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Sun 25 Oct 2015
at 20:52
DM Announcements
This will thread will include a few posts that are of slightly higher importance than normal OOC stuff, usually concerning things that require special attention and/or should be easy to find.

For this first post, I'm addressing the fact that I've set the game to "Mature" from "General". This is because I swear like a sailor, and at times I might describe, and only if the situation calls for it, morally bereft things, like the stabbing of women and children by some evil guy, or worse, him kicking a puppy. Better to be safe than sorry, I think.

This game, to be clear, is "adult" in no capacity, nor is it my intention to be overtly gory, distasteful, or "adult" (you know what I mean, you rpol weirdos) in any way.

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Tue 3 Nov 2015
at 22:34
DM Announcements
I would like to call your attention to a particular thing: I often post things in blue if they require player action. Failure to respond to such things, unless they specifically and by name are addressed to one particular person, is grounds for being harrumphed towards and upon (or worse if there's chronic malpractice).

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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 23:58
DM Announcements
Beginning December 22nd and until January 5th, I'll be taking a long christmas vacation all over Thailand with the girlfriend.

I will have my phone at some points, so I will likely at least bullshit a few times in the OOC, and if I can, make a tiny bit of progress IC when in hotel rooms.

I don't expect this to happen, but, note to any administrator: if I end up dying on this trip, these guys are welcome to do whatever they want with the game, including appointing another DM. I am not the sole owner.
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Tue 16 Feb 2016
at 18:15
DM Announcements

The house needs one more set of signatures and it's 100% concluded. Belgian paperwork sucks.

I took the motherfucking day off of work tomorrow to specifically play video games, and you guys are included in that.

Now, beer. See you tomorrow, and I'll be granting everyone an action point for the two week delay.

As always, thanks for your patience.