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Empire City
Empire City is one of the biggest city's on the East Coast of the US.

The city was under martial law for almost a week, FEMA and state troops helped regain order after the Thanatos Disaster fifteen years ago. Municipal services were pretty much gone for four days, the national guard had to truck in food, water, etc... Anyone that lived here at the time, has memories of the disaster.

It has a large police force that has at times buckled under the pressures of the crime in the city. As the city rebuilt, it gave criminals a chance to gain more control. A year or so later, stories of the new Dark Avenger started to be spread. The police have done what they could, but they were overmatched and underfunded.

Chief Baxter took over a police department at odds with the community and has spent the last two years mending fences and concentrating on more traditional community policing to get people used to seeing police on beats and prowling through neighborhoods as they did in an earlier age. The concentration on community outreach has started to reap rewards in terms of better communication with leaders to head off problems or resolve them quicker, but more importantly a community that feels more empowered to report crimes.

There's a lot of income inequality in town, gentrification and other economic stresses are causing clashes as people are being priced out of the neighborhoods that they've grown up in and being forced to move farther out of the city to the hinterland neighborhoods (surrounding towns).

A generation ago, the neighborhoods tended to self segregate: Tower Hill by the park is for the moneyed types, The Harrows by the dock used to be largely Irish, St. Christopher -- named for the church in the area -- was Italian, and Chester Hill was predominantly Dominican, and The Meatpacking District was one of the first gentrified areas, still largely gay and lesbian and quite distant from their original roots.

Created a web site/wiki for further information: https://gurps-supers-empire-city.obsidianportal.com/

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