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The Almanach (timeline)
The THIRD AGE in the reckoning of the Elves and the Men of the West

YEAR 2941
A fierce battle shook the roots of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain. Orcs, Wild Wolves, Men, Dwarves and Elves clashed under a sky darkened by giant bats, in the end delivering a crushing victory for the Free Peoples of the North.
A new alliance was born from the aftermath of that battle, now remembered as the Battle of Five Armies. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the threat of Bolg’s invading host, rallying the Free Peoples under a single banner, the long years of petty misunderstandings would have flared into open warfare. The spirits of Elves, Men and Dwarves were embittered and made miserable by the growing darkness of Mirkwood and the ever-present menace of the great Dragon of Erebor. Each community had become suspicious of its neighbours and limited their dealings to meagre trades. When the din of battle subsided, the surviving Free Peoples looked upon each other with an open heart once again.
Once freed from the threat of Smaug the Dragon, and with two thirds of the Goblin warriors of the North eradicated, the inhabitants of the northern regions of Wilderland have the opportunity to finally look forward to a prosperous future.

YEAR 2946
Five years after the Dragon’s demise, peace is still a fragile thing over the edge of the Wild, to be cared for and looked after, especially for those, such as you, who dwell in or explore its darkest corners.
You are currently in a place where is being built what seems to be a powerful tool to bring peace and cheer to the Wildlands, and help stave off the Shadows:  the construction site of the Easterly Inn, a fine hobbit establishment, a true Shire Inn built by the Brandybuck brothers Dodinas and Dinodas, and Dody's wife Agatha!
The hobbits came east the previous year, and must have somehow talked Beorn the Skinchanger into letting them own a piece of land west of Mirkwood, in Beorning territory, and as the winter cold started to disappear early this year, they started building their establishment some 25 miles south of the Forest Gate of Mirkwood, where the Elf-path exits from the east (they are 20 miles east of the river), and from their place it is 90 miles to the Old Ford, which is the passage point to the west, past the Misty Mountains.
It is obvious they believe that trade from the Wood Elves, the Dwarves of Erebor, Dale, Lake-Town... will start moving west again, and they want to be a perfect rest place on the trade route.
This near-crazy optimism brings hope to all who hear of it, even though they laugh.
This Hope has attracted many a people to lend a helping hand to the two brothers, and you are one of these persons taking part in the building of the Easterly Inn.
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001-Of the Building of the Inn (introduction)
As the Easterly Inn nears completion, a surprise attack by some thirty Orcs and Goblins brings terror to the Woodmen-workers village, with death to a couple, including Hardgar and Winnea's oldest son.
Two Hobbits - Andwise Rumble and Milo Roper -, two Elves - Shalronel and Calára -, the Dwarf Bés and the Barding Bern, who were staying at the Inn, are the main force in winning the battle, aided by the Beorning Berangar who had just arrived in the Woodmen's clearing.
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002-The Lost Hobbit
Andwise Rumble, Shalronel of Mirkwood, the Dwarf Bés, the Barding Bern, and the Beorning Berangar set out towards Bree, to see if they find trace of the innkeeper's brother - Dindy - who is supposed to be on his way back East with a caravan of goods.
The Party travels to warn Beorn of the Orc-threat, then passes by the Old Ford and up into the mountains - slaying a Night-Wight in Haycombe and some Shadowy Stone-Troll, before they spot a wounded pony, that leads them to Dindy's caravan, led by Iwgar and three Breelanders, and one Brandoin Ravenbeard.
The caravan left from Bree and traveled safely, until it was attacked by Goblins in ambush at the High Pass.
All gather in the Ring-fort and fight off the Goblin attack, killing the War-leader Ubhurz, but losing Iwgar Longlegs, the Beorning guide.
Andy Blackthorn, Bill the Bowman and Tom Lumpyface from Bree are safe (though Andy was wounded, Andwise saved his life), and Brandoin Ravenbeard - along with his raven Blackwing - joins the Fellowship, that returns to the Easterly Inn with Dindy, a little crazed from the hardship.
After traveling back through the Old Ford to the Easterly Inn, where the Company is greeted as heroes by the Hobbits, happy to see Dindy safe and sound, and most of the goods too, you celebrate the victory of your first adventure, and mourn the loss of Iwgar Longleg, attending his funeral on top of the Carrock, amidst the Beornings.
Then comes time to disband for some time...

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Re: 002-The Lost Hobbit
Fall and Winter
Having received news of the abduction by Shanker of baby El, and the death of poor Milo Roper to the man's knife, the group helped find the kidnapper… in vain.
Then the Company was disbanded, and all traveled back to their lands, where - for most - honor and respect was bestowed upon them as news traveled of their battle against the Orcs and their freeing of the High Pass.
Andwise became a Marshall of the Shire, working with the Bounders ; Shalronel chosen as Envoy by Queen-mother Dieneryn ; Bern became a respected citizen and one of King Bard's elite guards ; whereas in Erebor, Bés gained right of vote and decision making, a Grandmaster of Daín's Halls - only Brandoin did not see much recognition fall upon him, and thus spent time alone, with the Ravens upon their Hill, learning their speech.
Berangar returned to his family, but with Beorn's aura around him, for the Master of the Land had named him Rover and offered him fine armor to represent this charge, as well as asking him to perform a task for the greater good of the Beorning lands.
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Re: 002-The Lost Hobbit
YEAR 2947

Having all returned, naturally, to the Easterly Inn, the six companions have gathered as a Company once again, intent - despite Bés' reticence - on aiding Berangar the Rover in locating the Dwarf named Frár, where the North East of the Anduin Vales meets the Western Edge of the Narrows.  The mission given by Beorn, is to see is some alliance can be struck, so that the Northern route - the one passing above Mirkwood - can be as relatively safe as the Elf-path is, since both then pass by the Old Ford that the Beornings secure.

March 4, early morning, is when the Company sets forth, Shalronel on her horse Ilmarëráma, and the packs and food strapped to the sturdy backs of Peony and Marigold, ponies of the Shire.
You travel North, passing the entrance to Mirkwood, and following the edge of Greenwood the Great, discovering ancient standing stones, bearing ancient runes.
An encounter with some Viglunding, leading prisoners - maybe slaves - of their own kin, turns into disaster as Shalronels wounds their leader, having the men flee from you.
Towards the North-Western edge of the Forest, you meet with Frár the Beardless, and his nephew Fruin, living in a tiny cave.  With his lofty words about being the heir to the throne of the GreyDelve he convinces you to accompany him within those ancient and lost Dwarven halls, to reclaim his heritage.
You discover a dark and destroyed Dwarven Kingdom, filled with Orcs - two tribes fighting one another, the Yellow Spears and White Skulls - and some Trolls.  Things are sad therein, as you realize the three dwarven brothers, sons of the last ruling king, probably fought one another, and two brothers must have murdered their own flesh and blood, their brother.
Is that where Frár's tainted madness comes from, his lineage having become that of Petty Dwarves?
You met Frár's cousin - also wishing to be King of the Greydelve - and his sons.  These dwarves were so crazy they were arming the Orcs and using them as allies...
After meeting some Dwarven wraith, and collapsing a deserted place of lore, you found a secret way out of the dark tunnels, and back to the sun--
-but right into the nets of some Ancient Spider of Evil.

FInally free of all this, and moving back to report all this - Petty Dwarves arming Orcs that are taking over the Greydelve - to Beorn, you change course while in the Upper Anduin Vales, East of the River, and stumble upon a gathering of Viglundings.

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