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World Main Religions

The Mercurial Dragon


Domains: glory, good, law, metal, nobility, scalykind, strength

Story: Once a great kingdom fell under attack from a horde of goblinkind.  As a child the king had heard stories about a group of formidable dragons living in the nearby mountains.  He sent a dozen of his strongest knights to find the dragons and plead for their help.  Four knights went to the gold mines, four knights went to the silver mines, and four knights went to the copper mines.

Several weeks passed and the king had nearly given up hope, he took his knights for dead.  The kingdom could not survive many more attacks.  One of each of the groups of knights returned hauling a large cart of metal, one of gold, one of silver, and one of copper.  Each told the king the same story.  They found a single dragon remaining who promised to help the king as long as he did exactly as they said and did not ask the knights any questions.  The king did as the dragons asked and melted down the metal, had a huge iron dragon statue made, and coated the statue in the gold, silver, copper mixture.

The next morning the statue came to life and seemed to grow even as it spoke.  It told the king it possessed the greatest attributes of each of it's parts and would help the king because of the sacrifice his knights had made.  The dragon destroyed the goblinkind and returned to the kingdom's temple district.  As it landed the dragon sat in the street, laid down it's head, then uttered a final request before turning back into a statue.  The people honored the dragon's wish and built a temple around the dragon.

Later the king called the three knights who had brought the metal to him.  He asked what the great sacrifice had been.  The knights each told a different story with the same ending.  In a hopeless situation a dragon spirit appeared and offered to save the knights if they could make a great sacrifice.  The knights all asked for the kingdom to be saved over their own lives.  Each dragon transformed three of the knights into precious metal and instructed the remaining knight to return to the king and not tell him where the metal had come from.

Followers: Those who value good, law, order, nobility, honor, and sacrifice follow the Mercurial Dragon.  Many vow to protect a certain people, place, or rarely idea.  Soldiers and good priests are often draw to the Mercurial Dragon.

Symbol: A shinning silvery dragon with patches of gold and copper laying with it's head on the ground.

The Mother


Domains: animal, community, healing, magic, plant, protection, time

Story: It is said that the mother created her own race, one of mental and physical perfection in her eyes.  However, they began to argue among one another about who The Mother favored most and soon fights erupted.  Fights led to families taking sides and feuds.  Feuds led to war.  In an attempt to stop the fighting The Mother split the race into two, the centakri and the lentakri.  When a centakri was killed a lentakri was born in it's place and vice versa.  The killing continued, but soon the lines of friend and foe became blurred.  Was that lentakri really lentakri or a former centakri?  How many times had he been reborn?  Did he know the secrets of both sides?  The fighting stopped and never since have the two races fought.

It is rumored that The Mother provides the world with magic, especially the magic used to travel across great distances and to strange unknown places.  Another rumor exists that those who give full believe and love over to The Mother have been given a second chance in a great time of need.  The Mother's magic is so strong she can alter the flow of time and rewind a single moment enough to provide her follower with a true second chance.

Followers: Those who value life, nature, animals, and magic are common followers of The Mother.  Druids, rangers, wizards, and sorcerers all commonly worship The Mother.

Symbol: A melting hourglass.



Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Repose, Void

Story: It is said that Ennui was a great wizard who became so powerful that he became bored with life.  Knowing the process to become a god he transcended to godhood.  Due to his boredom there was no place for him among the other gods and they cursed him to forever live as a god the way he lived as a mortal.  Ennui is forever bored and apathetic towards even his own followers.  He is charged with karmic balance in the world.  Where great unbalance is found his followers call Ennui to restore balance.

Followers: Those who value balance or search for the unknown are common followers of Ennui.  Druids. Wizards, and clerics occasionally worship Ennui.

Symbol: A gray circular arrow.

The Trickster, The Two-Faced Trickster, The Laughing Liar


Domain: charm, evil, glory, knowledge, law, trickery

Story: The Two-Faced Trickster, sometimes simply called The Trickster, has had many names and faces.  He delights in fooling those he deems less intelligent and taking advantage of those foolish enough to fall for his tricks.

The most infamous story of The Trickster is one where he was called The Laughing Liar.  There was a small town where a very kind man lived.  The townsfolk loved him, but also protected him.  They knew he was very gullible.  A strange man came to town and asked the kind man if he could stay in his home.  The kind man agreed and the stranger laughed.  The next morning the stranger ate the breakfast the kind man had made then asked for the kind man's portion telling him that he hadn't eaten in weeks.  The kind man gave the stranger his portion and the stranger laughed.

