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Requesting to join...
The campaign for players is one of resource management, character development, and tactical combat.

Your resources are...
There is quite a bit of room for strategy regarding how you handle your resources.  There is no right or wrong way to go about it.  You just focus on what's important to you and have fun.  If ... you make a mistake, talk to me about it and we'll see what can be done.

Your Bank, how many Comstar Bills you have available to purchase your starting mech, modifiy your mech, purchase starting options for the character, and to make bids on the auction for non standard technology.

Your Experience Points, the currency you use to develop your character.  To purchase up their base ability scores, as well as the character options, which are the things that really define the character and make them unique from one another.

Your Mech, bought initially from your starting bank, after you have it you're allowed to customize and modify it to your liking as your resources will allow.  The obvious limit being how much you have in your bank to finance the mods.  There is also a 'cap' on how much you can modify the mech, which is based on how much tech know how your characters have.

Lastly there's the mission.  You take the character and mech you've been developing into a mission and fight to achieve the unit objectives.  You earn rewards as a unit, but individual performance is not over looked.

Sample Mission:
link to a message in another game

Game follows 'real' time.  Add 1015 years to the calendar year, and that's the game year.

As of this writing the year is 3029.  The Clans have not come (they may NEVER come).  Their technology is not available.  Even Innersphere Advance Technology does not exist (except in limited prototype testing).  No endo steel, no ferro fib, no double strength heatsinks as you know them.  Beta versions of them do exist, along with other advance technologies.

Aerotechs are not in use (too specialized and too short lived)

Battletechs need to be date appropiate, and 'available'.  Most 3025 mechs are available at this time, and small numbers of Advance (3050) versions of these mechs are being experimented with and not available.

Conventional units with Fusion engines DO NOT EXIST.  (It makes no sense to put a valuable resource like a Fusion engines into a vehicle.  Tech is as hard to come by they're not going to be wasting them on an explodable vehicle, when they can be used for mechs.)

Infantry operate in (7) men squads and can be a threat when deployed in force.  Particularly if they have fire support.

When submitting a character, please state the character name.

Your first chaaracter is considered your 'main character and will start with

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Requesting to join...
Your first chaaracter is considered your 'main character and will start with

350xp to develop your character
Your first character should be generated per KittenTech rules as noted here.  While this document is over three years old, many of the rules are still currently in use.

3.2 million c-bills in a bank to purchase your mech and starting options
Keep in mind when selecting a mech, that you may want to save some c-bills to purchase some options and starting equpment.

You may automatically purchase any 3025 mech you can afford from the link below.

You may ask for a target number to make an availability check for advance versions of most 3025 mechs.  It should be noted that there are currently limitations to the use of double strength heat sinks and that such mech will at most only gain (4) extra heat sinks.  You may review the mechs at the link below.

Base Mech availability = 20% of the mechs weight.
tn +0 for Base Models
tn +2 for Variants

tn +1 for mechs for each Advance Tech {not listed below} on them
tn +2 for mechs with Beagle or Guardian  {+3 with both}
tn +3 for mechs with Ferro-Fib
tn +4 for mechs with Endo Steel or Target Computers

-1 if they have a rank greater than 0
-1 for each rank of Noble
-1 for each (2) ranks of Mental Ability

So a Locust -1v will be available on a roll of tn4+
So a Locust -1m variant will be available on a roll  tn6+

Power Loader Availability:
X-3  Power Loaders are currently available with a roll of tn 7+
{Base 5 + 2 Advance Tech}

X-3a Power Loaders are currently available with a roll of tn 10+
{Base 6 + 2 Advance Tech + 2 Variant}

X-3c Power Loaders are currently available with a roll between a tn 10+ and 14+
{Base 6 + 2 Advance Tech + 2 Variant + 4 Rank limitation (reduce by one for each level of rank)}

The Character may make three (3) Availability rolls to seek additional advance equipment.  This may be spent to get an advance version of a mech, or may be made for specific equipment to modify the mech.  The link for equipment and availability is below.
link to a message in this game

The Character may purchase a starting inventory of equipment for repairs during a mission.
They are presumed to have made (1) Armor availabilty roll tn8+, and (1) Ammo availability roll tn8+

They may also spend C-Bills on up to two the following starting options.
Character Options:
Heirloom Battle Mech
Having a hand me down mech is no big deal.  What you have is an Heirloom Mech.  A mech that has been in your family for a long time that your character considers to be special.  They learned to pilot and fight in this mech and are intimately familiar with every aspect and nuance of piloting the mech.  They're not just comfortable in this mech, its second nature to them.
Cost:  5% of the mech's value.
Game Effect:  The Character is at a +1 bonus when rolling intiative in this mech.

