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001-Of the Building of the Inn (introduction)
Last year, in the summer of the year 2945 of the Third Age, a caravan of Hobbits came from the Shire, after having gathered their goods upon wagons in the town of Bree.  Traveling across the Misty Mountains under the guidance of Iwgar Longleg, the group's leader, Doderic Brandybuck, must have struck some kind of deal with Beorn, for he obtained the right to start building an Inn south of the Forest Gate.
Thus, Doderic "Dodo" Brandybuck, his wife Agatha (and two young sons Dando and Rodry), his brother Dinodas "Dindy" Brandybuck, found the perfect location for their Easterly Inn, and got to setting up, with the help of Hobbit traveling companions Milo Roper and Andwise Rumble, and a tall-fellow, Bern Asheye, who had joined them at the Old Ford, and was to prove a wonderful asset seeing as he was a talented wood-worker.
Soon people began to arrive, to find work - or simply out of joyful curiosity  - and help build the place, and, throughout the Fall, a small camp had set up, as the trees were cleared, and the foundations set down.
An early arrival, Frier the Dwarf Tinker turned out to be a fine... assistant carpenter / blacksmith / farrier / assistant bartender / woodcutter and general axeman in residence.  Dodo and he grew quite fond of one another, and it seems it is more than the pay that makes him stay on:  "Tis as good a place as another to rest me feet", he says, though he never seems to rest.
There also is a big hound, that came to be called Shadrach, who just appeared, and spends his time lying around...  often close to the two Hobbit-boys.
And then there are the Beornings and Woodmen workers.

As Fall came to pass, and Winter arrived, and the Inn's walls came up, some of the workers started to make a permanent encampment, which would soon turn into a village, since it was obvious there would be need for wheat and animals and such in this place.  There was even the first child born here, to a Woodmen family, little boy El, in the second week of the month the Hobbits name Blotmath (the second to last month of the year).

As of Spring 2946, the Inn's structure was mainly finished, and Frier made a trip to Dale, on the Lake to the East, to bring back dwarven items - returning late Spring with a dwarven friend, Bés, to come lend a hand.  While Dindy went back West to the Shire, with Iwgar, to bring a couple wagons of missing items (beer, copper doorknobs, umbrella stands, ham...), in order to have all that when the Inn was to open in Summer.

Just as Spring turned to Summer, two envoys of King Thranduil's court in Mirkwood came to the Inn - Shalronel and Calára Redleaf.

Thus, for months, or just these past couple of weeks, you all have had time to meet, and talk if you so desire.
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Re: 001-Of the Building of the Inn (introduction)
The Easterly Inn appears once you pass a small stone bridge that arches over babbling waters of a stream.
It consists of a small but comfortable wooden inn containing the common room and a few guest rooms for Big Folk, some outbuildings and stables, and the Hobbit-hole beneath where Dindy, Dody, Agatha and Dody’s two young sons live.
A big garden is in the back, and, close-by is the budding village of Woodmen - and some Beornings - settling in, and preparing the first crops that are soon to be harvested in the first fields cleared out in the surrounding grassland.