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Gameplay and House Rules

When determining hit points for your level, take your maximum for the first three levels, then roll for all subsequent HD. You my reroll 1's. Legacy houserule.

Every weapon that could be used in conjunction with the Weapon Finesse feat automatically allows you to apply your Dexterity to attack rolls instead of Strength at your option. This includes unarmed strikes and the like, mind you. For feats or classes that have Weapon Finesse as a prerequisite or a bonus feat, since it effectively no longer exists, we'll work something out.

Death by negative hitpoints will reach your Constitution score as opposed to -10. This could be -22, or it could be -6 after some sweet, sweet Bestow Curse action.

Negative levels aren't so damning. If you are resurrected from the dead, or suffer a negative level from a failed Fortitude saving throw 24 hours after being dealt one, or permanently lose a level through other means, the penalty is less severe. You still lose the level as normal, but the amount of EXP you've effectively lost is kept track of. Each time you gain experience points, you gain double the amount as normal. This doubling lasts until you've regained what you had lost, and no higher. For an example, if after a negative level is taken into account you've effectively lost 5000 experience points. If you gain 1000 experience points seven times thereafter, you instead gain 2000 experience points five times (regaining what you lost as well as the normal reward), and 1000 experience points twice, as normal. Your ECL for determining experience points rewards during this time is just as high as if you had not lost the level (otherwise it could sometimes be considered advantageous to lose a level or levels).


Combat Casting
Grants +5 bonus to defensive Concentration checks instead of +4.

Grants a blanket +1 Dodge bonus to AC. This functions the same as any other Dodge bonus to AC, meaning you lose it when you lose your Dexterity bonus and all of that jazz.

Weapon Focus
When you select a weapon focus, you select an entire range of weapons. For each of these weapons, you gain a +1 to your attack modifiers. If you do not have proficiency with a weapon, you do not gain the +1 bonus. An example would be Melee Piercing for a rogue. He would gain +1 to attack rolls with his dagger and shortswords, but not with a lance (unless he later became proficient with a lance through multiclassing or feats).

More Examples:
Melee, Natural (Bites, claws, etc (Unarmed as well for Monks))
Melee, Slashing (Axes, longswords, etc)
Melee, Bludgeoning (Hammers, clubs, unarmed, etc)
Melee, Touch Spell (Any melee touch attacks from spells or spell-like abilities)
Ranged, Thrown (All weapons specifically made for throwing, including splash weapons)
Ranged, Bows (All bows, composite or otherwise)
Ranged, Triggered (All crossbows or anything else considered a "triggered" ranged attack)
Ranged, Touch Spell (Any ranged touch attacks from spells or spell-like abilities)

Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, and other feats in this "line" that require the selection of a specific weapon type remain unaffected. If some oddity of a weapon or attack mode would imply that two of these could apply, you can benefit from either, but not both.

Point Blank Shot
Grants a +2 Dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity provoked because of using a ranged attack in melee.

This feat grants you one hit point per level, minimum 3. If you take it more than one time, each additional time instead only grants +3 hit points as normal. Note: Improved Toughness can also be taken, however.

It's allowed, but your cohort may only be an Expert or Warrior (or a Commoner, I guess). No character class levels. Followers are all as normal. Granted, having an Expert with a bunch of Decipher Script, languages, and knowledges or something like that is still an extremely nice thing for a feat.


Open Lock and Disable Device grant each other a +2 synergy bonus.

Note: I love synergy bonuses. Don't be too afraid to put ranks in professions and the like if you have a few skill points to spare.

Assisting one another's skill checks:
Normally, when you roll a Strength or Search check for example, you can have someone assist you. If the person assisting hits a DC 10 check they add +2 to your result. In many of these situations, I will allow two people to aid one another in the most advantageous way automatically. Both players roll their checks as normal. The higher roll is the check that is counted as the "base" check. The other person's check aids the base check (+2 or +0) as normal.

Search checks, Strength checks, Spellcraft (when you have time to actually sit down and cooperate), Knowledge (same as Spellcraft), and many others that make sense can be used this way. For some checks, this is not an option; an obvious case might be a Handle Animal check to command a pet to do something. Simply aid one another as normal and I'll mention when this house rule is in effect for that action, as it is always beneficial.

There are some situations where more than two people could possibly aid one another. In such circumstances, the highest roll is the "base" roll, and every additional check adds either +0 or +2. For simple tasks, the DC for the third (or higher) player is still DC 10. In others the check for additional aid may increase by a small amount per person (and if so, they will always be applied in the most beneficial way). For rare, considerably complex tasks, it may be that more people are actually harmful to the effort, or require greater skill to be helpful. If this is the case it will always be clearly communicated to the players.

Spellcasting and Similar:

Sorcerers and sorcerer-like spontaneous casters can replace a spell at every level. This is instead of, in the case of sorcerers, every even level starting at 4th. For classes such as bard that have a reduced casting rate, the same applies (even though you may only have the option of switching out cantrips or something).

If you have a familiar, half of your levels in classes that would not normally progress it still do. (You must still have an arcane caster level of 3rd or higher to obtain one with the Obtain Familiar feat, however.)

All clerics have a god. No hippie, new-age bullshit clerics. You get a god, and pick from their domains (keep in mind many gods have expanded portfolios outside of their PHB listing). We are using the standard D&D pantheon. Gods found in any of the books on the approved sources list (assuming they are not of some other pantheon) should be fine, though run them by the DM first.

For cantrips/osirons, you gain a bonus amount per day equal to half of your casting stat modifier. EG: If you have 14 wisdom as a druid, one extra. 22 charisma as a sorcerer wearing a really nice cloak, three extra.


Mundane crafting is damn awful, RAW. The math for determining the rate at which you progress will be altered (to make crafting times shorter (how could you even think I'd make it longer?)). The DCs, however, will not change.

For every magical crafting feat you possess, the amount of progress you can make on an item increases by 1,000gp per day. For instance, if you had Craft Wand, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, and Forge Ring, you could advance at 3,000gp per day (or advance 1,500gp in only four hours, and so on), or three times the normal rate, regardless of which of the three types of magical item you were creating.


Is awesome. No experience penalties for doing so. Some alignment restrictions can be rethought. IE: Chaotic monks can be a thing. Some multiclassing restrictions can also be rethought. IE: Paladins can go back and forth between super religious classes with less issue if it suits their theme, such as Pious Templar and the like.

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Gameplay and House Rules

Identify requires one minute to cast, as opposed to one hour. Legacy houserule.

Let's make a deal. I won't have anyone in the world know Black Tentacles if you don't know it either.

No Wraithstrike.

We're not going to screw around with Polymorph in this game. Alter Self is alright, but you know damn well, you son of a bitch, what you shouldn't be doing with it.

You cannot be immune to the stunning from the Celerity line of spells.

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Gameplay and House Rules
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Gameplay and House Rules
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Gameplay and House Rules
Houserules made for players thus far:

Dwarven waraxe is also an acceptable favored weapon of Moradin. Even his damn relic weapon is a waraxe, afterall. Other, similar situations will also be entertained upon request. Legacy houserule.

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