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World Background Notes

Valarez – Large metroplois, ruled by a council, has a royalty figurehead who lead the council, very diverse, accepting of many races and religions, temperate climate, exports ore from Shadowrock Mountains and wood from Amber Woods, allies with Craw, Concordia, and Perriculum, enemies with Ferrignis

Ferrignis – City, main races are human, orc, half-creatures, Viking-raider mentality mainly to north, protected by mountain regions, ruled by an authoritarian emperor and his military

Craw – Ruled by religious leaders, strong belief in The Mother, main races are Lentakri and Centakri, main export is shadowrock from Shadowrock Mountains

Concordia – small town, ruled by a mayor, mainly halfling and gnome, some other small humanoids, value science and basic machinery, have large basic inefficient machinery

Perriculum – medium-sized town, large wizards tower, famous training college for spellcasters, mostly elves, ruled by college faculty of 11 wizards (one of each school), small town around tower supports students

Obdurare – dry plains, mostly humans and dwarves, make glass product and refine gems

Tolero – small town, home to several master craftsmen most notably several who work with monster hides and parts


Shadowrock Mountains
– shadowy black rocks, rumors that the rocks whisper to you in the dark and have been said to drive mortals mad

Amber Woods – the plants turn a reddish brown color all year round, the wood if harvested is said to hold necromantic properties

Razz Swamp – used for clay, said to be home to undead some of which seem less malevalant than normal undead

Amicus Ocean – unusually calm ocean, rarely has storms or large waves, monsters never enter the water

Asper Bay – unusually rough waters, many waves and storms, bay is home to several watery horrors

Castle Antrim - The castle in Valarez is named for the Antrim Guard.  They are a specialized unit of mostly centakri/lentakri soldiers who secretly performed operations around the Senectus and Ferrignis area.  They are all devoted to The Mother and look to make this world better through their actions.

City Details

Ruler: King Elwin and Queen Mina(figureheads and council members), coucil of 7 headed by King, includes experts in arcane magic, divine magic, warfare, scouting/spying, finance, king, and queen
1st Impression: Huge metropolis full of many different races, even some unusual.  Just about anything you want to find can be found here if you know where to look.
Races: human 20% elf 10% dwarf 10% gnome 10% halfling 10% half-orc 5% half-elf 5% tiefling 3% aasimar 3% drow 2% orc 2% goblin 3% kobold 2% merfolk 1% ratfolk 2% half-ogre 1% centuar 1% half-dragon 2% giants 1% fey 1% gnoll 2% troll 1% lizardmen 2% blink dog 1%
Population: 2,400,000
business: exports amber wood, shadow rocks, lumber, iron, copper, silver, precious gems

Ruler: Raf (high priest of The Mother), the next highest ranking priest makes decisions in his place and so on
1st Impression: Quaint village surrounded by many overly magical items and places.  The Mother worshiped by almost all residents.  Majority of town are Lentakri or Centakri.
Races: Lentakri 48% Centakri 48% human 2% elf 1% dwarf 1%
Population: 30,000
notable npcs: Raf (high priest), Atch (sorcerer centakri, previous ruler turned adventurer), Asheroth (“bard” fighter, half-dragon), Symon (ranger elf)

Ruler: Emperor Vargas
1st Impression: large raider community, well developed city, community spirit, warriors and guards ruthless, large sorcerer and tiefling communities
Races: human 40% tiefling 20% orc 20% drow 20%
Population: 80,000
notable npcs: Skarvalon (human ranger, dragon mount), Doom Lord Geryon (drow fighter), Malveese (orc cleric), Kald (tiefling sorcerer)
[each npc unofficially leads their respective race while still following Vargas]

Ruler: Lord and Lady Elthwai (elf wizard specialists), decisions made on council of the other 7 master wizards but final decision is always the Elthwais.
1st Impression: huge tower surrounded by a small village.  The village supports the college of magic inside the tower.
Races: elves 50% human 20% dwarf 5% gnome 10% halfling 5% goblin 2% half-elf 2% half-orc 2% tiefling 2% aasimar 2%
Population: 20,000
notable npcs: Lord Elthwai (elf diviner), Lady Elthwai (elf enchanter), Greetch (drow necromancer), Thrak (dwarf abjurer), Gordie (gnome illusionist), Simo'in (elf transmuter), Lyrsoen (elf evoker), Montgumery (elf conjurer)

Ruler: Mayor Mitron (halfing)
1st impression: Entire town is made to accommodate the stature of gnome and halflings.  The two races seem segregated into two districts though there is no animosity.  The halfling district homes farms and cooks while the gnomish district homes large machinery and smithies.
Races: Halfling 55% gnome 42% goblin 1% kobold 1% svirfneblin 1%
Population: 40,000
notable npcs: Mayor Mitron (halfling), Wesson (halfling holy gun)

Ruler: Elder Carleon (dwarf fighter)
1st Impression: Beautiful glass structures speckle the clay huts of this town.  Dwarves and humans walk about in harmony crafting glass and gem structures, jewelry, and decorations.
Races: dwarves 45% humans 50% gnomes 2% half-elves 2% half-orc 1%
Population: 30,000
notable npcs: Carleon (dwarf fighter), General Harsk (dwarf fighter)

Ruler: Bellson (half-elf ranger) unofficial leader of community
1st Impression: Tiny town of scattered houses and huts.   Many decorated with grizzly monster trophies.
Races: 20% human, 20% half-elf, 20% half-orc, 10% orc, 10% half-ogre, 5% half-dragon, 5% tiefling, 5% aasimar, 5% half-elemental
Population: 500
notable npcs: Bellson (half-elf ranger, devil hunter), Lamech (human forsaker)

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Re: World Background Notes

Cooper, John: An engineer for hire.  He works cheap but often takes shortcuts.

