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Request to join - Information Thread.
Everything by the book, careers and such.
2nd edition core rulebook.

-Race, name, gender etc. can be rolled or selected as you see fit.
-Roll stat in order as per book, meaning WS first, etc. ending with Fel.
 You are allowed to roll two sets of rolls and keep the one you like. No mixing thought! One set or the other!
 One Shallya's mercy as normally.

-Roll twice for wounds and for fate points. Keep whichever you please.
-Roll 4 times, yes, 4 times! For careers, and select from these 4.
 Remember! Any career is open to the prosperous player, in due time.
 You may selected a career without rolling, but in doing so, you are required to add a solid detailed background about this in your RTJ.
-Anything else is by the book, racial features, career restrictions, and so on.
-One free advance as well. Again, per the book.

-Everyone starts with the following(copy to sheet, as you desire):
Common clothing(Detail in any way you like), or take it as the book. (ENC:15)
Dagger (ENC:10)
Sling bag (ENC:5/Holds 200 ENC)or backpack (ENC:20/Holds 250 ENC) containing the following:
-Blanket (ENC:10)
-Wooden tankard (ENC:5)
-Wooden cutlery set (ENC:4)
-Hand weapon of choice(Axe/mace or sword)(ENC:50)
-Purse with 2d10 GC (ENC:2/Holds 400 coins of any type).
(usable at start for additional equipment - do send me a pm listing what you got, just to be sure).

Finally - to begin with, you may advance your character 2800 XP on top of this.
You may, if this allows you so, advance to a new class!.
Doing so means you also start with all trappings needed for that class.
Additionally any rule changes, adaptations, or such can be found in the rules and info thread.
As always drop me a PM or RMail if you have any questions.

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Re: Request to join - Information Thread.
For the RTJ itself see here:

In terms of applying consider this:

0) Short intro: Containing name, race, gender and such here as well.
Should you decide on a career instead of rolling for it(that is allowed, but see below for "restrictions"), list here.

1) Personality: Give me at least 2 paragraphs, listing your characters personality, quirks, appearance, and such. What drives him/her, what's on his/her mind?

2) Short background: Not involving class but as above, list relations, thoughts on how you were brought up and such.
If you pre-selected a career, instead of rolling 4 times for it, as per character generation rules, include this, how he got in, and his/her motivations.
How did they end up where they are.

3) Short reason for being in Altdorf or heading there at the given moment:
This is fairly open ended, and used for you convenience to offer motivation and insight and for me to aid you in getting involved easier.

4) Shortly about you.
As much as you please, although this part must contain one line specifying your age, and that your are allowed to watch mature content in the country of your origin. This part is mainly to get a short introduction to the players joining and fit a group together that would work well.
Also list if you can and WILL post frequently, meaning daily or every other day at the very least, as inactivity kills any game. For the right players, exceptions can always be made, so worry not, but be open about it!
I am a lenient person if I just know.

In short:
You can fill it dot by dot, or write a long fluid text, write it 3rd person or play around with the format. As long as it contains what has been requested, you are brought into consideration.
This game is not first come, first serve, quality rules, so spend as much as you need to flesh out a character of your liking rather than rushing for a spot.

Some classes may be restricted as we fill up.
Like one initiate of one church or apprentice of one college, to keep it mixed and entertaining.

Filled spots: NO spots open!
[*] Priest of Sigmar
[*] Roadwarden
[*] Ice maiden(Kislev)

For any other questions, PM/RMail me and I will gladly reply.

