Chapter 9B: Ali and John.   Posted by GM.Group: 0
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Wed 22 Jul 2015
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Chapter 9B: Ali and John
(OOC: What's the plan for tonight?   Patrol? Trying to find out more about Filth? Trying to talk John into Mani/Pedis and a RomCom?)

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John Wayne Olafson
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Thu 23 Jul 2015
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Re: Chapter 9B: Ali and John
John puts his earpiece back in, but doesn't turn it on yet.  "So do we go see that Filth character, or check out Delilah's? he asks.
Alannah O'Malley
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Sat 25 Jul 2015
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Re: Chapter 9B: Ali and John
Ali replies to John without having put in her earpiece, "My plan is to see what I can get from Filth. I suspect if I walk in with my badge and ask to speak to him to ask questions about his rival gang, he may well want the police to put pressure on them and give me what answers he can. But it would be good to have backup nearby just in case. I figure the best time is for me to go after work tomorrow as it's getting pretty late tonight."
John Wayne Olafson
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Sun 26 Jul 2015
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Re: Chapter 9B: Ali and John
"Official police business, does that mean I get a deputies badge?" John smiles, a goofy grin showing it was a jest.  "You know how to get me," he says. "I'll be there."  He turns back to the table.  "If you're going, I'm having another beer."
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Mon 27 Jul 2015
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Re: Chapter 9B: Ali and John

The bar was starting to fill up with regulars. A sports game was on the TV and a couple of the guys were talking about the lottery numbers from earlier tonight. The bartender nodded toward John.