Together they walked to town where the kind man needed to buy new tools to earn a living.  The Laughing Liar, as the town began to call him, told the kind man he could make the man much more with a pig.  The kind man bought the pig and gave it to the stranger who laughed.  While leaving the market two horses broke loose from a carriage and charged down the street toward the pig.  The Laughing Liar yelled tho the kind man to save the pig, for it was a special pig and holy in his religion.  The kind man threw himself in front of the horses and was trampled.  The others in town quickly got the kind man to a hospital.

The doctors and clerics looked at the kind man and told him they were not knowledgeable or strong enough to save him.  The Laughing Liar told the kind man he could save him if he turned from his god and worshiped a god called The Trickster.  The kind man agree and soon passed away.  The townsfolk asked the Laughing Liar why he did such a thing when he could not help the kind man.  The Laughing Liar simply laughed as he walked out of the hospital and out of town petting his new pet pig, which he named gullible.

Followers: Those who value intelligence, superiority, and mischief worship The Trickster.  Evil clerics, wizards, barabrians, monks, and fighters often worship The Trickster.

Symbol: A human head in profile with a face on each end.

Vedainerad Solliwoudac


Domains: chaos, darkness, death, destruction, earth, evil, madness, magic

Story: There was once an adventurer who tilted toward evil.  He used necromancy and dealt with devils to improve his own power.  This adventurer was very clever and managed to trick many devils.  The devils became angry and went to Ennui.  They told Ennui that balance was needed so Ennui arranged a competition between many powerful adventurers and included a prize so powerful that the evil adventurer could not resist, godhood.

Ennui's plan was not foolproof.  The evil adventurer was very clever and won the competition, besting dwarven paladins, revenants seeking retribution, and twisted wizards with horrific familiars.  Ennui was not to be outsmarted.  He kept the promise of godhood, but warped the adventurers mind toward chaos.

The adventurer now goes by the name Vedainerad, an anagram of his true name to reflect his past and his new twisted philosophies.  Vedainerad now uses his mastery of undead, devils, and now demons to spread senseless evil and chaos across the world.

Followers: Those who value evil, chaos, destruction, and power are common followers of Vedainerad.  Necromancers, evil wizards, clerics, and druids are often followers of Vedainerad.

Symbol: A demon or devil skull.

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Re: World Main Religions
Minor Figures and Beliefs

Takri (Trunkatis branch)

Alignment: TN

Darkness:Loss, Death:psychopomp, Liberation, Repose:psychopomp, Protection, Travel

Story: During the earliest times some of the gods noticed that after death, some of their followers souls were going missing.  Investigations showed that the souls were getting intercepted on the way to their afterlife. Spirit followers of The Trickster were tricking the souls into the hands of the LE deity, while followers of Vedainerad Solliwoudac were intercepting the souls and taking them as slaves for their master.

Evil gods were gaining karmic strength at the expense of the good gods and Ennui was required to reset the balance.  His solution was to take the first passing soul (it was either a centakri or lentakri, no one is sure which) and make it a demi-god charged with escorting souls to their proper place in the afterlife.  Takri now oversees an army of Life Lights, small (TN) spirits who wanted some sort of purpose in their after life, who lead the souls of the newly deceased.  Rarely does Takri need to get involved at all.

Because of her role as a guide (and because there is no other suitable god) travelers often make small donations and offerings to Takri before, during and after their journeys.

Church:  Takri does not have very many consistent followers – most of her clerics abide in small temples associated with cemeteries, graveyards and other repositories for the dead.  A few travel, offering funeral services wherever they might be needed.  However, all are charged with ‘encouraging’ undead souls to start their proper journey into the afterlife.

Followers: Grave Diggers, Funeral Directors, Mourners, Slaves, & Travellers.

Symbol: A golden road

Takri (Gelidus branch)

On the continent south of the islands containing Valarez Takri’s story is different, she was the greatest sailor in all of  the islands.  One day a great storm arose and sank many ships, Takri’s barque was one of the few to survive – but it was pushed further out into the Amicus Ocean than any vessel had ever traveled before.  For many years her vessel roamed the far seas, scraping a living from the few islands they encountered and surviving many marvelous adventures.  However, eventually, even Takri tired of roaming and decided it was time to make her way home.

Takri prayed and vowed to the gods that if they would guide her home, then she would spend an eternity as their guide in return.  They took her up on it.

Church:  Takri has a good following among travelers on the southern continent.  Those of the southern sect are often called Gelidus, while those in the islands north are referred to as Trunkatis.  Despite the much larger population of the Gelidus areas, the Trunkatis are in the majority of Takri's followers and so their sect name is often dropped.  Most of her southern priests are navigators or caravan guides.  Often they are the sole cleric on those journeys, so they carry out funerals at sea of by the road side.  Because of this, they are often asked to raise a prayer for the soul of the departed, to help guide them towards their next life.

Followers: Navigators, Guides, Mourners, Slaves, & Travelers.

A Navigator’s Compass

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