Tech Head
The character has a fondness for collecting the latest and greatest technology and seems spares no expense looking for it.
Cost:         50,000cb
Game Effect:  gain an additional availability roll for equipment

It fell off a Truck
Advance Tech is Hot, and opens up new possibilities with what you can use it for.  Getting the really good stuff can be a problem.  It's a problem that can be solved if you know the right people.  Spread enough money around and these people come to you.
Cost:         50,000cb
Game Effect:  +2 Bonus to one availability roll for equipment

Fights for a living  {Not available to Officers}
The character has no delusions of grandeur.  They are here to fight and fight well.  They leave the heavy thinking to others and are happy to just have a solid plan to follow.
Cost:  300,000cb
Game Effect:  Increase a level zero Tactics to One.

Walking the Edge
It's not easy piloting light mechs.  You live by your wits, walking the edge, knowing the next hunchback that hits with that big auto canon will end you.  Such is the life your pilot lives.
Cost:  300,000cb
Game Effect:  Increase a level zero Edge to One.  You may not reduce your edge lower than one.

Do anything for money!
The character has done some unsavory things that he's not proud of along the way to gain a little extra cash.
Cost:  50xp
Game Effect:  The character starts with an extra 250,000 cb

Bug Warrior
20 Ton mechs are suppose to be the most prolific mech on the battlefield.  It takes special talent and skill to pilot them effectively.  Your character happens to be one of them.
Cost:  500,000cb and the character may only pilot 20 ton mechs.
Game Effect:  The character starts with an extra 50xp and may select an extra option.

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Simple Default character for those that just want to fight.
Default Character for the lazy is...

3.2 Million cb to purchase mech:
200xp for Accuracy 4  {Gunner tn 4+}
100xp for Physical 3  {Pilot  tn 5+}
025xp for Mental   1  {Scout  tn 9+}

025xp for Edge     1
{No investment in options}

3.45 Million cb to purchase mech (one level of Do anything for money):
200xp for Accuracy 4  {Gunner tn 4+}
100xp for Physical 3  {Pilot  tn 5+}
000xp for Mental   0  {Scout  tn10+}

000xp for Edge     0
{No investment in options}

3.70 Million cb to purchase mech (two levels of Do anything for money) :
200xp for Accuracy 4  {Gunner tn 4+}
050xp for Physical 2  {Pilot  tn 6+}
000xp for Mental   0  {Scout  tn10+}

000xp for Edge     0
{No investment in options}

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Disposable Characters
There are no disposable characters.

Players should value their characters and not throw them into harms way lightly.

To help this sentiment along, each time a character becomes unplayable.  A player may request to drop the character and roll up a new one.

If granted, the new character is created with a modest penalty to the new character's starting resource.

-10xp and -100,000cb for each time a character is rendered unplayable.

Players may make a secondary character.

The character is generated at -50xp, -400,000cb, and has one less option than their main character.  Should the main character become unplayable you have the option to make a new Main or Promote the secondary character gaining 40xp, 300k cb and a new available option slot.

One of the players two characters must be selected becomes a permanent member of the Freelancer pool, and may not  become a permanent member of a player's merc unit.

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Other Character Information.
There is a campaign cap on the development of characters of 805xp  {750xp for alts}

xp gained over that cap is compensated for at the rate of 20,000cb per xp.

An 'average' 800xp character might look like this.

200xp ~ Accuracy 4 ~ Base tn 4+
100xp ~ Physical 3 ~ Base tn 5+
025xp ~ Mental   1 ~ Base tn 7+

075xp ~ Edge 2

075xp ~ Option    2
025xp ~ Specialty 'a'
040xp ~ Specialty 'b'

075xp ~ OPtion    2
025xp ~ Specialty 'a'
040xp ~ Specialty 'b'

075xp ~ Option    2
025xp ~ Specialty 'a'
025xp ~ Specialty 'b'

A character may purchase and hire a number of combat conventional units equal to their rank.

The combined weight of conventional units may be not exceed the weight of the character's mech.

A unit commander may also include transport units with the vehicles they purchase.  The combined weight of transport units may not exceed the weight of the commander's mech.

A character is allowed to keep a small store of equipment for modifications and repairs.

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