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000- Brandoin Ravenbeard (introduction)
Brandoin Ravenbeard had been traveling West of the Misty Mountains in the Springtime, on what turned out to be a fruitless expedition to recover some, well, he would rather not talk about what he had set out to recover.
Ending up in Bree, a Man-town on a major crossroads, in the early Summer of TA 2946, without much coin left, Brandoin soon heard of caravan that was set to go back East, past the Mistys and the Old Ford, and then up North, but Brandoin was happy enough to travel with them to the Old Ford.
The man, well, the Hobbit behind the caravan was one Dinodas Brandybuck, who was carrying beer and cheese and doorknobs and kerchiefs to some Inn out East.  An Inn?
The man in charge of the protection, as well as being the caravan guide, was Iwgar Longleg, a Beorning, who had hired some local young men to come along as guards:  Andy Blackthorn, Bill the Bowman, and Tom Lumpyface.
So, all were quite happy to have the mail-clad mattock-wielding Brandoin Ravenbeard along.
Dindy (as Dinodas Brandybuck) is called, did however quickly renege on his promise:  "I know I said you'd get three warm meals and two cold ones, and as much as you can drink, but the kegs are running dry", but the deal was still good, for the ale was fine and he was not stingy with it.
Thus you set out from Bree in the late Summer, a little convoy of ponies with the half a dozen armed people.

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Re: 000- Brandoin Ravenbeard (introduction)
Brandoin strode forth content to puff upon his pipe, filled to the brim with good ole Longbottom Leaf, as he listened to the hobbit speak about this thing or that.

"Fear not Master Brandybuck! I am not new to the road nor it's inconveniences. That being said I'll nay be turn'n down an offer o' ale or beer besides. The roads be dusty and ah dwarf's thrist needs be quenched."

The last was said with a wink to take out the sting that his words may cause.

"That be'n said, I be grateful fer ye take'n me on all the same. Now... bout this 'ere Inn we be go'n to. Just what sort o' place is it? I ne'er heard tell about such ah place this far East. Have ye been to this Inn before Master Brandybuck?"
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Re: 000- Brandoin Ravenbeard (introduction)
Dindy is a bit flustered, and mutters about emptying kegs into bottomless Dwarf mouths which is good if they are a paying "but my oh my why did I offer this if he is not paying, twill be the ruin of me…"

You leave Bree in the morning, and you see that Dindy is flustered again, because it is a lot later in Summer than he wanted to go "but my oh my why did I spend so much time choosing the goods, we must hurry hurry hurry, so long as we do not travel too much every day, my feet do not like the walking."

Your troop sets out, and, during the course of the journey you see that Iwgar is a good Guide, who is not afraid to ask your advice here and there, and you talk a bit with him, for he is proud to tell of his travels, especially the fact he went West, all the way to the sea.  And he boasts a sea-shell, a conch, fitted on his hat.
The three young men from Bree are good hearts, but rather inexperienced.

Your journey takes you along what they name the Great East Road - and you know it was made by Dwarven-folk in the beginning of History, maybe even in the First Age.
But the going is good and you make a fast journey, as the road was made to last, and even if it is in disrepair it is still solid and easily useable.
At first you leave Bree, moving some 30 miles through the Free Lands, passing farms and cow-pastures, before entering the so called Border Lands, where you spot a bird, your Raven, that comes to join you now that you are again leaving crowded areas.
You trek on, with first a marsh to your North, and then hills as the road swings a bit North while still going East.  You know that in the hills lie old Ruins, that used to be part of Arnor. A place to explore one day?

30 more miles North-East and you are now far from everything, well in the Wild Lands that Iwgar tells you are named here the Lone-Lands. You trek some 80 more miles due East before passing the The Last Bridge.
"Last Bridge, quite silly a name if I may say so", says Dindy, "for there is a bridge at our Inn so it is not the last if you go East. Quite a silly name".

Then nearly 100 more miles of Wild Lands, along a forest to your North, still due East before passing the River Loudwater at a wide and shallow Ford, that leads to a trek of some 60 miles through hills and trees and pastures green until you come up to the Misty Mountains themselves. But the going was easier here, no threat of foul beasts or such and Iwgar mutters : "Elves", but will give no more explanation.

Now, having moved somewhat North, you continue on your East by North-East journey, winding your way up and across the mountains themselves, as the road turns back on itself, snaking up the steep incline.  Some 30 miles as the crow - or Raven - flies, until you come up in sight of the High Pass around noon.

You have been traveling fast, the road being such a great help, covering some 400 miles in just over two weeks - the fact you have the ponies to carry your gear, and a lot of food and water Shire-ale also is quite nice, plus it is summer time, so you can walk longer hours and sleep better at night.

OOC:  to test the Dice Roller, and see how you fared, can Brandoin roll:
1 Fatigue test at TN 12
1 Fatigue test at TN 14
2 Fatigue tests at TN 16

Early on, soon after leaving Bree, you asked : "Now... bout this 'ere Inn we be go'n to. Just what sort o' place is it? I ne'er heard tell about such ah place this far East. Have ye been to this Inn before Master Brandybuck?"
To which Dindy proudly puffed up: "It is a new place, a fine piece of Shire in the Wilderlands", thinking of the Wild Lands makes him un-puff, and cast a sad glance back over his shoulder.  "My brother Dodo - errr… master Dodinas Brandybuck - and I set out and had the place built.  It is near the Western side of the Elf road, on the lands of some old farmer who does not wash much, Master Borne.  You will see that it is a nice place to smoke some leaf and buy" - he looks up at you - "a pint or three of Golden Perch ale.  The Easterly Inn is a fine place!"