jamie acting like a proper witch more often in front of Tark, so Pan can only sense a light eyeroll rather than simmering irritation from the Half-Orc.
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Nathan is ever so pleased that Igatho is having so much fun!  He excuses helping the tot learn magic because the girl's been very very responsible with the rather sizable power she already has.  The only uncertainty remains with the ghost-eating witch.  Unfortunately, Nathan doesn't pick up on Meiou's annoyance with Jamie, much less the reason why, or he would immediately offer to coach Meiou as well.  You're much better off getting lessons from me and Igatho than a soul-eater anyway, Nathan would likely assure Meiou, No telling what dark strings are attached to her magic lessons.

Nathan gives a big wave to welcome Pan and Meiou.  "Hiya, Meiou!  Ni hao, Pan!"

He begins to do his signature aerial dancing above Igatho while he sings,

♪♫ "Come and join your good friends!
We're all ready to play!
And now that you're here,
It's a super special day!" ♬


"Igatho learned mage hand!"

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Fri 16 Nov 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
While Pan appreciates the greeting from Nathan, and finds it cute, Meiou's being upset far outweighed that. "Um... Ni Hao, Nathan. Sorry, but please excuse me." and starts to rush off after Meiou.

Igatho appreciates the wave, but watches Meiou curiously, completely clueless as to what has him upset. She gets a pouty expression. Then looks at Tark, Nathan and Jamie. "Meiou's sad. I wanna make him feel better... What can I do to make him feel better? I like hugs, but he doesn't. I wanted to play, but he didn't."

She flops to her butt and sucks on her thumb, pondering.

Pan looks a little torn. Sure, she wants to go and hold Meiou. But... she stops herself and heads over to Jamie and says quietly, "I think you need to talk with him, Jamie. I can feel it. He needs you."

Doesn't mean Pan can't follow from a distance and listen in. But still.
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Fri 16 Nov 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
In reply to Pan Flute (msg # 452):

Jamie nods at Igatho and pats him by the side.  "I'll do so, sweetie, I'll teach ya another magic later after you get used to practicing with that."

She then walks past Pan and gives her a knowing wink.  Pan could sense her mischievous and care for Meiou flowing over from the witch.

Meanwhile, Meiou all of the sudden feels himself being hugged all over every square inch of his body and her voice cooing from inside his head.  "Awwwww, Meiou, my dear rogue," he heard her voice said, sweet as honey and smooth as silk.  "Don't be so sad.  Come over to me and talk to me about it.  You can trust me, after all.  I only wished that you will."

Through Meiou's warlock-like connection, he is certain that she's very worried about him.  Also, although it is easily resisted, Meiou could feel a pull to go over to his Witch.

"I know you want me to teach you magic, but you have to trust me, Meiou," He heard her siren voice say.  "You must let me in, let me work through you.  I won't hurt you as Pippkin would.  I can soothe your heart and instill the magic in your mind.  You just have to allow me to be a part of you.  Let me see through your eyes, hear through your ears, allow me to guide you, ever so gently, along this path, as your mistress, your patron, your beloved Witch."

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Mon 26 Nov 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
The rabbit winced feeling the witch poking around in his mind and quickly responded "No you dont seem to understand i've given you chances but you always go off to do something else. This case teaching magic to someone NOT me. I never said you would hurt me though you came awfully close by accident , you want to guide me then stop being ever so mysterious and come out with it. Not even Pip wasted the chance to train me when he found me.
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
  "It's understandable to be frustrated, Igatho.  But for the moment, we should hope Jamie knows the right thing to do." Instead of what she thinks is the 'clever' thing do to.  Tark may be the most boring PC in a fifty mile radius, but it's done wonders for straightforward social interactions.
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Much as Nathan feels for Igatho, he's more concerned about Meiou now that the witch is trying to put her hooks into him.  He could technically try and eavesdrop on her part of the conversation with a spell, but hearing Meiou's half is enough to fill in the blanks.

"Please stay," she's probably saying, "I'm your friend.  Yes.  Made a mistake.  Yeees.  Staay.  Pleease.  Will teach you magic.  Yes.  Just let me eat your soul.  A small price, isn't it?  Yeeessss.  Small price."

