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Character Creation
Once given the okay, please create your character using the guidelines below.  Use the character sheet template I have provided, it is easier for me to have the same setup on all characters when looking for information.

Starting Attributes
Use 25 points on the Pathfinder point system.
(If you don't feel like doing that much work either array below can be used.)

8, 18, 10, 14, 14, 10
12, 14, 16, 14, 13, 10

Starting Level


Valarez is a melting pot of cultures and races, especially with the recent event of the mass exodus.  Players may choose any Paizo race from the lists of core races, featured races, or uncommon races.  No 3rd party, advanced, or monstrous races please.

Players can choose from any core class.  Almost any archetype is fine with me, just ask first.  I am not a big fan of multi-classing as a player, but I will not deny you this if you really want it, with one exception.  If I see a LV 7/1/1 type of a character who is obviously only taking a single level for power gaming purposes I will deny it unless you can give me a good reason such as, “I need a level in druid to take the prestige class my concept is working towards”.

I am also not big on psionics.  I may allow a concept using them keeping in mind that psionics and magic will be interchangeable, essentially just being another way magic is delivered.

If you are creating a character with a religion, especially a cleric please read the thread with the 5 major religions in this setting.  You may certainly follow another religion, but know you will be in the strong minority. 

Any is fine.  However, be aware I tend to protect good characters to some extent from truly terrible events that are not their fault.  I do not offer the same protection to evil characters.  Expect to be cheated, stolen from, and murdered as an evil character, and then npcs will do some terrible things to you as well.

Hit Points
Max HPs at 1st level and roll for every other level.  You may reroll a 1 once at each level.  I.e. If you roll a 1 at 3rd level and reroll for a 5, then roll a 1 at 4th level you still get the reroll.  You're only stuck with 1 if you roll it twice on a single level.

Skills, Abilities, and Feats
When listing these on your character sheet I only need basics and brief descriptions on rules.  For skills list the skill and the final bonus only.  See my example character or the examples below as a guide.  I will trust you to not cheat on the numbers for skills, if you do and someone alerts me to it or it doesn't seem right and I double check it you will be removed from the game.

Ex) climb 7, knowledge:arcana 12
Ex) extra performance - +4rds/day to bard perform ability

I am using background skills.  If you are not familiar with the rules they are here.

I do not use traits.

Starting money is 4,000gp.

I do not track weight within reason.  Unless you are carrying an excessive amount of gear I will allow you normal movement rates.  I also assume money is converted when in town to be more easily carried, bank notes, gemstones, etc.  Feel free to convert on your character sheet when in town or leave it all in gp.  In either case I will assume some conversion has been made.


The City of Valarez is pleased to announce the minting of two brand new coins for the ease of trading within the city.  We will be minting a coin made of dark orange gemstones to honor the Amber Woods that shall be worth 100 gold pieces.  Likewise we shall be minting obsidian-like coins in honor of the Shadowrock Mountains that shall be worth 1000 gold pieces.  You may travel to either The Queen's Bank or the Bank of Valarez to exchange your coinage. 

So to sum up, 1ap(amber piece) = 100gp and 1rp(rock piece) = 1000gp

There are parts of the world in this setting that are highly magical and places that will sell magic items.  There is not a Walmart of magic item stores where you can find anything you want.  I will not overload pcs with magic items.  At character creation you may only buy a single "major" magical item("major" meaning worth 1000gp or more).  Buying several minor items such as scrolls or potions is allowable within reason.  You may not blow all of your gold on potions and start with 58 cure light wounds potions for example.  Searching for other items could be the basis for entire adventures.  You may take item creation feats as normal, but be aware that I will restrict the amount of items each character owns.  Item makers will not be able to overload themselves with magic items.  There are also players running businesses who can make you magic items as a special order item.  (see the window shop thread for details on who makes what)

Example of a character using the template

Bob BidwellHumanBard:NegotiatorCG4

Physical Description: Bob is shorter than a typical human adventurer, but with striking emerald eyes.  He is never seen without his signature black bowler hat with a red flower tucked in the band.

Concept/Personality: Bob is kind and especially favors helping women and children in need.  He loves to flaunt authority and considers himself a rebel against the unjust.

STR 10 att +3 fort 2
DEX 15 dmg d6 ref 6
CON 12 rng att +5 wil 4
INT 14 rng dmg d8 init +2
WIS 11 HP[max/current] 24/24 spd 30
CHR 17 AC 14  
  flat foot AC 12 CMB 3
  touch AC 12 CMD 15

Languages: Common, Elven, Gnoll
Skills: acrobatics 9, appraise 9, bluff 10*, climb 7, knowledge:history 9, perception 7,  perform:sing 10, perform:dance 10, sense motive 10*, swim 4

eschew materials - does not use minor (1gp or less) spell components when casting
extra performance - +6rds/day

Bonus Feat - 1 extra feat at 1st LV
Skilled - 1 extra skill rank at 1st LV and each additional LV
Bardic Knowledge - +1/2LV to knowledges, all knowledges untrained
Bardic Perfprmance - 4+CHR/day, standard action,
Countersong - against sound effects, use perform check in place of sv, within 30ft
Distraction - against visual effects, use perform check in place of sv, within 30ft
Fascinate - 90ft, 1 target/3LV, will sv DC:10+1/2LV+CHR
Inspire Courage - +1 att, +1 dmg, +1 sv vs charm
Versatile Performance* - use sing check in place of bluff and sense motive
Well-versed - +4 sv vs sonic, language, and bardic performance effects
Inspire Competence - +2 to skill check, another +1/4LV after 3rd

light crossbow, rapier, leather armor, backpack, 2 belt pouches, mule
in backpack - blanket, bedroll, 10 torches, 50ft rope
in left pouch - 10 tinder twigs
in right pouch - money, 7 pieces of chalk
on mule - carries backpack while traveling

0135373opals worth 50gp each

Spells Per Day
Spells Known:
LV0: spark, detect magic, read magic, drench, message, prestidigitation
LV1: feather fall, sleep
LV2: invisibility


Murdock: pet fox
HP 4AC 13att +2dmg d4+1spd 40
fort 2ref 4wil 1  
skills: perception 8, stealth 12, swim 5
tricks: hunt, fetch, flee

Character sheet template
  (Just remove the *** lines to get nice grids like above)

|Name|Race|Class| Alignment|LV|

Physical Description:


|CON||rng att||wil|
|CHR||flat foot AC||CMB|
|||touch AC||CMD|





Spells Per Day
| | | | | | | | | | |

Spells Known:


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