Cordule: Lieutenant of the city guard.  In charge of the West Third.  Rumored to be a morally upright and just dwarven woman.

Domo: Recently retired Captain of the city guard.

Flessel: Owner of the White Dragon.  Father to Elsin, Fless, and Kezra.

Flynn, Erica: Human engineer who is underused due to prejudices against a female engineer.  Missing husband Flynn had been kidnapped and brainwashed by a local cult who worshiped a mutated giant toad.

Frum: Half-orc specializing in warfare engineering (siege engines, etc.).

Gri: Leader in the kobold community in the West Third.

Hearth: Hearth was a member of a famous adventuring group that has ties to King Elwin prior to the grand exodus.  Many in Valarez know him in at least name and he has a reputation as a good and generous man.  His former group members included Balen, Maeve, Claire, and Jackson.  (as well as a few less known members due to less permanent status within the group)  The group itself never had an official name, but the Senectus Sun frequently called them by several different alliterative names such as The Decimators of Doom and The Destroyers of Doom due to Hearth's legendary defeat of the Ferrignian general Geron (often called the Doom Lord).

Kezra Callie: Kezra is well known as a member of the ruling council of Valarez.

Luca Grey: Former Lieutenant of the city guardin  charge of the South Third.  Recently promoted to captain after Capt. Domo retired.  Claim to fame was solving a 30 year cold case involving the Valarez zoo hiding and selling dragon eggs.

Mud: Mud is a member of the ruling council of Valarez.  He is considered the magic expert of the group, having more influence on matters involving magic and arcane matters.

O'Malley: Former adventurer who retired to run an inn.  O'Malley wanted to create a place where adventurers could come to find work and used his wealth and connections to build a legendary inn on the eastern shore of the main continent.  After the grand exodus he began to rebuild in Valarez.

Quix: Gnome artificer, loves to tell "stories" and reverse engineer items.  "Donated" the throne to the crafters guild in exchange for a share of any profits made from magical items created using the throne.

Quist, William: A former explorer and cartographer.  He is elderly now and long retired.  Most of the island Valarez is located on and

Rast: Lieutenant of the city guard.  In charge of the North Third.  Comes from a wealthy merchant family.

Tilth Oakleaf: Elven master engineer who charges appropriately large sums for his work.  He knows his worth and is not humble about his skill or his fee.

Trem Granitefeet: Dwarven engineer specializing in stonework, prefers to work underground.

Velkarah: Exotic animal trainer and well known jerk.  She is an expert in animals and the local wilderness.

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Re: World Background Notes
Extra Background Knowledge for Skills

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Re: World Background Notes
Basics of downtime rules

Accomplishing tasks in your downtime requires capital: goods, influence, labor, and/or magic.

Several ways to gain capital

1) Pay outright. (expensive)
2) Pay for resources and earn capital (less expensive but takes time)
3) Earn capital through skills/abilities (free but more time required)

During each downtime “turn” you must:

1) pay any upkeep (each week you lose 1 of each type of capital)
2) perform downtime activities(to earn capital)
3) determine the effects of your current and past downtime activities and any capital gained.

If you build a building it requires certain rooms to be included.  Until all rooms are completed the building is under construction.  You may work on a building bit by bit.

The full rules are here:

I intend to use these as a guideline and not an exact science as I am new to this system and have yet to judge it’s functionality.

Update:  The following updates to the downtime rules will be applied after day 3 of downtime.
-The attrition rules have been removed.
-When rolling for capital you may choose one of two options.  Earn gps and roll using the given rules.  Choose a single type of capital to gain for the building and roll using the rules for earning gps (rounding down).  You do not need to pay to earn capital in this way.
-Buildings may still be built using gps, but you may also use capital to build them using the given capital costs x10.  i.e. if a magic hut cost 12 labor and 8 magic to build or 500gp you may either spend 500gps or 120 labor and 80 magic.

-Capital may be spent on the following in addition to all standard rules.

influence - buy favors from others
-100 other business (ex. local smith)
-500 connected npc (ex, Lt. Grey - city guard Lt.)
-1000 council member (any of six besides the king)
-5000 king

labor - effect events

-100 force a random beneficial event to be rolled for you
-500 cancel an event that has been rolled
-1000 pick an event

goods - set up trading routes

- spend 100 to earn 200gp in 1 week
- spend 500 to earn 1500gp in 2 weeks
- spend 1000 to earn 7500gp in 1 month

magic -

Thone of Empowerment
(Thanks to Jahi on the input for this one.)

This throne absorbs spells or spell-like abilities into itself. The magic absorbed must be a single-target spell or a ray directed at the throne. The throne then nullifies the spell's effect and stores its potential until the occupant releases this energy in the form of spells of her own. She can instantly detect a spell's level as the throne absorbs that spell's energy. Absorption requires no action on the part of the throne’s occupant.

The occupant may then use the spell levels absorbed by the throne to cast a single  spell.  It need not be a spell that the occupant knows, nor even a spell that the occupant is capable of casting: however, it must be a spell that the occupant is aware of, can describe.

There are a number of restrictions.

• The throne may only be used once per day
• Once the occupant is seated in the throne, all of their remaining spell allocating is sucked into the throne.  The occupant will not be able to cast any more spells that day.
• Should the occupant leave the throne before casting the spell, all spell levels stored in the throne are discharged in a harmless rainbow of color.  The person who sat in the throne cannot cast spells for the rest of the day and the throne will not operate until the next day.

The throne is not an efficient way of casting spells, as it needs to absorb many spell levels before it can cast a spell.  The following chart will be used for casting spells based on absorbing spell levels (middle column) or using magic capital (last column).

spell level to castspells levels that must be absorbedmagic capital to use

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