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Re: Request to join - Information Thread.
Originally a group set out to Marienburg to track and bring the justice the culprit, a renegade mage. Led by a Sigmarite witch hunter, Roderick, it was composed of a Sigmarite priest (Osric Jutzenbach), a Sigmarite Templar (Elric von Morgenstern), an Elven Ice Witch (Larissa Ignatyev), a wizard of the Amber tradition (Konrad Silas Rochenfeld) and myself. Actually the wizard was not part of the hired troop but was on his own agenda to find the renegade mage.
While we were in Marienburg we learned of the appearance of a savior child, Karl.
Investigating we learned that Karl was raised by cultists in marches. The cultists venerated Stromfels and performed vile rituals, namely in relation to the Lord of Flies. Witch hunters had closed in on the hideout and killed almost everyone. But they could not kill the child and so brought it back to the city to give it to an orphanage of Shallya. Even then Karl was able to influence a Shallyan sister to keep him safe even though his uncanny powers to influence people, even masses of them, were daunting. Nurgle cultists learned of Karl and tried to abduct him but he fended them off. Thatís how the people became aware of Karl and again his uncanny powers allowed him to influence the Sigmarite priest Helmut into raising this Crusade, believing Karl to be Sigmar Reborn. He clearly is not, he is just a mutant, but an extremely powerful one. Since he is a child, however, the true challenge is to find those who try to abuse this power and him for their own ends. Clearly everyone is a suspect.
So attacking the old site of the Stromfels cultists we learned all this and it lead us to a Nurgle cultist hideout beneath the city. Thatís how we learned that one of them escaped and had joined the Crusade. And that was why we followed it.

Following the crusade we came to Pfeifeldorf and were forced to investigate a murder mystery. Essentially there were two noble brothers and the younger wanted to grab the title and lands. To that effect he came into contact with a Blooddragon Vampire and brought it back to strength and vigor by feeding him animal blood, demanding its assistance in usurping his older brother. You see, that Vampire had indeed been attacked by others of its kind but had fended them off but was in need of recovery.
Essentially the nobleman tried to frame his older brother to be a blood cultist and thus have him removed. His plan backfired when his associate came upon the Crusade and was totally infatuated by Karl and thus was about to reveal the whole plan. So the younger noble murdered his associate.
Just as we were about to confront the nobleman, an old companion, Arkamir Ran-Helethel, arrived to help us.
We learned that the older son was to be sacrificed to the Vampire and we resolved to intervene.
It was a cruel fight, the Amber Wizard died that day. We nearly killed the Vampire but he was rescued by others of his kind. Different ones, though, not Blood Dragons. But Strigoi. Their sole purpose was to take him away, they did not kill us, as they would have easily been able to. We were of no use to them.

On the 15th Nachgeheim we left Pfeifeldorf behind and once again tracked the Crusaders.
We came to seek shelter from a raging storm in a deserted coach inn. This is where we met the Black Guard Yevgeny Dostayev

That night we were attacked by a large horde of beastmen. We would have all died there if not for the appearance of elves who urged us to follow them and flee and even larger horde. All through the night we ran and finally came upon the Crusade in Grooten. Somehow Arkamir left us in that flight through the night. I have no idea where he has gone.
The elves told us that they had learned of Karl and were intent to kill the boy. Nevermind the larger threat of the Nurgle cultist who hid among them to use Karl for his own ends. They did not care, all they wanted was to kill the boy. As Elves would have raised suspicion we were sent to investigate and learn how to best kill the boy. That night, just as we were about to attack, the camp was attacked by undead. Only a distraction, though. The real threat was again Strigoi who tried to abduct Karl. The Elves ran without supporting either side, damn them, have not seen any of them ever since. We were able to fend off that undead attack, though. In the chaos of the night, however, we have lost Osric, Larissa and von Morgenstern. I never was able to learn if they have been killed in the battle or if they chose to get away from the chaos. I believe Osric to be dead, as he would never have abandoned this task laid at our feet. Cannot say anything about the Kislevite Elf, I never got close to her. As for von Morgenstern, no idea. I hope he died valiantly.

Of course, we were discovered and had appear before Karl. The Blackguard and myself were all that were left. On the 17th Nachgeheim we were enlisted and I fell under the spell of Karl.
Clearly there was much intrigue going on among the leaders of the Crusade. Each framing the other to work his own agenda. Really messy. Well, just as we were finally about to identify Jan Vanderpeer as being the Nurgle cultist that had escaped form Marienburg he abducted Karl.
And this is where we stand right now.