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Poppy Pleasance
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Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 09:17
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Poppy follows along, but then at the end of the song comments, "He  doesn't sound like a very nice man, that Brugar fellow.  And is that really the oath that priests of Ennui swear?"

However, eye eyes continue to scan the crowd, looking to see if her escort has arrived yet.

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Folfast Balhon
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Mon 2 Oct 2017
at 14:02
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
"There are few who would accuse a man of the gods of being nice," Folfast grins broadly at Poppy and Borak before launching into another couple of verses, seeming to delight as much in catching his playing companions off guard as in the entertainment itself ...

"A silver to save a fallen maid"
The Prelate yelled with glee
Brugar replied, "a damn good deal,"
"Here's two, save one for me !"

Poor old beggar held his hand out,
Asked Brugar, "Spare a coin ?"
"You thieving wretch !" the Bishop cried
And kicked him in the ... pants !

Folfast Balhon
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Tue 10 Oct 2017
at 12:26
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
The twinkle does not leave Folfast's eye as he saws faster and faster on the fiddle.

"At home," the Prelate thundered loud,
"Doth Charity begin !"
"Aye that she does," Brugar agreed,
"And ends in the tavern !"

"Tankards of ale flow far too free !"
The Prelate did so note
"But not for long !" the Bishop vowed
As he poured one down his throat.

"It has not rained for many months !"
Did Bishop Brugar groan
Then staggered out to alley dark
To water cobblestones !

Folfast Balhon
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Tue 24 Oct 2017
at 06:03
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
The big man does not relent, his fingers dancing over the strings as the bow flies back and forth.

"Mercy !" did plead the ne'er-do-well.
As the Bishop sat and thought.
"You watch your language !" Brugar roared.
"None of that on my watch !"

do love them Necromancers,"
The Bishop smiled, quite glad.
"No matter what I do to them,
I really don't feel bad !"

Poppy Pleasance
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Tue 24 Oct 2017
at 08:23
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Poppy snickers at the 'necromancer' verse.
Borak Annanock
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Tue 24 Oct 2017
at 12:48
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Borak did his best to keep up with Folfast all though he was not use to playing the flute for so long a session as this one.

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Folfast Balhon
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 05:26
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Noticing that Borak seems to be tiring, Folfast relents, relaxing the pace before lowering his fiddle, allowing Poppy to work her washboard for a while, tapping his foot to keep the beat, then waving his bow to give the rocky priest a turn in the spotlight before joining in once more, slowing the pace even further, until it is almost funereal, winking at the gnome before ...

Covered all in blood was Brugar,
Waved off the clergyman.
"These scratches pain me not at all !
Ye should see the other man !"

The Bishop rose from his death bed
Aroused by wail and cry.
"Save yer laments, I'm not yet spent !"
"Be killed before I die !"

Poppy Pleasance
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 07:52
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
"The Bishop that gives on giving ...." Poppy mutters under her breath.

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Folfast Balhon
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 12:47
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Folfast chuckles as he works his bow, lifting the beat to a more lively level though not to the frantic heights of before, as he soldiers on ...

My crystal ball's not working !"
The witch-queen looked quite sick
"That's odd indeed," Brugar agreed,
Giving it another kick.

"My uncle's ghost is haunting me !
I need an exorcist !"
"Calm down ye fool," Brugar replied,
And hit him with his fist.

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Borak Annanock
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 20:06
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Borak pauses to catch his breath grinning like a child celebrating his birthing day. Never has the stone quiet cleric ever had this much fun in his life.
Poppy Pleasance
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 20:32
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
"I've got one ..." Poppy says quietly as Folfast pauses for breath, then launches into a verse she has just invented.

“I’ll bring the holy water here
To cast away your sin”
“Indeed,” the smiling bishop cried,
“I'll mix it with my gin.”

"How was that?" she asks her cheeks reddening,  either with embarrassment or from too much poachers' pale.  It is difficult to tell.

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Folfast Balhon
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Sat 28 Oct 2017
at 05:07
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
The broad grin that Folfast has been wearing throughout the performance of the Ballad of Bishop Brugar now erupts into a belly laugh as Poppy joins in with an addition to the legend.

"Very worthy," the big man smiles at the gnome. "Bravo !"

He continues to saw away, weighing rhyme and rhythm as he rises to the challenge ...

"Oh please, my Lord, give me a break !"
The wretched rogue did beg.
The Bishop shrugged, "That's fine by me,
Did ye mean yer arms or legs ?"

Mitre ?" the prelate repeated,
Reeling and in his cups.
"That's what I said," Brugar replied
"Ye mitre's well give up !"

Borak Annanock
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Sat 28 Oct 2017
at 21:55
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Borak pulled the flute from his mouth, and stepped up to give it a shot. In his deep baritone voice he sang out.

The bower bragged and claimed the worlds best,
About the arrows he was Fletching.
"That maybe so" was the bishops replied,
"But I'm the Best at wenching".

