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The Game
The Hook
You are on a ship that you have never sailed on under a captain you have never met. And adventure is about to find you.

The Game
This is a naval themed game using dnd 5e. The play will be quite sandbox with many directions available and we will follow the players interest and outcome of what they roll to get there. It will start with some guidance as to where you will be going as you are all under the captain but I will not railroad.

The setting
While much of the setting will be unclear till play goes on. You open with being on a ship that you have never sailed on. The captain has many tales about his name many likely false but you will have to be the one to guess at what is true and what is not.

The area has been through a great war leaving the political powers weak. Cities run nearly independent from the countries they belong to. There is no surplus anywhere. So anyone that came get what is needed stands to make a profit. A golden age of trade is in its infancy.

There is also an underlining of magic to most things. Enchantments are everywhere and magic is commonplace. This is truly high fantasy even if it is full of dirty sea dogs.

Cultural notes important to character creation

With supplies in rare supply people have gotten creative and are using many alternative materials for normal goods. Ex you heavy armor might be made of mildly enchanted stone. Or a shield is a turtle shell. This setting will not be limited by our reality.

It is a major superstition that magic on a ship is very bad luck. Therefore any magic user is normally unwelcome on a ship at sail.

I tend to value rp more than combat on pbp. So with that said if there is something you want to do try it or ask for it. We will work through the mechanics but not let them limit us.

Please do not start new pms to me, just reply in one I have with you, it makes it so much easier for me.

Expectations of players
I fully expect you to have fun. But I also expect for you to create an environment for fun. And if there is something you want to see let me know maybe it will come into play.

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