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Getting to know each other
After the interview with the mysterious Patron, everyone is given a room at the local Pathfinder lodge.  After settling in you find dinner is being served.  The man in charge indicates that your patron will be along shortly.

While we wait for me to look over characters and such, please introduce your characters to each other.
- Include anything they are well know for.
- Apperance
- Reputaion

Ahryn Rhyl
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Thu 17 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
A cloaked figure lounges casually in the corner, quietly observing the coming and goings of those around him as he pars his nails with a small jeweled dagger. At first glance you think he's reclining in a hammock hanging from the ceiling, but as your eyes assess the situation, you realize he's hovering in empty air...a showy waste of magic by any standard of decency.

He may be considered ruggedly handsome by some, with dark tanned skin, brilliant hazel eyes, light brown hair streaked with blond, and the subtle hint of a goatee, BUT the most notable feature however his his pointed ears, marking him as having elven blood flowing his obviously Varasian veins.

Slightly on the scrawny side, standing just a little over five and a half feet tall, his slender body almost seems obscured in the voluminous, multicolored patchwork cloak he wears over his clothing.  A long, elaborately embroidered, vibrantly colored scarf is wrapped around his neck hanging down to his waist, almost obscuring a pocketed bandoleer hanging across his chest, and a slender rapier hangs at his belt.

Those that have worked with the Pathfined society before may recognize him as Ahryn Rhyl, a half-elven treasure hunter famous for discovering many lost treasures and ancient artifacts...and infamous for losing his fortunes just as quickly.  Having grown up on the streets of Magnimar, practically raised under the shadow of the Irespan itself, he claims to have a sensitivity to bright light, wearing dark lensed spectacles when outside, sometimes even summoning a veil of shadow to dampen the light of the midday sun.

Some speculate that his elven heritage might be a bit darker that one might suspect at first glance, which they say accounts for his mastery of ancient languages and complex magics. Most just don't care, he among them, hell, even he doesn't know for sure, but it's nothing to lose sleep over.

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Cashel Os'Kenset
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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
At thr sound of food being serves,Cashel comes in from his spot just outside the door. A large man stands before towering over six feet in size. The first thing you notice about him are huge rippling muscles under the leather outfit. Upon looking at the outfit, you notice that the thread holding it together appears change in color as you look at it, making them stands out in start contrast. A broad leather belt covered in studs matches the armor, it's stitchings too showing out in contrast. The only weapons on his person are a well used dagger on his waist a quarterstaff in his hands. His left hand has a simple gold ring on his ring-finger, which may explain the ease of his demenor behind the stricking green eyes and the constant slight smile on his scruffy face.
  A slight look on unease at the formal setting washes over him, momentairily, only to be replaces with a resigned look. He carefully sets his staff down and takes a seat.  After a little you finally think of the name that goes with the face, Cashel Os'Kenset. A wanderer who originally hailed from The Shackles, yet he was not a pirate. His story was popularized in a set of books someone wrote about his constant need to rescue his girlfriend.
  Those in the Pathfinder Society, know that while he isn't an official member of the society, his close friends are, and he's sort of an honary member by association, and that no-one has been brave enough to make him leave when he shows up, not that he's even harmed anyone who didn't wholely deserve it.
Zuran Stronghammer
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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
Zuran Stronghammer walks into the dining hall. He is a powerfully built dwarven man with a long, light amber colored beard, braided with gold chain. He has forgone his armor in favor of a simple explorer's outfit, though his warhammer, with a head in the shape of a great silver dragon is still attached to his belt.

He takes a seat, and looks around, giving acknowledgement of his fellow diners, but not saying anything.
Aurellion Dionysis
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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
At a table sits a six foot tall elf, his golden hair hanging loose down to his shoulders. He wears extravagant, sapphire blue robes embroidered with gold thread, leather bracers embroidered withe runes, a longsword on one hip, a quiver on the other, and a composite longbow rests next to him.

Those in the Pathfinder Society would recognize him as a member. Aurellion is known to have recovered artifacts from the ruins of Rhu-Karan, pulled the Mystic Orb of Nyx from the Tower of Wrath, and suffered Sosern's Curse and lived to tell the tale.
Mirabella Mavashti
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Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
    Surrounded by the various giant-sized adventurers and the halfway normal sized dwarf, Mirabella Mavashti is also present, though any who had heard of her would know she usually simply goes by "Miri" among friends.   At an even three feet tall, she's possibly one of the harder individuals to notice in this gathering.  A white shirt - some sort of silk, it seems - is draped up her torso, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and the top two buttons undone.  This is not to show off her chest, as some of the cruder individuals she'd encountered had suggested, but simply to allow easier passage of air - she loved the sensation of a cool breeze against her skin.  She loved all sorts of sensations, really, and she had an even greater love of discovering more.    Currently, the coolness of her clothes was overlain by the presence of a thin leather breastplate, seeming too flimsy to offer real protection - it was likely enchanted to be sturdier than it appeared.   Less cool air, but less chance of a dagger in her ribs. It was a compromise.

   The bit of bare arm resultant from the rolled up sleeves was cut off by the presence of thick leather gloves, the materiel seeming to match the wide-brimmed feathered cap across her short-cropped scarlet hair and copper eyes.  A golden hoop earring on her right ear was the only adornment on her face.  More leather, in the form of a square-buckled belt, wrapped tightly around her waist, a scabbard that indicated some sort of curved blade dwelt within attached to it.  Bright red breeches, almost the same shade as her hair, and sturdy boots completed the diminutive woman's ensemble.

