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002-The Lost Hobbit (1st adventure)
After an early dinner, where all – but Andwise – see, once again, more food on the table than a village could eat (Andwise agrees with the Brandybucks that this is a light meal) you get to bed early, spending what you imagine to be your last night on feather pillows for a while.
Woken up at dawn by the smell of a mushroom omelet and scones with honey, you gather your things after breakfast, and bidding the Hobbits and Frier good-bye – learning that Milo is still out of it but that his fever has broken – you set out from the Easterly Inn’s doorstep, crossing the stream on the little bridge.
Then, you are off, off on your trek south through the East Middle Vales of the Anduin, headed first for Beorn’s house, then for tracking down lost Master Dindy in the mountains or in Bree.
These are your first steps together, united as a Company of like-minded people:  Bés the Dwarf guiding your steps as to which roads to travel, Shalronel the Elf scouting for where is best to actually rest and set up camp, Andwise of the Shire and Bern of Dale trotting along with eye and ear open for any trouble, and Berangar who hails from these Beorning lands as the hunter to feed you…  if you ever run out of food, seeing as Agatha supplied you with baskets of fresh rolls and many good things.
Bés tells you that to Beorn’s house it should be about three days, covering some fifty miles nearly due South.  The summer weather is glorious, and the going is very easy, in this kind of terrain, especially since you know the lands are not overly dangerous, what with Berangar’s kin patrolling them.
For what Berangar tells you are called the East Middle Vales, since this is a low valley between the river Anduin on the West and Mirkwood to the East, are a region of rich, fertile land.  You walk through green meadows and low rounded hills.  Joyfully you pass vast fields of flowers blossom with a thousand vibrant colours in the summer sun and you are all quite happy.
Berangar tells you off his people as you break for lunch on a hillock, explaining that the Beornings are a simple people — no inns nor shops here, only a few traders or merchants or any of the trappings of civilised lands (Andwise sighs).
In the afternoon, you pass some farmland and pastures, and see that these belong to a fortified homestead.
Berangar explains that each extended family has their own piece of land, but that, unlike the Woodmen, the Men of these lands are not organized into Houses and until recently had no chieftain or any higher authority than the head of a household. Now, they call themselves Beornings for they follow Beorn and obey his laws, although not everyone living in this land bows to Beorn, and that is fine with him — he will not force anyone to listen
to him.
At the end of the day, you set up camp near a watering hole, fed by a bubbling spring, and camp out under the starry sky, eating Agatha’s good food.

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Re: 002-The Lost Hobbit (1st adventure)
OOC:  can you all please make a Travel roll at TN 12?  And you may, of course, interact as you set off on your first journey as a Company.