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Swiftbreeze Faircloud
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Wed 6 Apr 2016
at 01:35
Business: Cornucopia Enterprise (Imports, Exports, Storage)
Nestled securely in the Dock area a solid stone wall encases the Sturdy Building which houses the recently completed Cornucopia Enterprise. Passing through the Sturdy gate which leads from its dock, you move towards this daunting structure. Arriving at a set of heavily reinforced double door opens into the Emporium storefront. Once inside the building you are surprised by the décor and furnishings which suggest an open lightness, which is contrasts the building’s exterior. Several Plush Leather bound Chairs, paired with side tables, being positioned about the room to provide a degree of causal privacy to perspective Clientele. A well dressed man who was seated behind a Table located in one corner of the room rises. Moving towards you introducing himself as Swiftbreeze Faircloud, allowing you to respond before directing you towards one of the Chairs which adorn the room.

Cornucopia Enterprises has been steadily expanding both its Client base and operational Capabilities; in addition to its more traditional Import, Export and Storage of Livestock and Quality Goods Aspects it provides minimal Item Production, Repair and Maintenance, Functionality including Armour, Ceramics, Clothing, Magical Items and Weapons.

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Swiftbreeze Faircloud
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Mon 13 Jun 2016
at 22:50
Business: Cornucopia Enterprise (Imports, Exports, Storage)
Several fortnights had passed enabling Cornucopia to acquire additional clientele
their goods have been stored and a few minor difficulties had been resolved, all in all things were coming along well, sufficiently enough to allowed Faircloud to expand his access to the dock. The additional Labourers he was able to utilise reduce the time normally required for its construction. This inturn has enable clients stock to flowing without into and out of the storage area. Additional construction and expansion to adjacent lots have ensured the Enterprise's capabilities to provided Clientele a more extensive and comprehensive range of Services, including competitive rates and services.

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Swiftbreeze Faircloud
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Tue 9 Aug 2016
at 22:47
Business: Cornucopia Enterprise (Imports, Exports, Storage)
Workers have been busily expanding the buildings layout to include an additional three levels above and four levels below ground have been added to the massive structure along with a dock and ship building capability.

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