Nathan searches his mental library of songs about untrustworthy women, and is ready to get all heavy metal to warn Meiou of the trap if need be.  (( https://d3gqasl9vmjfd8.cloudfr...6bd-facb5c83f85c.png ))  But song lyrics have a bad tendency to be either too ambiguous or too specific about romance when it comes to treacherous women.

"Kinda telling that she feels the need to hide what she's saying by using telepathy, isn't it?  I'm sure me and Igatho could openly get you what you want.  No secret conversations needed.  Just remember this is the same woman who recently devoured several malevolent ghosts.  No telling who that voice in your head is, or what their true intentions are."

Nathan can't help himself and sings the chorus to "Maneater."

(( https://youtu.be/q5x6XZ-CcKU?t=88 ))
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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Pan heads over to Nathan (interposing herself between Meiou/Jamie and Nathan), half-cooing at him and says, "Shh.. Nathan... those two are friends. Please let them try to work it out on their own terms. I can tell you I'm not worried for Meiou's safety around Jamie. And remember... I know exactly how both of them feel. Jamie is concerned for Meiou and Meiou would rather keep his feelings confidential... so of course, Jamie is going to use telepathy. For privacy. It's OK, Nathan."

Meanwhile, Igatho looks at Tark, looks in Jamie's direction, and looks down. "...tay." her li'l voice says in a defeated tone. The baby clearly cares a lot for Meiou, but is smart enough to trust what her friends are saying. Even if she doesn't understand why she can't cheer up Meiou.

Pan says, "C'mon... let's find an activity for the four of us while Jamie and Meiou talk things out in their own way."
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Fri 30 Nov 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
In reply to Pan Flute (msg # 457):

And when Jamie heard Meiou complaint, she just scooped him up into a hug.  "And I'm very sorry about that, my dear.  With all that's been going around in these past few weeks, I've just been missing signs right and left."

(That, Jamie would complain to herself, and the idiot playing me is allowing his autism to do the speaking.)

At this close, Jamie was able to whisper into the rabbit's ears.  (nobody else hears this)  "It'll be far easier to teach you magic then Igatho, but I'll be asking you to form the pact proper.  It'll request something out of you that few people would want to do, but you'll get a lot of benefit out of it.  I'll explain it to you up front.

"I need more than just a rogue and a thief, I need someone to be my eyes and ears, and go places where I can't for one reason or another.  I need to be able to link into your mind, see through your eyes and hear through your ears, maybe even guide you from the inside.  I don't want to completely take over you as Pippkin would, or make you do things that you'd wouldn't do.  But through this connection, this linking of our hearts, you'll be able to assist me a lot more, and the magic will flow through you like your own blood.  You have my word on that if you'd let me that is."

She then pulled Meiou away.  "If you want to think about it, that's okay.  But if you're ready, I've got everything ready in my liar."

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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
he shook his head listening to Jamie try to swoon him over with her sweet talk. "Jamie stop beating around the bush. I never thought you would treat me like him since our pact . Look we can start tomorrow or whenever we have a free moment next. Right now I just need a moment to myself. "
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Thu 13 Dec 2018
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
  "I mean, that would be true if she made him sign some lopsided contract before even teaching him magic he would have been able to figure out without her Nathan.  But hopefully it's her just trying to keep some of his private details, well, private, like Pan says." It's a good thing Tark can't read the SPECTACULAR typo of 'ready in my liar'.  At least, we assume it was a typo.

  The half-Orc goes to hug the technically tiny giant.  "Emotional baggage is always a confusing subject, even when you get older."  As he nods to Pan's suggestion.

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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Reluctant though Nathan may be to relent to Pan's point, he can't really think of how a villain could pull the wool over her eyes in this case.  And Jamie giving Meiou an actual hug instead of a fake magical one no one else can see is going a long way to support Pan's claims.

"Would a few words spared to the rest of us kill anyone?" Nathan counters.

Settling on just "Jamie's being rude" compared to "probably trying to devour Meiou's soul" is a HUGE improvement.

Seeing as Tark covered the toddler cuddles, Nathan spares a small smile for the two of them.  He tries to figure out how to explain for Igatho.

