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Northern Haedrasia and Nardaan Primer
While extensive information on the settings can be found on the Darkrealm wiki, a brief overview of the relevant elements of the setting follows:

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The Imperatory Templarate of Haedrasia, better known as the Haedrasian Empire, is the continent-spanning apex-empire of Allornus. Ruled, nominally at least, by the earthly Divhi Haederas, who sits on a throne at the heart of the Unchallenged City, the empire is laid out as a militant theocracy beneath him.

The Empire is an oppressive and sometimes paranoid regime. It's subject people (conquered landsmen of other races) are quite explicitly not slaves (Haedrasians hate slavery) but they are not allowed to gather in large groups, bear arms, or even work metal, and have lesser legal rights than even a Haedrasian-born criminal. Haedrasians dislike non-landsmen, and will not have them living within the empire (but will trade with them) and they hate any kind of magic. A secret police, called Lictors, is free to examine nearly anyone on suspicion of practising magic, or plotting treason, and they keep the population cowed.

Citizens of Haedrasia are sheltered in their continent-sized empire, and most believe that stories of non-landsmen creatures, or other more fantastic elements of the world, are mere legend. They are, however, ruled by a magic-hating earthbound divhi, so they are not entirely closed-minded to the fantastic. They have little or no knowledge of lands outside their borders, and most don't care to. The consider the Draks, native people of Maldaakore, dire enemies, and have been at war with them on and off for centuries.

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The Haedrasians are a dark-skinned people, long limbed, slim, and muscular. They are full of mouth, dark of eye, and black of hair. The men wear their hair and beards in dense ringlets, while the women wear tight braids. Great runners and wrestlers, they are natural athletes. Followers of the divih worshiped as patron of war and soldiers outside the empire, they are a people who value discipline and demand a lot of themselves, and of their fellows. They dislike non-landsmen, think little of foreigners, fear and hate anything that might be magic, and are suspicious of new ideas, and rely on strict social strata to tell them who and what they are.

Haedrasian women cannot become warriors or priests, so essentially cannot wield any political power. But their social and economic roles mean that a female character is far from out of the question.

More on the Haedrasians can be found here:

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The Imperatory Temple
The Imperial Temple of the Earthly Divhi Haederas is the official state religion of the whole of Haedrasia. Known by most as the Imperatry Temple, it wields all of the secular, military, and religious power on the vast empire.

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Nardaan and the Hallowedlands
The frozen continent of Nardaan lies over the Irgattu Straits (better known as the Throat of the North, or the Ghost-Sea) from Haedrasia and mainland Allornus. Despite being more southerly than some of the northern reaches of the empire, higher altitudes and wilder weather make it infinitely colder.

Most of the small continent is perpetually blanketed in snow, and rises up to the towering mountain range (the tallest in the world) that divides the land neatly in half along an east-west line. The southern foothills are frozen taiga, while the mountains are practically polar, and the seas are choked with glacial ice from the lands to the north.

Settled by Malorns fleeing the Draks uprising in their land centuries ago, and welcoming escaped slaves since, it has three major nations: Nasis, Meldoki, and Arkenrecht. The former is the birthplace of the One True Faith, which is spreading into Meldoki also. Arkenrecht is home to the ogrish Kardes, an ultra-communal race who live by a militant hive-like religion called the Karda. In the north, the Nachtrekt Mountains stand so high that they blot out the sun, bathing the far northern plains and coast in eternal night.

Over the past few generations Haedrasian enclaves have begun to appear along the southern coast of Nardaan, though the empire has expressed little interest in the land.

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In the beginning there were six tribes of men. Today five still survive, and with the Irians and the Ralstaans to the south, and the Ghans to the far east, Nardaan's inhabitants are predominantly either Haedrasian newcomers, or the older Malorns. In their homeland, Maldaakre, they are slaves. Their people divided into Draks and Malorns when they turned from their patron Divhi Malar to the worship of a darker and more powerful entity whose name they do not speak.

The Malorns of Nardaan are those who escaped slavery at the hands of the Draks generations ago, and settled here, over the ghost-sea. They were the first landsmen to bother with these icy mountains, and their culture is old. Pale skinned, though rosy, their skin marks easily and freckles are common. Their hair is straight, thin, and range through most shades of brown, and they tend to be of unremarkable height, and very lean.

Descended from a race of philosopher-poets, and more recently escaped slaves, Malorns value ideas, knowledge, and individual freedom, and have a love for debate, and are quick to take differences of opinion as opportunity rather than challenge. However the hardships of the north have toughened them, and they are quick to anger and violence when wronged, stolen from, or when their freedom is challenged. They are ruled by militant regimes that change by coup before dynasties last long, and are fierce about their privacy.

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The One True Faith
The One True Faith is a young but fast growing religion that has come to dominate the realm once known as Nasis in a matter of decades. It worships a nameless Divhi known only as the One True Divhi, and casts down all other Divh as pretenders or myths. Despite its aggressive doctrine, it is growing at an alarming rate, and since it penetrated the very shores of Haedrasia (though only subject people have turned to it) the Haedrasians are very keen to learn more.

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