Folfast Balhon
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Sun 29 Oct 2017
at 12:30
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
If Folfast winces slightly at the rhythm of Borak's effort, his quick fingers manage to slur the notes enough to cope and all is forgiven as the list line of the rhyme elicits a loud guffaw.  "Very easily fixed," he mutters to Poppy, as he responds with another verse, playing off the stone cleric's theme ...

"It's Brugar's child !" the woman claimed
"I demand of him my due !"
"Over there," the prelate sighed
"You'll have to join the queue !"

Poppy Pleasance
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Fri 3 Nov 2017
at 19:08
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
"Getting the meter takes a bit of practice ..." Poppy whispers back before launching into a verse of her own.

“And who is that?” The bishop asked
“I don’t remember her.
A scotch, a gin, a glass of wine …
Or that demon drink, liquer!”

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Folfast Balhon
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Sat 4 Nov 2017
at 05:41
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
"We'll soon sort him out," Folfast says confidently, failing to whisper. "My fees are most reasonable ..."

The large man is forced to play a few phrases to compose himself as Poppy offers up her next verse, the whole made all the more humourous as a glance at the gnome indicates that she probably hadn't realised the double entendre.

And since the verses and crowd grow ever more raucous ...

"The Prelate wants to see you now,"
The Acolyte did weep.
Brugar just growled and rolled over,
"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep !"

"Just who is she ?!!" Prelate arrived,
From bed did Brugar spear.
"Ye should've wakened me before !"
"This lady is quite dear !"

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Folfast Balhon
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Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 14:14
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
With another Wink at Poppy and a smile that warns Borak of what is to come, Folfast launches into another verse, though it seems that at this point of the evening the crowd is happy enough, or perhaps just insensible enough from all the ale and wine they have downed, to be entertained with the music alone.

"I've never bothered praying much,"
"And never felt the lack."
Said Brugar, "But if necessary,"
"Bless me to Hell and back !"

"There's ten women !" the Prelate spat,
"Awaiting you today !"
Brugar did groan, "Ye may be right,
I'm tired, send one away !"

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Poppy Pleasance
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Fri 17 Nov 2017
at 11:53
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
After a few moments thought Poppy tries again.  She knows her new verse doesn't quite fit the metre of the song, but somehow it seems to fit properly.

"Avast," cried Brugar  "trim the sail,
and keep the boat from rocking.
This maiden here is in distress,
I need to trim her stocking

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Folfast Balhon
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Fri 17 Nov 2017
at 13:41
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Folstaff contemplates Poppy's offering, considering how the metre might be achieved, but at length is forced to concede he can't improve upon her worthy offering.  "Artistic licence," the big man generously cedes his blessing, taking this as an opportunity to insert a verse that he'd struggled with himself.

The Prelate snarled "You're in your cups !
Your flock are all complaining !"
"Of course I'm drunk," the Bishop spat
"I'm not one for abstaining !"

The Bishop narrowed eyes around
Den of iniquity.
"Which miserable sinner here
Will buy a drink for me ?!"

Poppy Pleasance
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Mon 8 Jan 2018
at 19:13
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Seeing as the Ballard of Bishop Brugar has come to a close, Poppy clears he throat and starts a simple country song, called  Boy's First  Trip.

Boy and Uncle marching proud,
Calling critters names aloud,
Travelling o'er ground unploughed
Through early morning's misty shroud.
Another trip, already vowed!

Look there! Quickly! See?
See the squirrel climb the tree?
He hides his nuts from you and me.

A Cabbage White, that butterfly,
Dipping low, then flapping high.
He checks for food, that he might spy.

Watch the rabbit in his  hole,
Skirting round the tree trunk's bole,
Looking deep within your soul?

Feathered grouse, hid underfoot
Wingtip feathers black like soot.
Eggs in nest, so nicely put.

Foxgloves standing in the dells
With flowery spikes of purple bells
Deadly poison, and death foretells.

Staghorn beetle's spiky nose,
Grubbing round the dead thorn rose.
Then taking up a fighting pose

Vixen in her covered den!
Blood and feathers  from a hen,
'Twas taken from the farmers pen.

Rufus Robin on the twig,
Jumping down to earth to dig.
He's finding worms, both fat and big

Watch the eagle way up there
Smaller creatures all beware,
And head home swiftly, for your lair

Boy and Uncle marching proud,
Calling critters names aloud,
Travelling o'er ground unploughed
Through early morning's misty shroud.
Another trip already vowed!
Folfast Balhon
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 14:00
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Folfast takes the opportunity to set his fiddle to one side for the moment that he might drain his glass and beckon for another.  But all the time his head bobs in rhythm with Poppy's song.

"A fine refrain to swing the mood of our fickle audience," the large man nods in approval as he takes up his fiddle once more.  "A slower beat now," he tells the gnome and Borak, "let us see what these drunkards make of this ..."

The notes Folfast coaxes from his fiddle are haunting as he begins Lytlhinadel's Lament.