"'Emotional baggage' is a metaphor.  That means that there aren't any real bags involved.  I'll give an example.  Suppose Pan finds out later that she was wrong.  One of the ghosts inside Jame really did hurt Meiou after she told me to stop being so suspicious.  Then Pan would have to 'carry' the 'heavy' emotions of feeling like she made a bad choice.  That's why people call it 'baggage.'  Because the more bad choices they make, the heavier those feelings become.  Just like more bags are heavier than less bags.  Fortunately, grown-ups are emotionally strong.  So they can carry plenty of emotional baggage around just fine."

He'll stop there.  Because how to you explain stuff like 'coping mechanisms?'  Are those the baggage carousels?  The wheels on the bottom of your emotional baggage?  Or those trolleys you put your baggage on.  Yeah.  Maybe that.

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Tue 1 Jan 2019
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
Igatho leans on Tark and reflexively hugs him back. She listens to Tark and then Nathan's explanation of what Tark meant.

Igatho's thought process:

Nathan: "'Emotional baggage' is a metaphor."

Igatho's mind: "Emotion bags are metal forks?"

Nathan: "That means that there aren't any real bags involved."

Igatho's mind: "...there is no fork..."

Nathan: "I'll give an example.  Suppose Pan finds out later that she was wrong.  One of the ghosts inside Jame really did hurt Meiou after she told me to stop being so suspicious."

Igatho's mind: "Then smash the ghost!" ^.^

Nathan: "Then Pan would have to 'carry' the 'heavy' emotions of feeling like she made a bad choice.  That's why people call it 'baggage.'"

Igatho's mind: "Wow... just like how I feel about not being able to make Meiou happy? Can I smash the bags that aren't there? Like I smashed the man who wasn't really there?"

Nathan: "Because the more bad choices they make, the heavier those feelings become.  Just like more bags are heavier than less bags."

Igatho's mind: "But how come they are heavy to me? I'm strong." :(

Nathan: "Fortunately, grown-ups are emotionally strong.  So they can carry plenty of emotional baggage around just fine."

Igatho's mind: "Emotion is a different kind of strong? Am I weak?"

Igatho responds to Nathan while still hugging Tark by pulling Nathan in for a hug as well. Still wanting to do something about Meiou at all, Igatho yells out to Meiou, "I love you, Meiou! Come play with me when you wanna!" her grip on Tark tightens, but it doesn't hurt.

Pan guides the others to a table so they can focus on a card game or food (or both).

(Jamie/Meiou can privately RP if they like, or we can go ahead and fast forward to the next day. But just lemme know when we're ready for the whole group to continue together and I'll start the next story)

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Sun 13 Jan 2019
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
In reply to Igatho (msg # 462):

While Jamie and Meiou are out elsewhere, Justin found his way near Igatho as he went around his rounds, touching back with the other villagers and doing what he can to make a domestic world, if not completely smooth, as smooth as possible.

"If you're wondering, Igatho, I just caught Meiou and Jamie going off into their lair. I guess they're going to form that coven of hers properly.  I hope you're not too sore over that grumpy rabbit."
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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
The squirrel maid had left the tavern and ventured over to the group. She politely spoke up
"Nathan Sweetie, could I perhaps pick your brain for a few? You see there's this new melody i'm working on but i've gotten myself into abit of a pickle and can't seem to figure out how to finish it. I was hoping someone musically inclined such as yourself might be what i need."
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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
  Not Parenting means being ready for a giant shouting next to your ear.

  "It's the reasons given to him to be grumpy that are the usual concern around here Justin.  Well, so far as 'at least half of us' goes as usual."

  Hopefully Nathan's habits for random songs will provide enough of a distraction for Sassy's offer to capitalize on.

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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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Re: Ęthercoil Parnast
If only Nathan knew what Igatho was thinking.  He'd be happy to teach her more.

Justin's insinuations about Meiou being equally villainous to Jamie, if not moreso, do not engender any confidence in Justin's sanity.  But since Tark found a much more diplomatic answer to that than what Nathan would likely have ranted, there's less need to rant.

"If that's Meiou being grumpy, he must be one of the sweetest men to have ever lived.  Now just imagine if he were given more reasons to be cheerful than not."

Sassy's question makes Nathan smile.  "I guess it depends on what you're hoping to communicate.  My personal preference is to end on a high note.  ♫ Dun dun nun nun nuuun! ♪  But sometimes ending on a low note can lend more impact and finality.  ♫ Duuun duuuuuun! ♪  I'll be happy to make some suggestions tailored more specific to your song.  May I hear it please?"

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