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Tue 29 Jul 2014
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You collect ACTs at a rate of one per out-of-game day. You gain new ACTs each midnight in Eastern Standard Time (U.S. and Canada, UTC-5:00). When/if you are accepted into the game, you will have one ACT available for you to use.
You may use ACTs any time, as they do not expire. However, you cannot have more that three ACTs at any given moment. Additional ACTs beyond the third are wasted.
If you go 7 out-of-game days without using an ACT, your personae will be considered inactive, and you will be removed from the game.

Most ACTs are spent casting spells, at a rate of one spell per ACT. However, ACTs may also be used to try to gain knowledge or personae, create relics, or otherwise spent in long, arduous actions that do not require magic.

When Requesting To Join, you must send two names for your mage, as well as his stats, including his attuned color. Do not include information about your age or place of residence.
The first name you provide will be the mage's birth name. Please try to make this something built off Greek or Latin roots; this is strongly preferred, but is in no way necessary. This name will be kept secret from the other mages, as it is the most powerful weapon anyone has against a mage.
The second name you provide will be the mage's assumed name. This is how the mage introduces himself, and is the name that will appear beside your posts. These are generally named after objects or concepts found in daily life, and usually have personal significance to the mage.
The stats will include the number of personae the mage has, and the color attunement of each. It will also contain the other stats, each paired with their numerical values in an obvious way.
Include a brief summary of the mage's background, including gender.
Failure to follow any of these requirements is grounds for RTJ rejection. Sorry, but I have to be strict.

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Thu 31 Jul 2014
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Re: Rules/RTJ
Each time you make an ACT, I will verify your ACT by modifying your post with a commentary about the results of your ACT. If someone has made a post that has not yet been verified, you are free to post, but it would be best if you avoided building off of those posts before they have been verified. You will know the verification text because the entirety of it will be in italics. If you wish to make an out-of-character comment in the game chat, please use orange text.

Something I failed to mention above is this: when you make an ACT, figure out how to summarize your ACT in a single sentence and post it at the end of your ACT. If you take multiple ACTs per post, put the lines at the end of the ACTs. (If you decide that you want to perform a single action that may take two ACTs to accomplish, then you may put the lines together.) This sentence should be in its own paragraph and in bold, partly for my convenience, and partly to cement the idea that your mage is loudly proclaiming his or her will for the entire planet to hear.

Also note that, as the game begins, the Wrath of Ao will be less intense than later on. I get that the setting doesn't come easily to everyone, and my descriptions of what you can and cannot do with your spells are pretty much useless. So, the first bit of the game will be a sort of trial period as you test the waters.

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Fri 1 Aug 2014
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Re: Rules/RTJ
The game will be divided into years, just like how god games are divided into ages. When I feel that a decent amount of work has been done over the course of a year, I will call for the end of the activity. The year will not end until the majority of the mages consent to it. However, as time progresses after I call for the end of the year, Wrath of Ao will get worse.

At the end of each year, all of you should tell me what your mage will be doing during the downtime. This should probably be the sort of magical project that your mage could never do with one ACT, but could do if given enough time, or for training stats, or quest for additional personae. In that case, you should make it clear how the mage is going to go about getting them. When the next year starts, I will give a brief description of what these projects are and their relative successes/failures.

Each mage is given one special ACT per year. The special ACT is an ACT that is not seen by the other mages, and takes place in PMs between myself and the mage using the special ACT. Unlike normal ACTs, special ACTs may be used to gain information that they might not otherwise be able to know. Furthermore, special ACTs do not count as normal ACTs and you may use your special ACT even if you have no normal ACTs remaining.

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Tue 16 Jun 2015
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Re: Rules/RTJ
If you would like, you may use the following template when sending in a character.

Birth name:
Mage name:

Sway/Perception: A/B
Strength/Speed/Soak: A/B/C
Will/Mana/"Creativity"/Knowledge: A/B/C/D



For example, an RTJ might look like this:

Birth name: Epistomono
Mage name: Oreadin the Strange

Sway/Perception: 4/1
Strength/Speed/Soak: 2/4/2
Will/Mana/"Creativity"/Knowledge: 1/1/4/5

Color: Blue

Background: Oreadin was the only son of a pair of adventurers. His father was a mage, but his mother was a treasure-hunter, who found ancient ruins and collected whatever she could from them. When his mother fell ill from a horrible plague, Oreadin's father left them, leaving Oreadin to tend to his mother. When it was clear that there was nothing he could do to save her, he has been traveling through Yolia, running from his past and learning magic, in hopes on never again feeling so helpless as he felt the day he had to leave behind his childhood home.

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