Born into world below, that unforgiving place
She ventured to the lands above, e'er severed from her race
And so unto the light of day she bared her pretty face
Until she died

She walked with others, but alone, when I met her on the road
And though I tried to talk to her, to share her heavy load,
The harshness of her home still rubbed - she chafed beneath its goad
And so would die

Her friends at length did dine with us though she kept to herself
A price to pay, I do suppose, if you are born Dark Elf,
Though to this day a glass I raise and drink it to her health
Because she tried

When darkness came to village small - to battle she was first
Though wounded by the villain's blades, it did not dim her thirst
She threw herself into the fray like one who has been cursed
But could not die

I fought alongside her whirring blades as we braved the villain's lair
And she fought on regardlessly though their blades had wounded her
She fought as if she never thought that anyone would dare
And so he died

But still there was a threat, it came from one she'd fought beside
A feckless man with whom she did with heated words deride
Until the feckless man drew blade, and feckless man did die
The poor fool

But as Lylth struggled to her feet, they hit her from behind
And cut her down, and there she lay - no breath to curse could find
A final scrawl upon her life and so the book is signed
And thus she died

But even as she lay in blood, her heart pierced by a knife
I honoured her, our poor lost Lylth, now resting safe from strife
And I've never met another soul with her vibrancy and life !!
But now she's gone ...

Borak Annanock
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 22:16
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Borak picks up the slower melody quick and begins to support Bard.
Poppy Pleasance
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Thu 25 Jan 2018
at 08:26
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
Poppy grins and maintains a simple rhythm on he washboard.
Folfast Balhon
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Fri 26 Jan 2018
at 13:55
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
The last sad note dies away and Folfast stands in silence a moment before reaching for his cup and slaking his thirst.  "You see," he smiles at Poppy and Borak, "a quieter tune likewise calms the fickle crowd ... now let us stir their blood !"

"Hearken ye all !" he demands of the crowd, voice now loud.  "And thrill to the song of Splitfang's Bane, a tale of courage and sacrifice !"

"Picture the scene," the hand holding the bow sweeps around in a wide arc, "a clearing in a forest.  A group of travellers ..."

"Uthe Sharu - a huge man with giant's blood running through his veins."

"Macfarriage - a sailor, a long way from the sea he loved."

"Ashe - noble of bearing, perhaps even of birth."

"Erstwhile - a quiet man, unless he has a cup in his hand, his flesh marred by scars"

"Dove - a priestess, with her Elven mother's looks and her human father's temperament."

"Cassandra - a Lady, though favouring blade and boiled leathers over silken dresses"

"Lydia - a child of nature, older than her years."

"Kadin ... raised in a monastery, never moved to anger."

"Eliste ... an Elf, equally proficient with sword or spell and ever with a smile."

The large man's voice lowers now, almost to a whisper, as he sets the mood.

"The sun shines downs, birdsong fills the air ... but all at once the skies darken as the clouds gather, a cold breeze springs up ... and a wolf-pack falls upon them !"

Folfast sets bow to fiddle and starts to play ...

The chilling howls rang through the air
Once tranquil glade now death stalked there
As from the woods did creatures stir
Their eyes with bloodlust, glowing, red

The pack leapt forth as prey did see
One larger, shoulder-tall was he
And flesh and metal joined in three
Who by the one were led

With sword and fist, with mace and bow
With courage and no fear did show
With these weapons we faced the foe
When others would have fled

The giant Uthe did hold the fore
And bid them fight him, with a roar
A challenge they could not ignore
Those words so bravely said

One wolf by scent of blood was spurred
And fangs in shoulder it interred
But anger in Uthe's eyes then flared
As from him the wolf sped

The great beast upon Macfarriage closed
A sudden drive at throat exposed
A tearing bite, blood redly flowed
By dreadful teeth flesh shred

With great sword Vardlokker held up high
From wounded comrade Uthe denied
The great beast did the giant defy
By raging river bed

From Ashe's bow the arrows flew
Avoiding one but struck by two
And slain by shaft that struck it true
In throes of death Wolf bled

Another, pierced beneath its jaw
As Erstwhile's pointed blade did score
Not once but twice till lived no more
A burden quickly shed

Priestess and warrior fought as one
Dove and Cassandra, with mercy none
Mace and sword brought foe undone
The carrion crow they fed

But one remained, the worst of all,
A leap, a bite, and Ashe did fall
As teeth did tender body maul
The spark of life faded

Lydia raised in wrath the trees
Branches writhed as if by breeze
Blown that none might pass by these
A path they could not tread

Wolf-beast quailed from Kadin's fists
Macfarriage blow but barely missed
But teeth the giant's jaw did kiss
And blood poured from Uthe's head

Yet undeterred the giant swung
His mighty sword his vengeance wrung
But on him dreadful wolf-beast sprung
And nigh on snapped life's thread

Yet Eliste's arrow true did fly
Almace struck, not once but twice
And Erstwhile's blade pierced vulpine eye
And wolf not Uthe lay dead

The ground was slick with mingled blood
There healers called on powers of good
God of luck and gods of wood
To heal those there wounded

Great victory, the evil cleansed
Though Ashe would die, his time did end
And Uthe it was who bore his friend
E'er onward and ahead

Tanda Brightflower
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Sat 31 Mar 2018
at 21:43
Re: Chapter2 : The Dragon's Den
A saucy elf maid calls from the back "Folfast, do you know ' The Captain's Wife's Lament'?"