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I've received lots of questions about soul color and what it means. Well, here's the short answer: nothing. It means nothing.

The power of Yolia is divided into three parts: the monarchy, the nobility, and parliament. The focus here is on the nobility. Specifically, these are the wielders of magic. The five who form the highest powers in the nobility are the white pope, the black pope, the red archmage, the blue archmage, and the purple archmage.
-The white pope is a man who continually teaches that the True Gods are jealous, and only by serving them by their proper names can anyone hope to escape their wrath in the afterlife. He teaches that it is by the power of the gods that white casters perform their magic, and that all other casters perform their works by the power of demons, who perform these services in exchange for an unimaginably horrible price. This is in keeping with the teachings of the white pope before him, and the white pope before him, and the one before him, and the one before him... way too far back for anyone to remember. The white pope frowns upon the use of necromancy, but otherwise this has no impact on your spellcasting.
-The black pope is a man who continually teaches that the gods placed everyone on Gaea for a reason. He says that they wish for people to show love to their fellow man, and to help those in need. He says that all magics are cast by the power of the same gods, and only the names are different based on the color of the magic. These teachings are customary in the black papacy.
-The red archmage holds that all magic is inherent in the world, written into the tapestries of long-dead languages. He says that the spells cast are not the names of gods and goddesses, but rather simply words that represent specific things or ideas. He holds that the power of the Common Tongue has been lost through overuse, and now it is nothing more than a language. These sorts of beliefs are common throughout the red, blue, and purple schools.
-The blue archmage is a woman who claims to have no knowledge of how magic works, nor does she claim to care. However, rumor has it that she believes in a mystical being called the Dragao, whose presence powers the magics, but who might not even be aware that man is tapping into that power at all. These are rather unprecedented beliefs, but the blue school didn't even exist until this woman came along, so maybe she knows something that no one else does.
-The purple archmage is... well, she's just straight-up insane. The last person to ask her how she believed magic works quickly found himself with his internal organs acquainted with the outside environment. The last thing he heard were the words "Like that." No one knows what she believes, but she is one of the most powerful mages in the land, her power rivaled only by that of the blue archmage.

Basically, each school/papacy is a hierarchical structure of learning and studying. The person with the most knowledge about that color of magic is the head of the papacy/school, from whom the next layer of people learn. The next layer learns from them, and the next layer learns from them. The color of the magic is pretty much arbitrary, so the question ultimately comes down to figuring out which of these people your character wants to learn under.

The process by which the colors interact is a subject of close study by battlemages, who have learned that a red caster, a blue caster, and a purple caster casting in rapid succession can approximately quadruple their total spell output, but this information is less useful to the true mages, who are each able to cast only a few spells per day.

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Re: Color
To cast magic of any color, a mage must rip a hole in his spirit. This hole allows the mana to flow into and out of his very being, allowing it to access his soul. If a mage tears two holes in his spirit, these holes are likely to fuse together into a single, larger hole. If this happens, the hole will be large enough for the soul to fall through it, meaning the mage dies instantly. Therefore, to learn an additional color of magic, you need a different soul through which to cast it. This can only be done with a separate persona, but the simplest of these is to simply collect another soul to use.

Gaining an additional soul is done by getting a gem known in this world as a soulstone. The gem naturally vacuums up and traps any soul of a dead person that gets too close to it. Speaking the birth name of a mage while an empty soulstone is nearby kills the mage, and their soul goes into the soulstone.

That said, Ao doesn't have a lot of patience for petty squabbles between mages, so it's best not to overly use the name of another PC against them.

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