   Mirabella "Miri" Mavashti was not a member of the Pathfinder Society any more than Cashel was, but like him, her paths had crossed with them on a repeated basis.  Miri's passion was new experiences.  She loved to see new places, try new foods, learn about new cultures, slay new monsters, and anything else that could be perceived as a novel and unexpected treat.  With such natural inclinations, she had spent quite a bit of her existence traveling, occasionally allied with an adventuring company, occasionally on her own, and as such, she had developed a reputation among the Society - and the adventuring community at large - as someone who simply "showed up".  You were never quite sure which cosmopolitan metropolis, which ancient ruin, or which festival or gathering she would appear in next.  This had led to her joining in on adventures she'd never originally been a part of, simply because what the adventuring group was doing seemed fun and new and interesting and exciting to her, and she insisted on tagging along.  Nobody knew Miri that personally, but almost everyone who'd been in the game for awhile knew OF her. She didn't really stick with permanent groups, she wasn't the sort to go in for a charter, but if there was a mystery to be solved or a previously unknown locale to explore, she was always up for it.  Sometimes she'd already be there when your expedition arrived, even.   And though halflings weren't normally a race with a reputation for battle prowess, she was known to be pretty good with her sword and quick on her feet.

   It was thus somewhat unusual, to any who knew her by reputation, that she'd actually answer a summons from the Society and sign on at the START of an adventure or expedition, rather than letting her wanderings allow her to fall into one by happenstance.

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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
The Pathfinder Venture Captain that you met before enters and smiles, "Welcome, I hope dinner is fine."  He looks around, "So many wonderful stories all together.  If only we had more time."  He sits down at 1 of the 2 empty chairs, "The desert wastes of Osirion have always been home to competing clans of nomadic elementals of air and sand, best known for ushering in the blinding khamsin on a seasonal basis. Something changed this year, though, and the elementals went berserk, scouring the desert with tireless fury. Thousands of tons of desert  sand shifted, with entire towns buried and valuable oases lost. As a result, the caravan roads have become incredibly deadly. But one man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity, for in the valleys and canyons left behind by the storms, ancient wonders from fantastic myths have resurfaced. A dozen previously unknown pyramids now miraculously rise from the sand.
   Word has spread. Renowned treasure hunters from across the globe congregate in Sothis, Osirion’s bustling capital, to prepare for some of the most anticipated dungeon delves in centuries. Within this community of rogues, bandits, mercenaries, and tomb robbers, a rumor has spread like wildfire. One of these resurfaced structures towering out of the desert floor is none other than the legendary pyramid complex of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension.
   We are hoping you can find the location of the Pact Stone from this tomb.  Then continue on and find the Pact Stone.
   He takes a long drink and looks at the door and other empty chair, "So the offer is this, your Patron, who seems to be late, will pay for transportation, lodging and food.  The Pathfinder Society will arrange for and pay the necessary duties and fees for exploration permits, and more importantly, we have an agent who says they have found a survivor from the last expedition to have found it many years ago.  In return we ask for you each to keep a journal of the trip, rights to make a fair offer on any artifacts you recover and the Patron will get the Pact Stone, and a chest of seeds (ooc; and maybe 1 other item to be edited in when I remember it...).  Otherwise shares will be divided 7 ways.  A full share to each of you (5), 1 to the PFS(6) and 1 to the Patron(7)."  He again looks at the door and empty chair before asking, "Any questions?"

DC 5: During the third age of the black sphinx, ancient osirion was, for a time, ruled by a union of four feuding pharaohs known as the Four pharaohs of ascension. DC 10: the Four pharaohs of ascension were
anok Fero, the cerulean pharaoh;
hetshepsu, the Fiend pharaoh;
ankana, the radiant pharaoh; and
the pharaoh of Numbers, who’s true name is lost to time.
Although each brought different strengths to the union, all were equal.
DC 15: Legends say the Four pharaohs of ascension were bound by a magical pact that intertwined their fates: they lived together, ruled together, and were fated to die together.
DC 20: the Four pharaohs of ascension are a popular subject of study by osirionologists from the devil-influenced nation of cheliax. the tyranny of the Four pharaohs is something of an inspiration to chelish loyalists.
DC 25: the pharaoh of Numbers was both an astronomer and an architect. his passion was his study of the distant planet aucturn, and some legends claim aucturn inspired the magic that fueled the pharaohs’ binding pact and its influence infused the design of the pyramid that now entombs the bodies of the four pharaohs.

Ahryn Rhyl
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Mon 21 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
Ahryn stretches lazily in the corner, rotating to an upright position and settling his feet on the floor.

“I assume our Patron is busy making the arrangement for our expedition?”

“Ancient Osirion culture is utterly fascinating, the third age and the four pharaohs of ascension in particular, but her deserts can be quite brutal. The blazing hot sands can not only bake your brains… especially if you’re wearing a cast iron oven,” he darts a teasing glance at the heavily armored dwarf. “But, the glare of the sun reflecting off the sands themselves can cause blindness or even insanity without taking the proper precautions and those same sands can quickly turn into a million daggers if a wind storn hist suddenly. Not to mention the problem with finding water and shelter without an experienced guide. And as hot as the day is, the nights can be just as cold…and deadly if ghouls come out to roam. And speaking of undead, are we prepared to face the pyramid’s guardians? Typically, ancient mummified warriors and monstrous guardian statures that come to life to crush you into a bloody pulp, and whatever else hellish traps and curses the pharaoh had put into place.”

Cashel Os'Kenset
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Mon 21 Jul 2014
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Re: Getting to know each other
Cashel looks to Ahryl, "Surviving in the wilderness should not be that difficult. I have yet to find anyplace where things don't survive." Looking back to the Venture Captain, "What is the purpose of the Pact Stone? Does it contain list history, power to guard people from demons, or what else?"